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Wes Felton x The Product – Stranger Fruit

What did you do at summer camp this year? If you were lucky enough to attend Hands On The Future, a youth program that trains and prepares teens and young adults for the entertainment industry, then you got to hang with and learn from DC rapper Wes Felton, well known as one half of The CrossRhodes with singer Raheem DeVaughn. Felton’s upcoming mixtape King In The Wilderness with producer Derek “Product” Wilson drops soon through Fresh Kids Music Group, and in the meantime Felton released this video for the advance single “Stranger Fruit”, described as “an outcry to our ancestors and young people who have died at the hands of society’s traps and gimmick”. The video was shot at the summer camp, comprising half rhymes and singing and half inspirational tribute to nature and bonfires.


Teen-Beat – Dischord. Arlington, VA

This video [Teen-Beat catalog #535] is a little unusual, so let us explain. Record labels are the glue that binds musical creativity together into a product that can stand the test of time. The DC area in general, and Arlington in particular, greatly benefited from two independent labels that did amazing work documenting and organizing their scenes. Teen-Beat is a record label founded by Mark Robinson of the band Unrest in 1984. It has since moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, but in its DC heyday featured indie rock bands such as Tuscadero, Phil Krauth and Jonny Cohen’s Love Machine. This video was shot and scored by Robinson at Dischord House, the Arlington home of Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson’s label documenting the punk, post-hardcore and rock output of DC for decades. It’s a brief and intense glimpse into the creative space that’s shaped our city’s musical legacy, and it moves pretty fast so get ready with that pause button. Remember, do not attempt to visit Dischord House.

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Bad Moves – Crushed Out

Indie pop supergroup Bad Moves has earned the distinguished moniker. Their upcoming debut full length album Tell No One on Don Giovanni Records is the most anticipated release in months, and last week the album’s fourth, that’s right FOURTH, music video premiered on Stereogum. “Crushed Out” is a delightfully catchy song about those queer high school crushes that overwhelm at the time but seem so obvious in retrospect. Clyde Peterson and Max Otero get the band into adolescent cosplay for the video, and Katie Park’s forlorn singing will grab your heart and not let go. Insanely, the album release show Friday September 21st at Black Cat isn’t sold out yet, so consider yourself warned.


Jasmine Gillison – In My Chest (Song Premiere)

Today Hometown Sounds is delighted to premiere the debut single “In My Chest” by singer/songwriter Jasmine Gillison.

We’ve had our eye on Gillison for a few years now, since we shared her performance of “I Get It” from a very early episode of Justin Trawick’s podcast The Circus Life back in 2013. Her debut album Little Light has been a long time coming, though she never imagined it as a bright-eyed 5th grader playing in the school band. It wasn’t until after college, thanks to the encouragement of friends, that she got up in front of a crowd at a local Open Mic Night and performed her first official set – a few cover songs on guitar. Thanks to those friends, she’s been writing and performing ever since.

The debut EP is a bit of a departure from her usual acoustic performances, with new arrangements highlighting the depth and width of Gillison’s aptitude for storytelling. Jasmine was fortunate to work with many talented musicians in the DC/MD/VA area on this project, including Producer Ben Tufts (educator and percussionist in bands such as FuzzQueen, Virginia Creep and Uptown Boys Choir), Producer and Session Bassist Howard Rabach of Machine Room Studio in Arlington, VA., as well as a host of other musicians and great friends. The song’s instrumentation, including vibraphone playing from Tufts, is reminiscent of the lovely and influential early downtempo work from the French band AIR.

The Wharf’s Pearl Street Warehouse hosts the Little Light EP release show on Sunday September 16th. The early show starts at 5 PM and features Nardo Lilly and Laura Tsaggaris along with Gillison’s headlining full band performance.


Seán Barna – Routines

Singer Seán Barna is making the most of his 2018 moment. Through a connection with Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows, celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, Barna’s name and fame are on the move. Duritz makes cameos in both the song and video for “Routines”, a stand out track from Barna’s poignant sophormore EP Cissy that dropped back in July. Mark your calendar to catch Barna’s storytelling and emotional songwriting at the Black Cat on Thursday October 4th with Milo in the Doldrums and Atlanta band The Head.


Tired All The Time – Bone Dry

As a lot of DC workers, I toil in an office every day. Members of anthemic post-punk band Tired All The Time clearly have too, and have adopted a “sterile corporate / pharmaceutical aesthetic” to cope. The single “Bone Dry”, from the sophomore EP Be Well on Flag Day Recordings, enthusiastically cheers “I got nothing / All my money’s in the bank / I got nothing / My whole culture is a prank / It’s bone dry”. This delightfully over the top music video really makes the feeling inescapable, as dancing employees celebrate the dystopian success of the TATT brand. Mark your calendars for October 5th when TATT plays the new Dangerous Pies venue with Mystery Friends.


Kingpen Slim – No Scrubs

On his newest single “No Scrubs”, DC rapper Kingpen Slim repeats “I’m a doctor with the drugs”. However the video appears to be generously sponsored by Arm & Hammer, so don’t believe that hype. Coming from his brand new release Trapper’s Delight, Slim had this to say about the single: “actually reminds me we meant to call it No Scrubs 2018 but I was movin too fast…oh well too late now…check it out anyway tho it’s flames…” The flow is fire and we ain’t confused.


The Caribbean – Vitamin Ship

DC is damn lucky to have the experimental indie pop band The Caribbean as our own. The densely interwoven lyrics of singer Michael Kentoff align smoothly with unhurried and pleasing sounds from Matt Byars and Dave Jones. This team has stayed consistent through a lot more years and releases than most bands manage. Their newest single “Vitamin Ship” recently got this spangly music video, subtly suggesting both storyline and mood in tandem with Kentoff’s evocative words. “The Vitamin Ship is set to attack a world where cats sun-sleep in a giant atrium and only the most privileged or security-cleared are permitted to experience the rarified state of hypoxia”, says the explanatory text via Bandcamp. The band currently tours America in search of a name for their upcoming album in 2019, so catch up with them at Galaxy Hut on Sunday October 14th and offer your considered suggestions, written on legal currency or pints of exotic craft beer.


Bacchae – Dig

Punk always works best with urgent problems to address, and the DC quartet Bacchae have no shortage of issues on their minds. “Dig”, the lead single from their new self-titled pay-what-you-want EP, addresses toxic relationships and romantic commodification with fervor, but its new music video puts a garish VHS-level spin on the topic. The band-directed vid is an 80s-era send up to home video dating, and the lest you think this horrific dystopia is alternate history, it’s as real as drug store photo developing and physical maps crammed into your car seat’s back pocket. Catch their charismatic live show next in Baltimore Friday night at the Windup Space with Malwalker, Spooled Up and Daddy Issues.


Broke Royals – Higher

The dapper gents in Broke Royals are clearly aiming for breakout success with their anthemic radio-friendly pop sound. The single “Higher” from their debut self-titled album put them on the map with a feature from Southwest Airlines. Now the single has a music video directed by Scott Hansen, with amazing aerial footage of the band at the highest peak in Georgia, possibly recognizable as the setting for recent Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbusters. All this attention is great, but it’s 2018 and Broke Royals what it takes to make it. To that end, they just launched a Patreon to engage their superfans in the band’s success. Direct patronage is a lot of work, but we think Broke Royals have what it takes to thrive.