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Deleted Scenes – Landfall video

This morning indie rock band Deleted Scenes premiered a new music video for “Landfall”, a more contemplative track from their melancholy masterpiece Lithium Burn. The AV Club got the honor of premiering the dark narrative video, and they proceeded to spoil the whole thing in their short post (which I won’t link to here). This is the most egregious example of a trend that’s been really pissing me off lately with music video posts, namely explaining the whole thing before the viewer even sees it. It’s not so bad when it’s just a silly video of an out-of-control dinner party with Ian Svenonious, but in this case director Ben Usie of Pree and DP Nigel Lyons crafted an excellent short film that deserves an unspoiled first view by everyone. Shame on you AV Club.

Rant over. Deleted Scenes roll into town on Thursday May 22nd to celebrate their album release at the Rock & Roll Hotel with our buddies at DC Music Download. Get your tickets before they sell out!


Deleted Scenes – You Get To Say Whatever You Want video

The spastic and passionate post-punk quartet Deleted Scenes are poised to unleash their new record, Lithium Burn, on April 15th on New Orleans’ Park The Van Records. Singer Dan Scheurman was inspired by Occupy Wall Street footage to pen the song “You Get To Say Whatever You Want”, and tapped Pree drummer Ben Usie to craft a music video using those raw, powerful protest images. Check out Spin’s premiere for more background on the song and the video.


Deleted Scenes – A Bunch Of People Who Love You Like Crazy video

Yesterday the popular local rock band Deleted Scenes released a brand new music video through IFC. The video for the song A Bunch of People Who Love You Like Crazy, from their album Young People’s Church of the Air, was directed by Ben Usie, the drummer for DC bands Frau Eva and Pree.


Deleted Scenes – Days of Adderall video

For the last few weeks LivingSocial has hosted a live music series on Wednesday evenings at their 918 F Street special events location. Tonight they turn their attention to DC indie rock with rising stars The Sea Life and one of the more popular bands in town, Deleted Scenes. They started out releasing records on local label Sockets Records but recently re-released their latest album Young People’s Church of the Air on the New Orleans based label Park The Van. Tonight’s show is a fantastic chance to see these great bands in a close setting. Watch this fun and strange video for their track Days of Adderall.


Deleted Scenes – Bedbedbedbedbed video

Dreamy DC indie pop band Deleted Scenes have today’s DC music video of the day today. Last year they put out a popular album Young People’s Church Of The Air through awesome local label Sockets Records. Since then they’ve signed to Park The Van records and plan to re-release Young People’s Church Of The Air before releasing a new album next year. Check out the video for the single “Bedbedbedbedbed”.

Bonus! Check out the new Vacationer remix of Bedbedbedbedbed!