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Bumper Jacksons – Old Birds

The Bumper Jacksons are DC’s most devoted ambassadors for the old-timey jazz and folk sound they have evolved over 6 years and an impressive five full length albums. Began as the duo of Jess Eliot Myhre and Chris Ousley, the band now features an impressive brass section, upright bass, pedal steel guitar and an abundance of sass and sizzle. Though still rooted in DC, the band seems rather addicted to the tour life, as their nationwide tour roams through the midwest and the south promoting their 2017 album I’ve Never Met A Stranger. The album’s second single is “Old Birds”, and the band had this to say about song’s bold and timely music video:

We are all put in boxes. We each have experienced what it’s like to be told how we’re “supposed” to behave, what we’re “supposed” to like, who we’re “supposed” to be. We inherit these ideas when we’re young children, and in turn, pass them on to our children and project these rules on others.
This weighs on us daily. This stifles our creativity and squashes our dreams. This closes our hearts to others. Old Birds invites us to participate in the rewarding and messy work of breaking apart the systems and structures that hold us, and our fellow humans, back.


Paperhaus – Nanana

DC bands come and DC bands go. Sometimes just as you discover a hidden gem in a playlist or on Bandcamp (or maybe on a podcast!) the group has parted ways and moved away from DC, as so many do. Alex Tebeleff and his electronic indie rock outfit Paperhaus have been rocking DC since 2005, promoting the band and brand with relentless touring and show hosting in his eponymous house. Go back to their self-titled EP from 2011, older even than our nearly six year old DC music station and blog, and hear how their sound has evolved through musical growth and lineup rotations. Tebeleff and current collaborators Matt Dowling, Rick Irby and Danny Bentley celebrate the release of their second full length album on Misra Records at the Black Cat Friday night with Go Cozy and Tony Kill. Check out the music video for “Nanana” and ask yourself, “Are these the questions we need to ask?”


Sara Curtin – Blame Time

Singer Sara Curtin focuses on the insidious passage of time, the elusive enemy of much of life, in “Blame Time”, the third single and lead-off track from her new album Or So It Seemed. Sara writes:

“This song is a reflection on the importance of female friendships and the things that keep us from maintaining them as we grow older. It’s about grudges we never intended to hold onto, and of course the biggest excuse which we let get in the way: “I’m so busy.” Like plants, bicycles, and instruments, friendships also need to be tended to. Practiced. Nurtured.”

Documentarian Beth Geglia, one of Sara’s oldest friends, made the video and cast women of various ages close to Sara to help sing the song. Come celebrate the album’s release as Curtin’s fall tour comes back home Thursday night at the Black Cat with The North Country and PNMA.


Light Beams – Soul Fire Pt. II (for Lee Perry)

Here’s what you need to know:
1) Lee “Scratch” Perry pioneered the reggae subgenre of dub music in Jamaica in the 70s.
2) Light Beams is the newest project fronted by long time DC musician Justin Moyer, also of the bands Edie Sedgwick, El Guapo, Supersystem and more.
3) Rounding out the band is drummer Sam Lavine of The Cornel West Theory
and Arthur Noll of Alarms & Controls.
4) Their new self-titled album is out now on cassette & digital through Don Giovanni Records.
5) Their debut music video for “Soul Fire Pt. II (for Lee Perry)” was directed by Ben Epstein and David “Spoonboy” Combs for Baby Pony Food. They’ve helmed some of our favorite videos, including Bad Moves and the amazing trilogy by The Max Levine Ensemble.
6) Light Beams plays the Black Cat Wednesday night in support of the album release show by Devin Ocampo’s band The Effects, along with Super Silver Haze.
7) Isn’t this video fucking fantastic?
8) See you there.


Makeup Girl – Something New

Young indie rock band Makeup Girl totally charmed us at their Fort Reno show this past summer. Brody, Bryce, Caleb and Avery make delightfully fizzy songs for wiling away a beautiful day in the nation’s capital. The subject of their new music video, “Something New”, mostly agrees with this assessment, even though he’s a faceless, posable mannequin dressed to blend in with DC office workers. It’s impossible not to share his delight in this warm, sunny weather and his sassy rage at the powers-that-be. Grab makeup girl’s new EP also called Something New and check them out live this Saturday night at the Mild Manor Murder Mystery show at a secret location in College Park.


Paperhaus – Told You What To Say

Doing It Together (DIT™) indie rockers Paperhaus truly pulled out all the stops in promoting their third full length album Are These The Questions That We Need To Ask? on Misra Records. Billboard helped rack up the play counts for their first single “Go Cozy”, and exclusive music video premieres on Tidal and Apple Music followed. “Told You What To Say” is the newest single, with a beautifully glitchy and brutalist video from three directors: photographer Chris Prosser, art director Corynne Ostermann and Flash Frequency, vet of gorgeous DC vids from Dawkins and Will Eastman. Paperhaus’s album release tour lands in DC at the Black Cat next Friday October 27th, with a choice lineup of Tony Kill, Go Cozy and DJ Alex DB.

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Podcast for October 18th, 2017

Paul’s having trouble snoring, while Tony cooks up a lightning round of questions.

Ardamus – Her Lips, Her Kiss [single]
Sara Curtin – Or So It Seemed [Or So It Seemed]
Mr. Daywalker – Porcelain [Warmth]
Peyote Pilgrim – Steve McQueen [Americana Hotel]
The Southern Ocean – Stay [The Essence of Absence]
James Wolf – Refuge [That]

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Mr. Daywalker – Porcelain

Mr. Daywalker, the nom de musique of Donovan Duvall, attempts to use mind, body and spirit to connect with others and understand their perspective through music. His EP Warmth lurks on streaming platforms waiting for discovery. Though primarily a drummer, Daywalker recorded all the instruments himself to fully capture his vision of spiritual sonic experimentation. His new music video “Porcelain” features two fine upstanding gentlemen desperately running to escape a mysterious creature, but stay tuned to the end for the twist. Check this guy out opening for Brooklyn psych-soul band Space Captain at the Black Cat on Wednesday November 8th.


Sara Curtin – Wellish Home

Sara Curtin‘s angelic voice is the welcome focus of her new music video “Wellish Home”. Her clear tone and delicate enunciation draw listeners into the mysterious lyrics, searching her soft eyes for meaning. Director Brendan Polmer, in addition to drumming for Curtin’s band, has helmed music videos from local acts like Laughing Man, Mittenfields and Marian McLaughin, and here shoots Curtin singing alone in locales around Dupont Circle, including Dupont Underground and the dizzyingly long escalator to the metro station. Grab Curtin’s brnad new full length album Or So It Seemed now through her own label Local Woman Records and make plans to see her album release and tour kickoff show Thursday October 26th at the Black Cat with The North Country and PNMA.


Stronger Sex – Hassle

The 80s are strong with this band. Channeling the best of synthpop from that era, Stronger Sex are crooning their way across the country now, on tour with Hudson K for their “No More Battles of the Sexes National Tour”. The duo of Johnny Fantastic and Leah Gage tease the release of their new album There Is No Stronger Sex on BLIGHT Records with a new single called “Hassle”. We reveled in the nostalgia for 80s neon, diner burgers and arcade games in this gorgeous animated video from director Ian Mcdermot.

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