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Black Masala – Trains and Moonlight Destinies

Frankly, we’re a bit surprised that gypsy-influenced brass band Black Masala hadn’t made a proper music video until now. The title track of their brand new full length release Trains and Moonlight Destinies is a perfect place to start. We’ve been fans of this high-energy group for many years now, easily recommending them for fans of Gogol Bordello and Rebirth Brass Band. This vid by Eyelum does a fantastic job of capturing both the mystery and surreality of their lyrics and the punk power of their live show. Co-signers Mike Ounallah and Kristen Long each take parallel Lynch-ian journeys, with camera jump cuts mirroring the song’s brass cadence. Bravo! You’ve got two more chances to catch Black Masala live in 2018: Friday November 30th at Villain & Saint in Bethesda, and another Friday December 21st at The Wharf’s Union Stage.


Aztec Sun – In The Name Of Everyone

Yesssssss, another sweet in-studio music video to share with you, just like we love. Aztec Sun are poised to release their debut full length album In The Name Of Everyone this week, and recently they dropped the Alan Evans-directed music video for its title track that deftly alternates between soulful groove and funkified jam. We’d tell you to make plans for Saturday’s album release show at Pearl Street Warehouse, but tickets are sadly already sold out. Be sure to catch ’em next time.


Flasher – Material

The new vid by Flasher is quite an unexpected delight. It came out just a few hours ago, and already Rolling Stone and Stereogum have written posts detailing the whole Nick Roney-directed creation for you, before you even watch it. Fuck that. Don’t read that stuff. Just know it’s an ode to YouTube, the primary way a whole lot of people consume music freely these days, and enjoy the bizarre twists and turns. Their debut full length album Constant Image is one of 2018’s finest post-punk gems, and your next chance to see them live is Friday November 30th playing the Black Cat Mainstage.


Teen Mortgage – S.W.A.S.

Garage rock band Teen Mortgage make a lot of glorious noise with only guitar and drums. Tonight they’re getting loud at AdMo’s SongByrd opening for Bass Drums Of Death, so now’s the time to hear their newest single “S.W.A.S.” (Service With A Smile). The music video for it comes from a lost cartoon called Karma II at the end of a 1980 movie called Skateboard Madness, mercilessly cut from the DVD release of this cult movie. It’s got the unmistakable late 70s feel of animation in Sesame Street and The Electric Company, but with a crazy psychedelic not-for-kids vibe. Remember, all that was all drawn by hand!


Louisa Hall – Internet Love Song

“Please don’t write me sir.” Louisa Hall uses her ukulele and delightful charm to soften the blow of her cuttingly frank songs. Modern love and dating are frequent topics in her music, with no song in her repertoire as on the nose as “Internet Love Song”, from her newest EP Barista Boyfriend. Watch the fearless singer sweetly detail the horrors of online conversation in this new music video, and grab tickets now for her duet performance with troubadour Justin Trawick Wednesday evening at Dangerous Pies.


Bobby Thompson – On The Ground


We know blues master Bobby Thompson well from many DC area bands, from Blueheart Revival, Mud Rey, Revelator Hill and his own Bobby Thompson Project. For his newly released EP called The Acoustic Sessions, the frequent collaborator decided to present new songs in stripped-down solo fashion to highlight the masterful songwriting and assured performance.

The intent of this EP was to present the music in the most raw form, written on the acoustic guitar and acoustic lap, and kept simple from the start. The three songs kicking off the EP serve as previews of full-band versions expected on a new solo album in 2019. All three songs, ‘On The Ground’, ‘My Everything’, and ‘Hard to Come Back’, are presented here in the shape and form they were written in: acoustic and straight-from-the-heart.

After recording these songs, Thompson shot brand new videos of the songs for a series he’s calling “The Acoustic Barn Sessions”, and Hometown Sounds is honored to premiere the first video from it, “On The Ground”.

HTS: You work with a lot of different collaborators, what’s the motivation behind doing these tracks acoustic and solo?
Thompson: I’ve been wanting to release an acoustic-based album for some time now, and this is the start to that. There is something raw and beautiful about a song in its most pure form, and it’s my first real release as a singer-songwriter. Up until now, I’ve mostly released albums with songs written as a band, or with a full-band arrangement in mind.

Where is the barn at walnut grove and what brought you there to record those songs live?
Sandi Redman, a well-known local DC-area videographer and super-fan, suggested we film at this barn in Leesburg, Virginia, which is on private property. I wanted to share visuals of the songs, and this barn was a perfect setting on a Sunday afternoon. I hope people enjoy watching this video series, and I’m thankful to Hometown Sounds for premiering the first one.

Any upcoming shows to plug?
Yes. This Friday October 19 I’ll be playing solo acoustic at the Lake Anne Coffeehouse and Wine Bar in Reston, Virginia at 6pm. Next weekend, I’m on the road to New York City and Boston, with a live-to-vinyl session in Brooklyn for Leesta Vall Sound Recordings. You can visit my facebook page for more details on how to option a rare live version of songs from ‘The Acoustic Sessions’ on vinyl. I’ll also be playing Thursday, October 25 at Rockwood Music Hall Stage One at 6pm in Manhattan.


Saturday Night – Destined to Fall

Saturday Night is a new indie rock band featuring Luke Reddick of Bless and Cash Langdon of palette. Their debut self-titled album came out this summer courtesy Baltimore’s Gentle Reminder Records. Here’s a video directed by band member Jesse Sattler for “Destined to Fall”, a delightfully lo-fi get-to-know-you from this friendly quartet. Catch them next at Songbyrd on Wednesday October 24th playing with Poppy Patica and The Goon Sax.


Wolves of the Dry Ravine – Kollontai’s Lullaby

If you’re the type for crusty punk music and slasher films, Slash Run is your go-to spot next weekend. On Saturday October 20th the burger joint hosts a Slasher Party, encouraging patrons to dress up as their favorite slasher movie victims. The music lineup includes German band lamebrains and three DC acts: Cut Chord, The It’s Alives and Wolves of the Dry Ravine. Featuring members of The Electrocutions, Musicband, Death By Sexy, Cobra Collective, Wolves of the Dry Ravine has some classic punk tunes to go along with their wicked name. The newest single from their album Play with Matches (Near the Powder Keg) is called “Kollontai’s Lullaby”, referencing a Russian Marxist revolutionary from the early 20th century named Alexandra Kollontai. Enjoy the accompanying abstract wolf-themed animation and start planning your costume now.


Emma G – Superhero

Today we’d like to direct you to this powerful music video from songwriter Emma Ghaemmaghamy. You may have seen her, as we have, busking around metro stations or the Wharf, and it’s worth your time to take in the New Zealand born singer’s music and messages. “Superhero”, the single from last year’s EP Taking Flight, tackles the growing and emboldened racism many in this country feel after the results of the last election. Check out Emma G’s Patreon and support music like this in DC!


SHAED – Melt

Props to dreamy pop group SHAED for the recent release of their sophoromore EP Melt. Yesterday Vice’s i-D site premiered the title track’s video, again crafted by director Max Haben who delivered the first video for “Silver Knife”. The song references singer Chelsea Lee’s short lived solo career on a major label at a young age, a sore subject she now tackles as a close knit family trio with her fiancé Spencer Ernst and his twin brother Max. The video’s setting at a derelict factory in Charlottesville echoes the apprehension of the song, but we particularly like the song’s beautiful dénouement in a field at sunset. Hey SHAED, how about giving us a peaceful ambient album next?