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These Quiet Colours – Departure

Pour one out, or perhaps just half of one, for dreamy post-rock band These Quiet Colours. As is typical of many DC bands, members slowly moved away, and now their 2014 self-titled EP is sadly no longer online. However, earlier this year the remaining instrumentalists reunited online to create a new song “Departure”, with appropriately abstract visuals from guitarist Joe King. He and drummer Matt Renaldi have joined a brand new band called Broadlight, who play their debut show Saturday August 3rd at the Velvet Lounge.


Wall of Trophies – Left Behind

Synthgaze duo Wall of Trophies have previously delivered some beautifully trippy visuals to accompany lush and layered songs. Their latest challenge is to craft the video live, as they perform the music. Using Resolume VJ Software, Will Copps and Brittany Jean created this video for “Left Behind”, from their 2019 album Semaphore, in the moment. Copps described, “Imagine a ton of knobs and sliders all programmed to different video clips and effects — it’s tons and tons of pre-work and practice; this video is an actual recording of a performance! We treat video just like audio and do them til we get just the right take—the right spontaneous adjustment or perfectly timed transition nailing the mood we want.” We can’t wait for more.


Don’t Stay Home This Week 7/29

Almost every #DCmusic show we are recommending this week is free of cover charge. How about supporting these bands by buying some of their music this week?

Monday 7/29:
Tonight‘s Fort Reno features The OSYX and dirt eater, rescheduled from a rain-out earlier this month, plus punk band The Mauls. It’ll be another hot one, so stay hydrated.

Tuesday 7/30:
Wouldn’t be a Don’t Stay Home without a plug of a show at the Pie Shop. Tuesday night‘s lineup includes indie rock faves Makeup Girl and Bottled Up supporting the summer tour of Richmond band Manatree.

Wednesday 7/31:
If nothing else, the DC Punk Archive’s Wednesday night show on the Woodridge Library rooftop should smell amazing. See DC bands Saffron & Lavender for free starting at 6:30 PM.

Thursday 8/01:
The final night of Fort Reno‘s 2019 season features Inner Ear Studio’s Don Zientara and, we’ll quote right from the website here, amy ian joe (name unknown). Pro tip: show up early for this one.


Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 7/26

Happy Friday, DC. As is our custom, here are the #DCmusic picks for the weekend so you won’t have crippling FOMO while your cool friends have the best time.

Friday 7/26:
Brooklyn band The Mad Doctors are on a farewell tour, so they invited King Pizza Records label mates Teen Mortgage to play at the DC stop at H St NE’s Pie Shop tonight. Add in a brand new EP by Pagan Reagan and “face-melting hard punk” band Captital Offender and we’re fully on board.

Saturday 7/27:
Huge heartfelt congrats to hard-working troubadour Justin Trawick on the sixth anniversary of his mostly #DCmusic podcast The Circus Life. The massive blowout party at the 9:30 Club Saturday night features FeelFree, The Dirty Grass Players, Mystery Friends, and of course Mr. Trawick & his band The Common Good.

Sunday 7/28:
Count on AdMo’s SongByrd to host thoughtful, innovative events quite different from the usual live music fare. Sunday night see producer/MC combo J Scienide and Kev Brown of the Low Budget Crew do an advance album listen of their new release Drum Machine/Tape Cassette with a live Q&A moderated by DJ Iran.



Podcast for July 25th, 2019

Tony hits the beach, while Paul gets meta with follow-up.

Hammered Hulls – Written Words [S​/​T]
Peter Mayburduk – Apart! Together [single]
Cecily – Clumsy [Awakening Pt. 1]
The 5:55 – The Edge [The Five Fifty Five]
Bumper Jacksons – I Sing the Body (Live) [Live at Wolf Trap]
The Andalusian – Dance to Flame [Kairos]

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Mystery Friends – Locked Eyes

Hey hey, sup Mystery Friends. The synthy dance-rock band chose the single “Locked Eyes” from their debut full length album Past & Future Self for the music video treatment, tapping director Sam Casscells to translate the quartet’s 80s soft rock ballad to visuals.

