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Teething Veils – Allover Fainting (Tiny Desk Contest)

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour through the DC area submissions to NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest. Our final feature of the 2017 season is Teething Veils, the moody chamber-folk duo of violist Hannah Burris and guitarist Greg Svitil. We got some great feedback from podcast listeners about their most recent song, the Phil Ochs update “Here’s to the State of Donald Trump”. The intense performance of today’s unreleased song “Allover Fainting” should have you digging deep into Svitil’s complex lyrics. Don’t miss them play next at Clarendon’s Galaxy Hut on Sunday March 12th with Philly’s Shadow Band.

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The Red Fetish – Devices (Tiny Desk Conest)

The Red Fetish is a stylistically mercurial group anchored by guitarist Alejandro Castaño. Flitting between experimental, folk, blues and chamber music depending on the participating collaborators, Castaño is a prolific songwriter, having released an impressive 17 albums so over the course of his career. This year’s entry into NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest is a stripped down performance of a new song called “Devices” on vocals and guitar with band mate Kris Kagei. Tonight they open an all DC evening at DC9 with psychedelic rock band Names.

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Podcast for February 15th, 2017


Tony introduces us to his keychain of wonders, while Paul wishes he could still give music as gifts.

Turtle Recall – DC Tour Company
Run Come See – On and On [single]
1432 R Soundsystem – Want It Bad [Extended Family Comp 1]
Channels – Backpfeifengesicht [Backpfeifengesicht / Airstrip One]
Nappy Nappa – Shameless feat. Jelani Kwesi [New Balance EP]
Thoughts On Standby – Walked Into The Ocean And Never Stopped [single]

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Be Steadwell – Netflix

Yeah yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day, yadda yadda. Sure you’re giddy happy today, with the flowers and the elusive dinner reservations and the promised late-night bedroom acrobatics. Tonight is special, but relationships go the other 364 days of the year too, and sometimes it ain’t easy. The hook in Be Steadwell‘s catchy as hell single “Netflix”, from last year’s name-your-price EP Jaded, is sure to get stuck in your head, where it can do the most good tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.


Hayley Fahey Band – Fire (Tiny Desk Contest)

We love how NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest gets artists everywhere to film a simple music video, eschewing fancy production and focusing on the song and the performance. There’s no better way to get to know a musician’s tunes than seeing them performed live. Today we’d like you to meet recent University of Maryland grad and singer-songwriter about town Hayley Fahey, performing an unreleased song called “Fire”. Check her out next at Gypsy Sally’s free Vinyl Lounge on Friday March 3rd.


Andy Shea – Braver (Tiny Desk Contest)

Andy Shea is an English teacher and singer-songwriter we’ve featured before on Hometown Sounds. His entry into this year’s Tiny Desk Contest is “Braver”, the title track from his name-your-own-price 2012 EP. Andy emphasizes empathy in his teaching, and this song about his older brother Matthew with Down syndrome exemplifies this perfectly.

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Elena & Los Fulanos – Ponle Fin

We’re taking a break from the Tiny Desk Contest review for a timely introduction to Elena & Los Fulanos. The bilingual folk-rock band fronted by Elena Lacayo is currently raising money to record their second album, and with only one week left they are most of the way there. Tonight they play a show with powerful singer Lauren Calve at Haydee’s Restaurant, and even though there’s no cover charge, be sure to chip them all the scratch you can to help them out. Everyone’s looking to DC punk for protest music for 2017, but Elena is the one leading protest singalongs and penning heartfelt, scathing tracks like her newest, “Ponle Fin”.


Justin Trawick – The Bright Side (Tiny Desk Contest)

Let the record show that Justin Trawick is not above pandering. For this year’s submission to NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest, the singer-songwriter and podcast host croons his optimistic tune “The Bright Side” to an oblivious English bulldog named, appropriately enough, Rico Suave. Who can resist that adorable pup?

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DuPont Brass – Sunshine (Tiny Desk Contest)

DuPont Brass brings a touch of New Orleans second line brass band style to DC. Combining hip-hop, jazz and R&B, these Howard grads have graduated from street busking to blowout club gigs befitting their full, funky sound. “Sunshine” is their second go-round in NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest, after last year’s song “Common Tones”.

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Handsome Hound – Carina (Tiny Desk Contest)

Our spin through the DC area submissions to NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest continues with the utterly lovable folk rock band Handsome Hound. Claire Daviss and Cuchulain Kelly front this unique and accessible quintet of musicians, here performing an unreleased song “Carina” at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop Gallery.

While you’re at it, relive Snowzilla 2016 and watch Daviss and Kelly and trumpeter Allison Rosenberg perform “Hannah”, from their debut EP I Guess We’re Doing Alright, for last year’s contest, which we completely missed presenting to you until now.

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