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Jackie and the Treehorns – Robots

It’s never enough for power pop band Jackie and the Treehorns to record an album and play some shows like all the other bands. Cinematic style is in their DNA, right down to their band’s name. Visit their YouTube channel to see an entire mockumentary “The Jackie Movie” they made a few years back. For the release of their new album It’s Never Too Late, the band booked a spot on the show “Jammin’ With Django”, but then mysteriously vanished. So four bands together pick up the slack on the fictitious program: Buddy Revel & The 3 o’clock High, Clarice & The Lotion Baskets, My Dog Precious, and Ron Johnson & The Audio Consultants. Hopefully Jackie will resurface in time to hit the Fort Reno stage tonight along with Andy Shredder and Coven Tree.


Two Dragons and a Cheetah – Wind Me Up

Maryjo Mattea plays with a lot of musicians in DC, including Loi Loi, Color Palette, Endless Winter and her own eponymous band. But she hangs on tight to the undying love of her original DC bandmate Joel Wu in the unforgettably-named Two Dragons and a Cheetah. We noted in Mattea’s recent email newsletter her plea for Wu to finish filming his half of the music video for “Wind Me Up”, title track from their late 2018 EP, and decided to echo and amplify it on a recent episode of our podcast, because the world needs more awesome DC music videos. Apparently that was the push the expat drummer, now based in Rochester MN, needed to set up the camera and bang out the rhythms for Mattea’s singalong anthem of tricky romance. Hi fives all around!


Touch the Buffalo – Heart Is For

90s influenced pop-rock band Touch the Buffalo are hyping the August releaese of their debut full length album Heart Is For with an advance single of the catchy title track. The song’s music video features plenty of ukulele-wailing and an acting cameo from singer-songwriter Jahnel Daliya. If you can’t get this tune out of your head, make your way to U Street’s Velvet Lounge tonight to see the bovine feelers rock out with DC’s Mona Speaks Mountains, opening for Edgar Red from Louisville.


Honest Haloway – Twisted Eye

The prior Honest Haloway video we got from director Sara Nabizadeh was a mysterious, lonely affair in the desert. Her newest for husband Tim Kratzer’s veteran synthrock band instead invokes community, and seeing the faces of their close friends and musical collaborators reminds us of HH’s horror-twisted house party breakout “Psycho Bitch”. By presenting simple singing faces in black and white, “Twisted Eye” focuses on Kratzer’s haunting lyrics and eminently danceable riffs. In a trend we’re seeing pop up frequently as the streaming era takes over, Honest Haloway is abandoning the standard album release cycle and instead releasing a collection of 10 new songs over the course of two years in 2019 & 2020. Catch them headline AdMo’s SongByrd Saturday night along with genre buds Yesferatu and Low Rose.


Priests – Jesus’ Son

Priests started musical life in the hardcore punk tradition of many of DC’s most well-known cultural exports. But over the years the band, and their captivating sound, have matured and moved away somewhat from those well-known tropes, such that their newest album The Seduction of Kansas is a surprising genre shift. They self-describe simply as a “rock band”, and for the album’s third single “Jesus’ Son”, Priests present a live performance video evoking well-known bands like the Smiths, the Stone Roses, and Nine Inch Nails. The latter might resonate most, as co-directors David Ashton (manning the camera) and singer Katie Alice Greer lovingly homage NIN’s single “March of the Pigs” from 1994’s The Downward Spiral. There are still some tix left for Saturday night‘s late show at the 9:30 Club with openers Mock Identity, so get right on that.

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Palette – Learn to Crawl

If you dug the Casio synth-y, 80s rooted track “Learn to Crawl” from our recent podcast, then we have a music video for you. Flyer art maven Cash Langdon’s musical project Palette recently put out a split cassette with BFFs Child Princess on a New York cassette label Drop Medium, and Tenley Empire’s Alex Szantos, director of Gauche’s catchy vid for “Conspiracy Theories”, crafted this experimentally appropriate video for Langdon’s single. Prepare yourself for oodles of VHS flicker and cool shades.


Gauche – Running

Tomorrow night DC punk oddballs Gauche open for reunited feminist icons Bikini Kill up in Brooklyn, so now’s the time for us to dive into their newest music video. “Running” from director Alex Miklowski sees the quintet dancing and sweating in all black outfits while the background green screen gets wildly creative to accompany the song’s existential angst. The debut full length album A People’s History Of Gauche drops on July 12th on Merge Records, followed by an extensive nationwide tour.


Ari Lennox – Up Late

Sultry R&B crooner Ari Lennox is on top of the world now, touring in support of her brand new album Shea Butter Baby. The tour wraps up at a sold out 9:30 Club on Friday June 14th, so you’d better get to StubHub or Craigslist or wherever if you slept. The album’s newest single is “Up Late”, a sexy-ass hookup ballad given this lush and fashionable video from director Lacey Duke. Check out what J Cole’s label Dreamville can craft for Lennox’s gorgeous singing and moves.


Ex Hex – Rainbow Shiner

Ex Hex videos are often visual feasts, but “Rainbow Shiner” really amplifies the lyrics in gloriously colorful style. Director M. Wartella turns the feminist anthem against physical abuse into a stylish, Skittles-hued treat of Besty Wright, Mary Timony and Laura Harris’s faces covered in makeup and animation. The video matches and enhances the mid-tempo pulsing beat without ever becoming garish or, god forbid, boring. If you missed Ex Hex’s headlining gig at the 9:30 Club last week for the sophomore album It’s Real, we hope you did something pretty amazing instead.


Wylder – Ghosts

In advance of the release of sophomore album Golden Age Thinking, yesterday indie folk band Wylder dropped the music video for the second single “Ghosts”. The song was written about singer Will McCarry’s childhood home, “a ramshackle farmhouse which had at some point been dragged down off the Appalachian mountains on the back of a tractor.” Director Samuel Rodgers sets McCarry in a similar rustic cabin in this beautiful video that ends with a warm touch that is very on brand for Wylder. How about grabbing tickets now to their hometown album release show at the Hamilton on Friday July 12th? The band promises “a host of orchestral musicians as they perform their new record its entirety, as well as all your old favorites.”