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Junior Marvin & Nappy Riddem at the Hamilton


True reggae fans already have tickets to The Hamilton Friday and Saturday night, but it’s not too late for you to get in on the action! Junior Marvin, one of Bob Marley’s original Wailers, celebrates his legacy by performing two classic Marley albums in their entirety. Friday night Marvin and his Force One band perform Marley’s final album Uprising in its entirety, while Saturday night they give the same tribute to the breakout album Exodus.

Red hot DC reggae band Nappy Riddem open both nights with their funky spin on the island vibes. Get into the spirit with a new remix from the Riddem boys of Mamaye by Novalima (FREE DOWNLOAD here!)

Rex Riddem and Junior Marvin made a video message about these shows as well:

Your only choice is: Friday, Saturday or both?
Junior Marvin's Force One with Nappy Riddem
Photos by John Shore

Grogan Social Scene – Barefooted in the Barren Fields video

Thomas Grogan’s band has evolved from a folk sound a few years ago to include more rock influences with the addition of more band members. Now a five piece, Grogan Social Scene is recording material for a new album and just couldn’t wait to put out a song from their new sessions. “Barefooted in the Barren Fields” has beautiful melodic violin playing to compliment Grogan’s deadpan vocal delivery, and the video is an amusing animated take on the standard lyric videos littering YouTube. Grab their 2010 4 song EP Simple Observations at their Bandcamp page.


RAtheMC – Drive You Crazy video

In the beginning of RAtheMC‘s newest music video, she expresses her disappointment and frustration at the time she was cut from the singing competition show The X-Factor. Now The X-Factor itself has been cut from our TV screens, but RA still goes strong as one of the DMV’s hottest rappers according to XXL, MTV Hive and her many devoted fans. Drive You Crazy features Baltimore singer Joe Maye and many great cameos from DC musicians and radio personalities.


Unrehearsed DC videos

Justin Trawick is a rarity in DC music, a full time musician with a lot of ideas and talented friends to help pull it off. His weekly podcast The Circus Life just got a snazzy new website, and his latest project Unrehearsed DC launched last week. Under the direction of videographer Rafael Suanes, Unrehearsed DC presents live videos of musicians performing songs in unconventional locations. Justin takes the debut video slot, performing an unreleased heartbreak song called “Honest Eyes” to 20,000 empty seats at the Verizon Center at 8 AM before a Hoyas game. Surely in just a few years, Trawick will sing there again with every seat filled.

The second video features The Beanstalk Library, fronted by frequent member of the 9 Singer-Songwriter Showcase Ryan Walker. Half the band bundled up after DC’s last round of snow to sing “Knight In Armor”, from last year’s album The View From Here, in front of large metal pipes and miscellaneous construction equipment. Where will this live video series go next? Paddleboats on the tidal basin? The Capitol Rotunda? The X-2 Metrobus? No pressure, guys.

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Shark Week – Go West video

Legendary composer Ennio Morricone clearly inspired the distinct guitar sound of garage rockers Shark Week in their 2013 A-side “Go West”, so of course the band tapped director Dana Beierle to shoot a music video in the style of classic westerns he scored, filmed on location in J. Lorraine TX and our own western suburb of Burke. If you’re a vinyl fan, pick up the Saturnce 7″ in all its analog glory, otherwise iTunes is the place to go.


Chain & The Gang – Minimum Rock & Roll video

Ian Svenonius has been the driving force behind quite a few DC bands over the years, and it’s his wit and depth of musical experience that make the songs in his current project Chain & The Gang so memorable. Chain & The Gang manage to combine an engaging, confident and blistering live performance with insightful songwriting chops to really present the full package of a top-notch musical act. Their fourth album Minimum Rock ‘n’ Roll comes out on April 15, and the title track gets the music video treatment from Spiv himself, starring Francy Graham of DC’s care-less punks Dudes. Find out what “crime rock” is all about in Chain & The Gang’s spoken-word lyrics explaining their ethos.


Podcast for February 18th, 2014

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Black Masala – Feels The Same
Dead Professional – I’m Not The One
The Grand Candy – Wintertime
Linsay Deming – Sam & Jenny
Lies About – Patience
Usher – Climax (Canine Teeth Remix)
Kev Brown – Clima Tropical
City on Silt – Above The Fray-Part I
Heavy Breathing – Hold Tight
Tone – Incoming

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Greenland – Dirty Lovin’ video

Hometown Sounds wishes you all a happy sappy hearts, flowers, chocolate and Hallmark cards day. Actually, scratch that, we’re with indie rock band Greenland in hoping you get some Dirty Lovin’ tonight. Grab their 2013 album Evil Spring for FREE and mark your calendars for next Tuesday to catch a double album release show from Greenland and The Caribbean at the Black Cat.


Premiere! Sansyou – The Dilettante video

This beautiful and paralyzing snow day provides the perfect mood for Hometown Sounds to proudly premiere the debut music video from instrumental trio Sansyou! “The Dilettante” is the title track of their second EP, released late last year on Dallas TX based Moon Sounds Records.

Sansyou’s music is mellow and contemplative, with focus on clean melody lines. I like listening to Sansyou while writing or coding (for the day job), as it provides just the right level of distraction and accompaniment. As a genre, post-rock encompasses a wide spectrum of mood, dynamics and experimentation, and Sansyou reside on the quieter, simpler end of that, making an enjoyable listen and an intimate live show.

The music video shows the change of seasons in the same spot, an abandoned outdoor church theater in Springfield, as the band performs and things get a little trippy. Because of busy schedules with other DC bands, Sansyou performances are very occasional, so mark your calendar for April 20th when they play an intimate show at The Black Squirrel with another veteran of DC music, Dave Jones of The Caribbean. Happy snow day DC!


Interview with Mud Rey


After a few years of honing their blues rock sound, supergroup Mud Rey releases their debut EP Lusi Saturday with a blowout show at Iota in Clarendon, featuring Westmain, the Lauren Calve Band and many surprise guest stars. Bobby Thompson, Tony Moreno and Ben Tufts are deeply committed musicians with connections to a whole lot of DC bands, and this highly anticipated release is sure to draw a large and appreciative crowd. Hometown Sounds recently chatted with the members of Mud Rey to find out about the band, the EP and their thoughts on the music scene in DC.

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