Mystery Friends bring all their crowd-pleasing stage lighting gear to the 9:30 Club this Saturday night to help celebrate the 6th Anniversary of Justin Trawick’s DC music and interview podcast The Circus Life.


Don’t Stay Home This Week 7/22

You probably stayed inside binging Queer Eye huddled next to the air conditioner all weekend. Well, we’re here twice a week to get you out the house and into the best #DCmusic in town. Here are our show picks for the week ahead.

Monday 7/22:
The good news is this heat wave breaks tomorrow. The bad news is that a front of rain around 5-6 PM breaks it. Monitor Instagram to see if we get to enjoy three outstanding indie rock bands Warm Sun, Trajectories and The Feed at Fort Reno tonight. Please please please.

Tuesday 7/23:
Hear the distinctive gravelly voice and heartfelt songwriting of Taylor Carson at 7DrumCity‘s Free Live & Local show Tuesday night at The Pub & The People starting at 7 PM.

Wednesday 7/24:
Find your way to Evening Star Cafe in the Del Ray neighborhood in Alexandria Wednesday night to see classy Americana band Wes Tucker & The Skillets play with South Rail’s Jay Bird and his new band The Musical Trust.

Thursday 7/25:
Barring any make up dates, Thursday is the last Fort Reno show of the summer. Say goodbye to the DC music summer tradition with Louder Messy, BOAYT and The Moonbugs.


Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 7/19

We know it’s going to be nuclear hot in DC this weekend. Still, that’s no excuse to stay home and wasting all your money on air conditioning. Go see these DC bands, stay hydrated and dress in light colors.

Friday 7/19:
The third annual Audioteka DC music showcase hosted by Greater District Sound Club continues at the Ugly Mug tonight with Indiana Jonesin, Red Medicine, Quick ‘o’ Clock and more. Check out the hard working young bands rising in the scene.

Saturday 7/20:
What the hell, let’s roll on with the big finish for Audioteka for our Saturday night recommendation. The Ugly Mug is the place to be to see Color School, Strangers That Clique, Jenny Hates Techno, The Neuro Farm and a whole lot more. The tunes start at 4 PM and go late, so pace yourself.

Sunday 7/21:
Ice Out, one of our fave instrumental post-rock bands, grace the stage, or rather the large front window, at Clarendon’s Galaxy Hut Sunday night along with Dennis Kane’s sublime post-classical project The Hunted Hare.


Jackie and the Treehorns – Robots

It’s never enough for power pop band Jackie and the Treehorns to record an album and play some shows like all the other bands. Cinematic style is in their DNA, right down to their band’s name. Visit their YouTube channel to see an entire mockumentary “The Jackie Movie” they made a few years back. For the release of their new album It’s Never Too Late, the band booked a spot on the show “Jammin’ With Django”, but then mysteriously vanished. So four bands together pick up the slack on the fictitious program: Buddy Revel & The 3 o’clock High, Clarice & The Lotion Baskets, My Dog Precious, and Ron Johnson & The Audio Consultants. Hopefully Jackie will resurface in time to hit the Fort Reno stage tonight along with Andy Shredder and Coven Tree.


Two Dragons and a Cheetah – Wind Me Up

Maryjo Mattea plays with a lot of musicians in DC, including Loi Loi, Color Palette, Endless Winter and her own eponymous band. But she hangs on tight to the undying love of her original DC bandmate Joel Wu in the unforgettably-named Two Dragons and a Cheetah. We noted in Mattea’s recent email newsletter her plea for Wu to finish filming his half of the music video for “Wind Me Up”, title track from their late 2018 EP, and decided to echo and amplify it on a recent episode of our podcast, because the world needs more awesome DC music videos. Apparently that was the push the expat drummer, now based in Rochester MN, needed to set up the camera and bang out the rhythms for Mattea’s singalong anthem of tricky romance. Hi fives all around!