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Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 3/23

There’s a whole lot going on in DC this weekend. Why not add some #DCmusic into your weekend plans? Here’s our picks for the best of the weekend!

Friday 3/23:
College Park’s MilkBoy ArtHouse hosts a packed & stacked night of pop-punk and psych rock gems, including Ménage À Garage, Pagan Reagan and Honey Kill, supporting SXSW NPR darlings Particle Devotion.

Saturday 3/24:
In case you haven’t heard, millions and millions of people are coming to DC Saturday for the March For Our Lives. You can support the event financially as well as with your feet with a benefit show at the Pinch Saturday night featuring FuzzQueen, Cosmonaut Radio, The U.S. Americans, the Well, Free Soil and BabeRage.

Sunday 3/25:
Finish off your weekend strong with some classy folk and bluegrass at Solly’s Tavern on U Street with Two Ton Twig and Ed Snow.


Blacklodge + em.g – Unknown

Did you ever play around with the iTunes Visualizer? Back in the day, before we all gave up managing messy libraries of MP3s in favor of all-you-can-eat streaming, Apple’s flagship desktop music app contained a cool feature to generate trippy video controlled by the audio. I much preferred watching that to angry pundits or reality shows. Modular synth devotee Blacklodge (not so secretly DCDIT’s Alex Tebeleff) and vocal collaborator em.g (Margaret Gilmore) expand on that tradition with the new music video for “Unknown”, the long finish of their recent EP Will You Be Reduced from Blight Records. Baltimore based electro-acoustic composer Rob Neubauer delivers some remarkable abstract visuals that deserve viewing on a large screen TV. Blacklodge + em.g open for Kelly Lee Owens at Union Stage this Sunday night.

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The Sea Life – NY Models

Jon Weiss’s jangly indie rock band The Sea Life has been the anchor of his label Babe City Records for many years. We last heard from them as a trio with the cathartic music video for “Red Eyes” from last year’s self-titled album. Now, just as you were asking yourself “Hey, I wonder what’s up with The Sea Life?”, they’re back with a new lineup and new songs this Friday night at American University, providing the hometown support for Video Age from New Orleans and Montreal’s Anemone. Recently Babe City quietly released this music video for “NY Models”, a catchy tune about life’s transitions from their 2013 EP Transitions. The VHS-quality retro style gives us the feeling of looking back on good old times from years past.

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Don’t Stay Home This Week 3/19

Congratulations DC, you survived St. Paddy’s Day. Now let’s celebrate with some choice #DCmusic shows this week.

Monday 3/19:
Get your psychedelic shoegaze itch scratched tonight at Galaxy Hut with Fredricksburg’s Ceremony east coast and chill out to the lo-fi garage rock of The Regulars. Also, of course, tater tots.

Tuesday 3/20:
We heart open mike nights for giving the rising generation of DC musicians a stage and audience. Tuesday nights singer Ginny Hill hosts the open mike at Dupont Circle’s Sauf Haus, this week featuring New Zeland transplant Emma G.

Wednesday 3/21:
You don’t have many more chances to see live music at Glover Park’s Mason Inn before it reportedly closes on April 1st. Wednesday night‘s super-indie lineup includes Birds For Eyes, The Mercy Alliance, Lucys Letdown and Geppetto’s Wüd. Aren’t band names fun?

Thursday 3/22:
Emma G‘s Tuesday night feature at Sauf Haus’s open mike night was just an appetizer. The main course is served at Capitol Hill jazz joint Mr. Henry‘s Thursday night. Come hungry!


Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 3/16

DC, here are the best #DCmusic reasons to not stay home this weekend, in chronological order:

Friday 3/16:
This one’s easy, people. Des Demonas leads the Black Cat showcase of DC bands that didn’t make the trek to SXSW in search of stardom. Go see Quattracenta, Cool People, Passing Phases say “FXCK SXSW” and remember, “The South Will Never Rise Again.”

Saturday 3/17:
Slash Run offers two excellent vocal-drive indie rock bands Saturday night. Bleach Bones and ROM are both hidden DC gems that might just satisfy you even more than the Run’s buzzworthy burgers.

Sunday 3/18:
The Washington Women In Jazz Festival always features a strong lineup of the wide variety in the DC jazz scene. The 2018 season wraps up Sunday night at Rhizome with Sarah Hughes‘ Coy Fish improvisational ensemble. The show celebrates Hughes’s debut album and also features her original prose and visual art.


Shy Glizzy – Keep It Goin’

You may know him as Shy Glizzy, you may know him as El Jefe, but either way the head of the Glizzy Gang just dropped a new music video for his army of fans. “Keep It Goin'” comes from Quiet Storm, Glizzy’s late 2017 album and a reference to the smooth & sultry R&B radio genre pioneered right here at DC’s WHUR in the late 70s. Both this song and the music video feature Glizzy’s trademark mix of buttery smooth production and street-level thug life, as armed and hooded thieves attempt to break into his plush mansion.


