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Br’er – Help Me Live

In addition to helming the growing yet very tightly-knit Blight Records empire, Ben Schurr also creates innovative work under the handle Br’er. His newest music video “Help Me Live” dropped earlier this week, coming from last year’s iconic release BRUNCH IS FOR A​$​$​HOLES. Shot by Renee Regan, Ben Usie and Zak Forrest, the vid presents Schurr’s vividly lit face referencing both hospital life support and edgy kink. You can and should see Ben performing as part of trip-hop flavored label-mates Luna Honey at their album release show Friday night at Hole in the Sky.

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The North Country – My Understanding

We are firmly on record as suckers for live studio recording videos, when done with skill and care. The North Country‘s chief crooner Andrew Grossman brings both to writing, performing, filming and editing “My Understanding”, a new philosophical musing from the mind behind the new Christmas classic “Don’t Shop Just Love”. This is marked as #1 in Little Room Sessions, and we hope there’s more coming soon.


Bumper Jacksons – Miss Mary Mack

We’ve got one more video before a little break next week for Independence Day. Bumper Jacksons write new songs inspired by 20s era hot jazz, folk and blues, but today’s tune is a classic that many will remember from childhood. “Miss Mary Mack” is a traditional clapping game performed here joyously as a warmup and recorded live in Ridgefield, CT on June 12th by pedal steel player Dave Hadley. Our friendly DC music podcast neighbors The Circus Life celebrate their 5th anniversary with a big show at the 9:30 Club on Saturday July 14th, and you’ll catch Jess and Chris performing a Bumper Duo set if you go.


The CooLots – Doors

The CooLots make a powerful blend of rock and R&B with a unique intersectional lineup of choice names: Huggie, Crystal, Awesome Rita, Dappho the Flow-Er and BoomCLAK. Their debut music video “Doors” comes from their 2017 album Rebirth, and director Clyde Jones delivers a beautiful visual that makes excellent use of color. The video depicts the five members confronting demons at an abandoned house and emerging more unified. Follow the CooLots on Instagram for daily doses of pride, beauty and soul.


Flasher – Who’s Got Time?

DC punk supergroup Flasher are making tidal waves with the release of their debut full length album Constant Image on Domino Recording Company. The album channels seminal late 80s post-punk vibes and the third single “Who’s Got Time?” lays in hard with a driving beat and complex yet catchy lyrics. The song’s music video by director Adinah Dancyger is a strange wisp of a tale as the trio searches the forest in hazmat suits, leaving much to interpretation. Don’t you dare miss Flasher’s album release show Saturday night at the Black Cat with Chicago’s Dehd and, um, Genderfuck Drag Show by the Girls of Trade.


Red Hare – Little Acts of Destruction

The venerable Dischord Records keeps the spirit of punk music alive in DC. Their latest release is the sophomore album Little Acts of Destruction by Red Hare. This cred-filled quartet of Shawn Brown, Dave Eight, Jason Farrell and Joe Gorelick have many well-known band names on their resumes, including Swiz, Fury, Bluetip, Garden Variety, Retisonic and of course Dag Nasty. Plus the album was recorded by J. Robbins of Jawbox and Channels. The album’s furious title track recently got this music video from Farrell, featuring an animated war between animals.

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Luna Honey – Relinquish

Luna Honey is the newest band on the roster of atmospheric label Blight Records. The married duo of vocalist Maura Pond and bassist Levi Flack devoted their first year of marriage to founding a band, which took off when the duo met Blight label head Benjamin Schurr. The result is the full length album with extra-bleak title Peace Will Grind You Down, dropping on July 13th. The album closer “Relinquish”, full of delicate chimes, creepy drones and distorted vocals, now has this epic 7 minute long music video crafted Pond that provides polarity-flipped black and white nature imagery accompaniment to fully envelop the mood. The album release show is exactly one month away on Friday July 13th at Hole in the Sky with Among The Rocks & Roots and Social Station.


Stronger Sex – Dead Women

Leah Gage, half of the vocal-driven synth band Stronger Sex along with Johnny Fantastic, shows off acting chops in the new music video for “Dead Women”, from their recently released full length album There Is No Stronger Sex. Director Mark Williams Hoelscher casts Gage in dual roles as mother and daughter with a tumultuous dynamic that plays out in tragic fashion. Watch the beautifully shot video and then click over to to read Gage’s inspiration behind the song and video. Stronger Sex takes the stage at DIT house venue The Beehive on Saturday June 23rd with DC expat Bruisey Peets and Minneapolis’s Lunch Duchess.

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Oh He Dead – Blood in the Water

As we said on yesterday’s podcast, it’s hard not to chuckle a bit at the band name “Oh He Dead”. The band’s core duo of Cynthia “CJ” Johnson and Andrew Valenti mix their distinct but complimentary voices with some truly lush instrumentation on their debut single “Blood in the Water”, the title track from their new 3 song EP. The song’s title refers originally to the feeding frenzy of sharks, but here music video director Scott Kenney transports the tension to basketball, with a sole player dribbling and shooting at Jones Point National Park in Alexandria. Grab your tickets now for Friday night‘s show opening for 10 piece New York ensemble Hollywood Anderson & The Hits at the 14th St. Busboys & Poets.


The Hunted Hare – Everywhere Green


Friday June 1st is a big day for Verses Records. The DC-based experimental label decided to drop two major releases on the same day. Known for their expansive 40-ish track benefit compilations, the first is VR, a modest 12 song split release with Liverpool’s Romeda Records, featuring Tag Cloud, James Wolf, DMLLL and The Hunted Hare. The second is the sophomore album Lost Wilderness by The Hunted Hare, the solo moniker of minimalist guitar wizard Dennis Kane.

On last year’s full length album Nothing Is Always, Kane established the tone of the project as melancholy and pensive, providing tenor and baritone melodies through cello tones and electronics. Lost Wilderness, despite its bleak title possibly referencing over-development and climate change, reveals a warmer, more summery vibe. “If there’s a theme to this recording”, Kane says, “it’s about balancing the needs of a peaceful inner life with the demands of living in a chaotic world”. Hometown Sounds is honored to premiere the music video of the album’s first single “Everywhere Green”, a soothing mix of heavily saturated nature shots with archival footage of dancing flapper women, slowed down and perfectly synced to the whispers of Kane’s pleasing melody. Mood is key with instrumental music, and Kane delivers a release worthy of turning off all the lights and letting it fully envelop you.

The Hunted Hare performs songs from the new album Sunday night at Bossa, opening the night for a collaboration between Ben Harbert (Los Angeles Electric 8) and Chris Hamley (Alarms & Controls, Circus Lupus) adapting 20th-century pre- and post-minimalist music to electric guitars, delay pedals and drum machine.

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