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The CrossRhodes – Look At You

This sexy music video came out last month for Valentine’s Day, but couldn’t we could all use a little romantic boost on a Wednesday? The CrossRhodes, the sublime pairing of smooth singer Raheem DeVaughn and outspoken rapper Wes Felton, often tackle pressing social issues in their songs, but “Look At You”, from their 2017 album Footprints On The Moon, showcases amorous desires for the fairer sex on a night out at Marvin. Look out for some subtle cameos from DC’s rap scene lounging at the party.

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Loi Loi – Sliver Light

Saturday night is going to be here before you know it, so now’s the time to brush up on Loi Loi before her album release show Saturday night at Comet Ping Pong. “Sliver Light” is the second music video from the recently released Me Dystopia on Blight Records, another glitzy narrative from director Jen Meller. Alexys Forrest of Danger Sluts, Krystal Ashley of “Scenes from Backstage”, Jax Caruso of The Galaxy Electric, and Freddie Heinemann of Fisk co-star in this tale of four women ditching unappreciative partners for a psychedelic dance party. Loi Loi’s seductive, retro-futuristic synthpop hits the stage and packs the dance floor Saturday night, with opening sets from Born Dad and Light Beams.

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Honest Haloway – Atonement

Hometown Sounds was pretty pumped to get the automated YouTube email notification yesterday announcing a new video from Honest Haloway. The synthrock band well known for the captivating song and video “Psycho Bitch” has been mostly quiet since publishing a run of live recordings in 2017. HH’s new single “Atonement” is a ethereal song with a pulsing beat and Tim Kratzer’s entrancing, distinctive vocals, making us so happy they are back on the scene. This new music video was shot by Kratzer’s wife Sara Nabizadeh in Namibia, and like her photography it is astounding and arresting in its beauty and mystery. No other DC music video looks anything like this one. We enthusiastically endorse Honest Haloway’s next live show Saturday March 30th at the Rock & Roll Hotel with support from Bottled Up and Mystery Friends.



Well well, it’s been a minute since we checked in on K.A.A.N., the fast-rapping pride of Columbia MD. At one point songs and videos by the prolific rapper flooded SoundCloud and YouTube frequently, giving fans a steady dose of his wit and dexterity. Now he’s changed course and saved up 18 (!) new songs for a full length album called Gathering that just dropped on Spotify. K.A.A.N. loves him some acronyms (Knowledge Above All Nonsense, FYI) so of course the album’s first single is called “KYST” (spoiler alert: Keep Your Shit Together). This video from director Matthew T Robinson showcases KAAN’s verbal flow over some sweet production from Bleverly Hills & Dem Jointz.


Wylder – Ready To Break

Indie folk band Wylder spent last summer in sunny L.A. recording their second full length album Golden Age Thinking. Now comes the hard part of marketing, publicizing and performing the record, and the young quartet have launched an Indiegogo campaign to get help from their many dedicated fans. Time is ticking for you to snag benefits like signed vinyl and VIP passes. As veterans of our Millennium Stage series, we love how this band makes such fun and accessible music their own way with true independence and hard work. The new album’s first single “Ready To Break”, overflowing with hand claps and strumming, just premiered with this music video directed by Sam Rodgers. Frantically moving from location to location all over the area, we love the many delightful touches in this video, from the echo-y bridge in Union Station to parents dancing in the next room. Wylder play Ivy City’s City Winery next Thursday March 14th with Strong Water and Eli Lev & The Fortunes Found.


Loi Loi – Egipto

We kicked off this week’s Hometown Sounds podcast with the super-dancey lead-off track from Loi Loi‘s brand new album Me Dystopia on Blight Records. To experience more of the depth and range of this accomplished release, watch the music video for the album’s first advance single “Egipto”. Directed by Jen Meller, “Egipto” sees singer Kristie Di Lascio revel in sparkly sensuality, accompanied by Luna Honey’s baritone sax player Madeline Billhimer and Pedram Rahmatabadi as statues transformed by Di Lascio’s magical alchemy. Listen to this song late at night, with someone special, and you too will be transformed. Mark your calendar for Loi Loi’s album release show Saturday March 16th at Comet Ping Pong with Born Dad and Light Beams.

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SHAED – Trampoline

Well over 1 million views on YouTube, it’s about time for Hometown Sounds to feature SHAED‘s breakout hit “Trampoline”. The synthpop trio was making their own national waves on the strength of 2016’s debut EP Just Wanna See, but last year’s MELT caught the attention of Apple and landed this single in a high profile commercial for the MacBook Air. Playing sold-out shows everywhere they tour, SHAED returns home Saturday night at U Street Music Hall, and you should count yourself lucky if you already have a ticket. We’ll give you the “Director’s Cut” that includes director Max Haben’s title and crew credits at the end.


Dove Lady – Can’t Be Sad

Dove Lady are the best in DC at making rock weird. The duo of Andrew Thawley and Jeremy Ray revel in creativity, both stereophonically on their many EPs and the accompanying music videos that cannot escape the descriptor “trippy”. The newest is “Can’t Be Sad”, which comes not from their latest EP G, but instead from late 2017’s E (pro tip: both are name-your-own-price downloads). Bucky Illingworth helms this video, and woo boy there is a lot going on. It starts with the pair watching a clip from an awkward TV series called Bibleman, and from there indulges in some pretty astounding and disturbing visual imagery that we won’t pretend to interpret.


Micah Robinson – Heart Song

Valentine’s Day, Hallmark Holiday, Singles Awareness Day. Soulful singer Micah Robinson shows us what’s really important on his new single “Heart Song”. This song serves as the theme song for his #LIVE2GIVE initiative, which he described in this essay on his website.

What a time to be alive! It’s truly a blessing to live in an era marked with so much progress, opportunity, and access.
Unfortunately, we also live in time characterized by EXCESS. So many people have so much more than they need, while so many others live in an ongoing state of “less than” or “just barely”. I believe that’s mainly because so many of us are conditioned to believe that acquisition is more important than impact; we live to get.

The music video for “Heart Song”, directed by Jay Gregory, shows Robinson helping to feed his community through this generous spirit of outreach. We love this idea on Valentine’s Day a lot more than a box of chocolates or a fleeting Tinder date. Donate to Robinson’s GoFundMe to help future efforts to reach out and connect with everyone in DC.

Bumper Jacksons – Many Paths to the Top of the Mountain

The February edition of the Bumperletter hit inboxes yesterday with an announcement of a spring west coast tour and this live video from the Bumper Jacksons. “Many Paths to the Top of the Mountain”, an original ditty by Chris Ousley from their 2017 album I’ve Never Met A Stranger, gets this lucky crowd dancing and feeling fine last September. We loved the Bumper Jacksons’ recent sold-out show at the Barns at Wolf Trap (especially the secret history of their name), but hopping around a dance floor is by far the best way to experience this lively band. Chris and singer Jess Eliot Myhre next play a duo show at the Mansion at Strathmore as part of their Capitol Jazz series on Thursday May 2nd.