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Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 7/19

We know it’s going to be nuclear hot in DC this weekend. Still, that’s no excuse to stay home and wasting all your money on air conditioning. Go see these DC bands, stay hydrated and dress in light colors.

Friday 7/19:
The third annual Audioteka DC music showcase hosted by Greater District Sound Club continues at the Ugly Mug tonight with Indiana Jonesin, Red Medicine, Quick ‘o’ Clock and more. Check out the hard working young bands rising in the scene.

Saturday 7/20:
What the hell, let’s roll on with the big finish for Audioteka for our Saturday night recommendation. The Ugly Mug is the place to be to see Color School, Strangers That Clique, Jenny Hates Techno, The Neuro Farm and a whole lot more. The tunes start at 4 PM and go late, so pace yourself.

Sunday 7/21:
Ice Out, one of our fave instrumental post-rock bands, grace the stage, or rather the large front window, at Clarendon’s Galaxy Hut Sunday night along with Dennis Kane’s sublime post-classical project The Hunted Hare.


Jackie and the Treehorns – Robots

It’s never enough for power pop band Jackie and the Treehorns to record an album and play some shows like all the other bands. Cinematic style is in their DNA, right down to their band’s name. Visit their YouTube channel to see an entire mockumentary “The Jackie Movie” they made a few years back. For the release of their new album It’s Never Too Late, the band booked a spot on the show “Jammin’ With Django”, but then mysteriously vanished. So four bands together pick up the slack on the fictitious program: Buddy Revel & The 3 o’clock High, Clarice & The Lotion Baskets, My Dog Precious, and Ron Johnson & The Audio Consultants. Hopefully Jackie will resurface in time to hit the Fort Reno stage tonight along with Andy Shredder and Coven Tree.


Two Dragons and a Cheetah – Wind Me Up

Maryjo Mattea plays with a lot of musicians in DC, including Loi Loi, Color Palette, Endless Winter and her own eponymous band. But she hangs on tight to the undying love of her original DC bandmate Joel Wu in the unforgettably-named Two Dragons and a Cheetah. We noted in Mattea’s recent email newsletter her plea for Wu to finish filming his half of the music video for “Wind Me Up”, title track from their late 2018 EP, and decided to echo and amplify it on a recent episode of our podcast, because the world needs more awesome DC music videos. Apparently that was the push the expat drummer, now based in Rochester MN, needed to set up the camera and bang out the rhythms for Mattea’s singalong anthem of tricky romance. Hi fives all around!


Touch the Buffalo – Heart Is For

90s influenced pop-rock band Touch the Buffalo are hyping the August releaese of their debut full length album Heart Is For with an advance single of the catchy title track. The song’s music video features plenty of ukulele-wailing and an acting cameo from singer-songwriter Jahnel Daliya. If you can’t get this tune out of your head, make your way to U Street’s Velvet Lounge tonight to see the bovine feelers rock out with DC’s Mona Speaks Mountains, opening for Edgar Red from Louisville.


Don’t Stay Home This Week 7/15

Count on Hometown Sounds to bring you the best live #DCmusic events every day of the week in our regular feature Don’t Stay Home.

Monday 7/15:
Tonight DC summertime music institution Fort Reno has Erotic Thrillers (featuring recent podcast guest host Lilly Schwartz!), Anti-Planet and the exciting new supergroup Hammered Hulls, with Alec MacKaye (Untouchables, The Faith, Ignition,The Warmers), Mary Timony (Autoclave, Helium, Wild Flag, Ex Hex), Mark Cisneros (Des Demonas, Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, the Make-Up), and Chris Wilson (Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Titus Andronicus). Wow! You know this one’s gonna be crowded.

Tuesday 7/16:
“A night on sonic intensity brought to you by Louisville’s loud-n-rowdy rock band Edgar Red with DC friends Touch the Buffalo and Mona Speaks Mountains.” Tuesday night at Velvet Lounge.

Wednesday 7/17:
Greater District Sound Club‘s third annual Audioteka #DCmusic festival kicks off Wednesday night and runs every night through Satudray. Spreading the love around multiple venues, opening night at AdMo’s Bossa features two floors of music by The Iris Bell, Rosie Cima & What She Dreamed, Emma G & more!

