Premiere! Sansyou – The Dilettante video

This beautiful and paralyzing snow day provides the perfect mood for Hometown Sounds to proudly premiere the debut music video from instrumental trio Sansyou! “The Dilettante” is the title track of their second EP, released late last year on Dallas TX based Moon Sounds Records.

Sansyou’s music is mellow and contemplative, with focus on clean melody lines. I like listening to Sansyou while writing or coding (for the day job), as it provides just the right level of distraction and accompaniment. As a genre, post-rock encompasses a wide spectrum of mood, dynamics and experimentation, and Sansyou reside on the quieter, simpler end of that, making an enjoyable listen and an intimate live show.

The music video shows the change of seasons in the same spot, an abandoned outdoor church theater in Springfield, as the band performs and things get a little trippy. Because of busy schedules with other DC bands, Sansyou performances are very occasional, so mark your calendar for April 20th when they play an intimate show at The Black Squirrel with another veteran of DC music, Dave Jones of The Caribbean. Happy snow day DC!


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