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By Tony Porreco

We’re still on a bit of a break over here at Hometown Sounds, but I’m stepping in to lend a hand to do one of the things that Hometown Sounds does best, and that’s featuring music videos from DC artists.

Today’s video is not only a feature, it’s also a premiere. And it’s from a band you haven’t heard of, but it’s also a band you might know. Here’s the story. There WAS a band called The Dead Women. And they’ve changed their name. Meet ROM. That’s their new band name. You’ll be hearing that a lot over the coming months, because they’re a band that’s on nothing but the up and up.

It’s for a track called “Nuisance” which is on their forthcoming full length release soda christ, which is available Friday May 30th on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify.

The video’s a wild ride: There are secrets. There’s intense physical training. There’s transgender exploration. And above all, the sharp visuals are set against the itchy post-punk that ROM does so well.

The piece was conceptualized and shot by William D. Ashton, whose credits include some impressive directorial work on Drop Electric’s videos for their tracks “Brooklyn’s Nightmare” and “Waking Up to the Fire”.

Ashton provided the following insights regarding his inspiration for his inspiration for the video’s concept:

I guess I keyed in on the fact that the song is called “Nuisance.” This made me think that maybe the biggest nuisance is the things we keep hidden inside ourselves; the things we do behind closed doors. We all have attributes or interests or desires that aren’t necessarily accepted by society, yet they are still a strong part of who we are. Often we are afraid to reveal these sides of ourselves because they could be perceived as taboo or weird. The nuisance, then, is these hidden sides trying to push to the surface.

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And Now, A Brief Hiatus

I confess, postings have gotten pretty sporadic around Hometown Sounds lately. Real life is doing a bang-up job of getting in the way of my passion for spreading the word about DC music. Rather than half-ass my way through this difficult period, unfortunately it’s time for me to step away for a bit and fix a ton of bugs for the day job. See you again real soon, DC.


Deleted Scenes – Landfall video

This morning indie rock band Deleted Scenes premiered a new music video for “Landfall”, a more contemplative track from their melancholy masterpiece Lithium Burn. The AV Club got the honor of premiering the dark narrative video, and they proceeded to spoil the whole thing in their short post (which I won’t link to here). This is the most egregious example of a trend that’s been really pissing me off lately with music video posts, namely explaining the whole thing before the viewer even sees it. It’s not so bad when it’s just a silly video of an out-of-control dinner party with Ian Svenonious, but in this case director Ben Usie of Pree and DP Nigel Lyons crafted an excellent short film that deserves an unspoiled first view by everyone. Shame on you AV Club.

Rant over. Deleted Scenes roll into town on Thursday May 22nd to celebrate their album release at the Rock & Roll Hotel with our buddies at DC Music Download. Get your tickets before they sell out!


Tom Goss – Illuminate The Dark video

After his viral dance-pop ode to burly men, last year’s hit song “Bears”, singer-songwriter Tom Goss is back with a new album Wait out today and a music video for the first single “Illuminate The Dark”. Returning to his minimal acoustic style, “Illuminate The Dark” is a sweet and heartfelt song that continues Goss’s themes of acceptance and healing. Saturday May 31st Goss’s album release tour comes home with a headlining show at 6th & I Synagogue with support from The North Country. Trust me and get your tickets in advance for this one, because Goss has quite a DC fanbase!


Podcast for May 13th, 2014 feat. Alex Tebeleff

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Paul & Tony invade the Paperhaus to talk to Alex Tebeleff and hear some of his favorite tunes of the moment.

Deleted Scenes – You Get To Say Whatever You Want
Krill – Steve Hears Pile In Maiden and Bursts Into Tears
Young Rapids – Odd Numbers
Yonatan Gat – Escorpião
Br’er – Dozen Dream
Marian McLaughlin – Before You Leave
Outputmessage – Goldilocks Zone

Or listen in SoundCloud:

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Maimouna Youssef – We’re Already Royal video

The Reintroduction of Mumu Fresh is upon us! If you aren’t in the know, Mumu Fresh is the nickname of ever-fashionable R&B singer Maimouna Youssef, whose new mixtape drops on Wednesday May 14th with a blowout headlining show at the Howard Theatre. Yesterday our buds at WAMU’s Bandwidth premiered a new song from the mixtape, “Student Loans”, a redo of Rihanna’s hit “Pour It Up”. The reimagined covers theme continues with her new music video for “We’re Already Royal”, from Lorde’s megahit “Royals”, featuring some gorgeous African costumes.


Trans Am – Megastorm video

Expanding heavily on their post-rock roots, Trans Am‘s sound now encompasses muscular electro-rock driven hard by drummer Sebastian Thomson. The trio’s newest album Volume X drops on May 20th on Thrill Jockey Records, and the first music video from it, a live version of “Megastorm”, premiered today on The AV Club. Tickets to their DC show at the Black Cat Backstage on Thursday May 22nd, featuring Hometown Sounds showcase stars Heavy Breathing, are amazingly still on sale, but that won’t last much longer.


Trouble Funk – Hump Day video

Tonight’s sold out birthday celebration for Trouble Funk‘s leader Big Tony at the 9:30 Club brings back the punk/funk double features of the past with hosting duties for Dave Grohl and one or two surprises. Get warmed up for the show with the music video for Trouble Funk’s first studio recording in many years, “Hump Day”, premiered a few months ago by the Washington CityPaper.


Thievery Corporation – Depth Of My Soul video

Just as spring takes hold in our town, Thievery Corporation debut a music video from their latest album Saudade with a bit of inspiration from HBO’s Game of Thrones. “Depth Of My Soul” features Shana Halligan from LA trip-hop duo Bitter:Sweet on vocals and a video shot at Quinlan Ranch in New Mexico by director Ivan Landau. It’s gorgeous and melancholy and ethereal, a perfect fit for the song. The downtempo duo and their horde of guest vocalists and musicians are currently wrapping up a short tour, and our next chance to see them live is the Believe In Music festival in Cockeysville in late July.

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