Podcast for March 14th, 2018

Paul finds DC music through a British writer’s email list, and Tony muses about FM radio DJs in the modern age. Also a special intro from The Caribbean’s Michael Kentoff!

Des Demonas – The South Will Never Rise Again [Des Demonas]
Time Is Fire – Ey Ajaba [Stories Untold]
The Internal Frontier – Ghost Town Underground [single]
Elizabeth II – Lonely [single]
Cecily – Pisces [single]
KidGusto – Woza Beat feat. HBDC [Woza Beat]

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Bad Moves – Cool Generator

If the world worked the way it should, Bad Moves would be crushing FM radio with their approachable pop-punk songs. The supergroup featuring the Max Levine Ensemble’s David “Spoonboy” Combs, Katie Park of Hemlines, Daoud Tyler-Ameen of Art Sorority for Girls and Emma Cleveland of Bad Moves are back with “Cool Generator”, the lead single from their upcoming full length album on Don Giovanni Records. The band has a lot to say about the lyrical content of this song:

We’ve often introduced this song as being about how the art and fashion produced by marginalized people, people of color and queer people specifically, are the source material most often appropriated by the mainstream entertainment industry. And yet, those communities themselves are the most likely to be at risk — of poverty, police violence, mental illness, et cetera.

The New York Times Popcast did a great interview recently on the subject of rap stars being targeted by the criminal justice system, which gets at some of the same ideas that originally inspired us. Kenneth J. Montgomery, a criminal laywer, talks about the entertainment narrative of the “young black dangerous guy,” and he says, “Everybody benefits off of that, except the people that generate it.” Basically, there are cultural producers who are happy to profit off of a criminalized version of black identity for its entertainment value, while doing nothing to protect those cultural generators from a system that disproportionately targets them.

As far as synthesizing that complicated social dynamic into the lyrics of a power-pop party jam, we did our best. It’s a song about how certain people take the markers of culture and benefit from them without being put at risk, and how, when we consume a commoditized version of culture uncritically, we ignore the social precarity of the people who generate it in the first place.

Watch the VHS-grade music video courtesy of the multi-talented Combs and make plans to catch their post-SXSW tour kickoff show at Union Stage on April 18th.


Don’t Stay Home This Week 3/12

Behold DC, I bring you good tidings of great joy. The sun now sets one hour later! It’s easier than ever to stay out late and check out these #DCmusic shows.

Monday 3/12:
Even though U Street’s Bohemian Caverns is sadly no more, trumpeter Joe Herrera and saxophonist Brad Linde keep its namesake big band going strong. The ensemble visits College Park hotspot Milkboy Arthouse for one long set tonight.

Tuesday 3/13:
The Kennedy Center is in the midst of its Direct Current music festival celebrating cutting edge new art and music across many genres. The free daily Millennium Stage performances are some of the most interesting in this festival, especially Tuesday’s show featuring the Irreversible Entanglements collective, presented by DCDIT. The politically-driven free jazz group features DC’s Luke Stewart on bass.

Wednesday 3/14:
U Street Music Hall continues its eighth birthday celebration week with a can’t-miss hip-hop show Wednesday night featuring DC expat Oddisee, whose love for his hometown can’t be quashed by the hipness of Brooklyn. If you show up fashionably late you’ll miss Slizzatrism master Ras Nebyu opening the show, so don’t do that.

Thursday 3/15:
Jamal Gray’s Uptown Art House and CMPVTR CLVB collective brings its cosmic vibes to the Black Cat Thursday night with a show called Aquaculture, “An Underwater Exploration of Contemporary Sound”. Bring your wetsuit and goggles for future soul music from OG Lullabies, Winzday Love and Twin Jude.


Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 3/09

We all made it to Friday! Here are your #DCmusic picks for the weekend to come.

Friday 3/09:
Run Come See, the powerful and classy blues folk ensemble that played our Millennium Stage showcase back in December, pull double duty tonight at the Black Cat. The band celebrates the release of their new single “Lightning Bird”, arranged by bassist Tom Liddle, while simultaneously promoting Light/Dark, the sophomore album by singer/lap steel guitarist Lauren Calve‘s sophomore album Light/Dark. DC’s Peyote Pilgrim and Hardworker from Durham get the night started off proper.

Saturday 3/10:
Acoustic singer Crys Matthews crafts songs of inclusion, resistance and hope. Don’t miss a rare performance with her full band Saturday night at the Wharf’s Pearl Street Warehouse, along with Brooklyn’s Echo Bloom.

Sunday 3/11:
U Street Music Hall begins their 8th annual celebration of their music-centric nightlife destination by bringing legendary go-go band Trouble Funk back to U Street Sunday night. PG County’s DJ Baronhawk and the afro-focused DJ collective Sol Power All-Stars make this a perfect night of funk!