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Clones of Clones – Drugz

Indie rock band Clones of Clones just released All The Things We Dreamed, their first full length album in 3 years. “Drugz” is a great choice for the album’s lead single, as it allowed guitarist Todd Evans to direct this amazing music video. Instead of relying on the boyish charm of lead singer Ben Payes, the video explores the dangers, and unrepentant joys, of using the wrong meds to cure the common cold. We won’t say more to avoid spoiling the video, except that it’s a real treat.


Don’t Stay Home This Week 7/16

Hometown Sounds is your only source for quality #DCmusic every single day. As is our custom, here are our live music picks for the coming week.

Monday 7/16:
We are fully into tonight‘s Fort Reno lineup. Sara Curtin has graced our Millennium Stage series, Honey capped off our last podcast with the superfun song “F*ckboys” and Tired all the Time rock out with “quality solutions for client demands in a dystopian world”. As always, the fun starts at 7:15 PM.

Tuesday 7/17:
We can’t say it any better than Capitol Lab Band, a 17-piece big band that plays originals by band members and hits from the modern repertoire. “There are only 2 options for your Tuesday night entertainment. Get rained out with thousands of strangers at the All Star game, or stay cool and dry while eating a delicious dinner and listening to big band jazz. We happen to think our option is better.” That’s 7:30 PM at Mr. Henry’s on Capitol Hill.

Wednesday 7/18:
Drink coffee after dinner and stay up laaaaate on a weeknight to celebrate the release of the new EP Cissy by DC’s beloved troubadour Seán Barna at Comet Ping Pong this Wednesday night as part of their Scorched Earth Summer Series. Buy this now because you only have two days to learn all the words for singing along. You also get a taste of the San Diego music life with touring band The Donkeys.

Thursday 7/19:
The lineup for this Thursday’s Night of 1000 Cakes at Fort Reno was blank for a while, leading to much speculation. Now the full list is posted, and it’s definitely not the usual 3 band bill. Come see what Taffety Punk Theatre Company, Jerry Busher, DC Public Library, Chris Richards, John Davis, Betsy Wright, Jason Hutto, DJ Baby Alcatraz and more will do to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the prolific summer concert series.


Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 7/13

DC, once again you have made it to the weekend. Hi five! We bet you could use some more live music in your life, so here are more reasons to not stay home.

Friday 7/13:
Luna Honey, the dark and broody recent addition to the roster of Blight Records, celebrates the release of their long awaited debut album Peace Will Grind You Down tonight at Hole in the Sky (2110 5th St. NE). Plus you get Richmond noise band Among the Rocks and Roots, DC post-punk band Social Station, and a solo set by Time Is Fire front man Kamyar Arsani.

Saturday 7/14:
5 years is a long time to do a music podcast! (We should know ;)!) Major congrats to Justin Trawick for hitting the milestone on his interview and performance series called The Circus Life. See him perform with his group The Common Good at the 9:30 Club Saturday night alongside a well-curated lineup including Louisa Hall, Eli Lev, and a duo set from the Bumper Jacksons.

Sunday 7/15:
We can think of no better way to cap off a lovely weekend in DC than sipping well-named beers you’ve not yet sampled and seeing brand new DC music on the rise at Clarendon’s Galaxy Hut . This Sunday night the bro-free outpost hosts indie rock band The Neuro Farm and City Witch, a new electronic duo from members of FuzzQueen.


Br’er – Help Me Live

In addition to helming the growing yet very tightly-knit Blight Records empire, Ben Schurr also creates innovative work under the handle Br’er. His newest music video “Help Me Live” dropped earlier this week, coming from last year’s iconic release BRUNCH IS FOR A​$​$​HOLES. Shot by Renee Regan, Ben Usie and Zak Forrest, the vid presents Schurr’s vividly lit face referencing both hospital life support and edgy kink. You can and should see Ben performing as part of trip-hop flavored label-mates Luna Honey at their album release show Friday night at Hole in the Sky.

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Podcast for July 11th, 2018

Tony is all about sweeties this week, while he and Paul discuss parking at the Wharf.

Jonny Grave – Fever [Jonny Grave]
Color School – Own [Close Enough To Fix]
We Capillaries – Reconteur [People Food]
Mustafa Akbar – Get Down Wit It [DJ single]
Seán Barna – Routines feat. Adam Duritz [Cissy]
Honey – F*ckboys [I’m Your Best Friend Admit It]

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The North Country – My Understanding

We are firmly on record as suckers for live studio recording videos, when done with skill and care. The North Country‘s chief crooner Andrew Grossman brings both to writing, performing, filming and editing “My Understanding”, a new philosophical musing from the mind behind the new Christmas classic “Don’t Shop Just Love”. This is marked as #1 in Little Room Sessions, and we hope there’s more coming soon.


Don’t Stay Home This Week 7/09

It’s another fantastic week in live #DCmusic, with some great outdoor and free options. Instead of staying home, come out and give us hi fives until our hands hurt like hell.