Thursday 7/18:
It’s the Night of 1000 Cakes at Fort Reno! Bring some delicious desserts to share and check out experimental post-classical act Coven Tree, power pop band Jackie and the Treehorns, and hard rock multi-instrumentalist Andy Shredder.


Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 7/12

Whoa you guys. There’s a lot of #DCmusic happening this weekend! Here are our show picks.

Friday 7/12:
The Washington CityPaper presents an interesting genre pairing at the Luce Unplugged series at the Smithsonian American Art Museum this evening. Acoustic lap guitarist Daniel Bachman shares the stage with experimental hip hop act Model Home, starting right after work at 6 PM.

Saturday 7/13:
Check out the new vanguard of DC punk on display Saturday night at Comet Ping Pong. Mock Identity releases a brand new 7″ record, with help from Clear Channel and Taciturn.

Sunday 7/14:
CapitalBop‘s monthly Jazz Loft returns to Takoma Park’s Rhizome to wrap up the weekend Sunday night with thoughtful features of rising DC jazz musicians. This month see hornist Abe Mamet and drummer Keith Butler lead respective groups in showcasing recent compositions.


Podcast for July 11th, 2019

Paul recounts his washed-out Fourth of July, while Tony plays with a special beach ball.

Jason Mendelson – Where They Make Rum [Scenes EP]
Yes Vacancy – Begin Again [Demos]
Ardamus – You Just Had to Call the Cops [Stuck in Limbo EP]
Giants of Diving – C Minor Requiem [Leave Room for Magic]
Pagan Reagan – Radio Delay [It’s Good For You! EP]
Grogan Social Scene – Steal [single]

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Don’t Stay Home This Week 7/09

Hometown Sounds is back from a little summer recess with some #DCmusic show picks for the week ahead.

Tuesday 7/09:
Jazz soul singer Cecily‘s new EP isn’t yet posted online, so you’ll have to hear it in person tonight at the release show at Blues Alley with two full band slots, 8 and 10 PM.

Wednesday 7/10:
Velvet Lounge‘s Facebook event for Wednesday‘s show asks “Do You Want 6 Pack Abs and Some Music?” The bands, which hopefully will not perform shirtless, are Red Medicine, Owl Pack and Graffiti Soundstage.

Thursday 7/11:
Summertime in DC means it’s time to head to Fort Reno for the venerable concert series featuring the city’s freshest bands. This Thursday the park hosts The Norms, The OSYX, and dirt eater.


Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 6/28

#DCmusic every single night. That’s our mission. Here’s our picks for live music all weekend long.

Friday 6/28:
Tonight the Pie Shop hosts Babylon-residing roots reggae band Shamans of Sound and psychedelic jammers Gordon Sterling & The People. Shout out to the Pie Shop for supporting DC music!

Saturday 6/29:
Saturday night the Pie Shop hosts looooong time faves & vets of our Millennium Stage series, folk rock band The Beanstalk Library playing two marathon sets. Opening the night is Nitepool, aka BABA YAGA, a new band from Dan Abh. Double shout out to the Pie Shop!

Sunday 6/30:
Get shoegaze-y and post-rocky at Galaxy Hut on Sunday night with two loud bands, Koshari and The Orchid. Come hungry, eat up all their tater tots and try as many niche craft beers as you can.


Honest Haloway – Twisted Eye

The prior Honest Haloway video we got from director Sara Nabizadeh was a mysterious, lonely affair in the desert. Her newest for husband Tim Kratzer’s veteran synthrock band instead invokes community, and seeing the faces of their close friends and musical collaborators reminds us of HH’s horror-twisted house party breakout “Psycho Bitch”. By presenting simple singing faces in black and white, “Twisted Eye” focuses on Kratzer’s haunting lyrics and eminently danceable riffs. In a trend we’re seeing pop up frequently as the streaming era takes over, Honest Haloway is abandoning the standard album release cycle and instead releasing a collection of 10 new songs over the course of two years in 2019 & 2020. Catch them headline AdMo’s SongByrd Saturday night along with genre buds Yesferatu and Low Rose.