Monday 7/09:
The Fort Reno outdoor concert series continues every Monday and Thursday in July, exposing devoted crowds to new bands. Tonight it’s unofficially the “Night of 1000 Saxophones” with Cool Baby, We Capillaries and King Soul.

Tuesday 7/10:
Huge respect to Takoma Park’s Rhizome for assembling so many adventurous bills of music. Tuesday night the DIY house hosts Heart of the Ghost, a trio featuring Jarrett Gilgore (Alto Saxophone), Luke Stewart (Double Bass) and Ian McColm (Drums). Also on the bill is Moses, Forrest, Ogg, promising “Neural re-alignment via audio-visual meditations. Methods include oscillating bowls, guitar textures, lasers and weird signal processes.” The touring feature on this night is Detroit’s Matthew Daher.

Wednesday 7/11:
Your Hometown Sounds buds Paul & Tony are back at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage for our monthly #DCmusic showcase this Wednesday. This is your chance to catch the huge hip-pop ensemble allthebestkids, led by dashing silver-jumpsuited Cody Valentine. Get there right at 5:30 for a prime spot up front.

Thursday 7/12:
As the recurring joke for many years of Fort Reno shows goes, when will seminal post-hardcore band Fugazi’s hiatus end with a surprise show on the outdoor stage? Well in case you haven’t heard, The Messthetics has half the band with Joe Lally on bass and Brendan Canty on drums, plus the unstoppable guitar shredding of Anthony Pirog. Born Dad and Taciturn round out a huge night of music Thursday night.


Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 7/05

Is it the weekend already? Putting the Fourth in the middle of the week is just messy. Here are your live music picks to get more #DCmusic filling your life with joy.

Thursday 7/05:
July in DC means seeing edgy and upcoming DC bands play the outdoor stage at Fort Reno. Tonight the legendary concert series hosts No Plans, a new band from Jack on Fire’s Jason Mogavero, plus Victor Archie and Inner Ear Studio’s Don Zientara.

Friday 7/06:
DC rapper Shy Glizzy headlines a show Friday night at the Fillmore in Silver Spring. Also known as El Jefe, he’s got his sights on a national audience.

Saturday 7/07:
Pearl Street Warehouse is the place to be Saturday night to celebrate the new eponymous album by blues frontman Jonny Grave. Many area music outlets have blurbed about the release, including us! The dazzling pipes and songwriting of Lauren Calve kick off a night of raucous fun.

Sunday 7/08:
The Velvet Lounge hosts our Sunday night DC music pick. The eclectic lineup includes Don Zientara, punk rock from Weird Babies, no-wave from Taciturn, and experimental guitar sounds of Ben Harbert and Chris Hamley.

Don’t Stay Home This Holiday Weekend 6/29

Hometown Sounds is taking a short breather next week, so today we’ve got a bonus size lineup of #DCmusic picks for your holiday weekend.

Friday 6/29:
Head up to College Park’s MilkBoy ArtHouse tonight for a night of modern bluegrass and folk music. By And By describe their sound as “Arms Wide Open Bluegrass & Americana”, and Rock Creek Revival are right up that alley too.

Saturday 6/30:
H St. NE’s Rock & Roll Hotel has a strong lineup of DC indie rock Saturday evening. You should already know Paperhaus from their many years of hosting DCDIT house shows. Park Snakes channel goth and post-punk vibes, while Bacchae represent the agitated punk youth.

Sunday 7/01:
On July 4th Union Stage hosts an independent music and skate festival called either Brokechella or Moechella. We’re not quite sure. But you can get a preview of the music Sunday evening at Dew Drop Inn from a wide swath of the DC music scene, including Karen Culi, +E, Mr. Daywalker and a new band called Barefoot Lefty.

Monday 7/02:
The 50th anniversary Fort Reno season kicks off Monday evening at 7:30 with a fantastic lineup of Lotion Princess, Time is Fire and Des Demonas. Invite your coolest friends to check out DC’s premiere outdoor music series.

Tuesday 7/03:
There was a time when go-go music was pushed out of DC’s city limits. Now you can hear that distinctive go-go beat at one of the most swank venues in DC, The Hamilton. Tuesday night the lineup of Rare Essence featuring Jas Funk and E.U. featuring Sugar Bear unites two of the longest running go-go acts for a night of true DC satisfaction.

Wednesday 7/04:
Come on, it’s the Fourth! Go watch fireworks!


Bumper Jacksons – Miss Mary Mack

We’ve got one more video before a little break next week for Independence Day. Bumper Jacksons write new songs inspired by 20s era hot jazz, folk and blues, but today’s tune is a classic that many will remember from childhood. “Miss Mary Mack” is a traditional clapping game performed here joyously as a warmup and recorded live in Ridgefield, CT on June 12th by pedal steel player Dave Hadley. Our friendly DC music podcast neighbors The Circus Life celebrate their 5th anniversary with a big show at the 9:30 Club on Saturday July 14th, and you’ll catch Jess and Chris performing a Bumper Duo set if you go.