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Oh He Dead – The Foreigner (Tiny Desk Contest)

In February 2020, singer CJ Johnson told her Oh He Dead bandmates that she was pregnant. While they struggled to understand what this development meant for their big dreams as a powerhouse band, CJ penned this song about her life and the changes that were inevitable. Then the pandemic shut touring down for everyone, and Oh He Dead set out to connect to fans online instead of on stage. Their 2019 Tiny Desk entry “Lonely Sometimes” blew up big time, so we’re hoping “The Foreigner” catches fire with viewers and NPR Music in 2021.

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Micah Robinson – Waiting For You (Tiny Desk Contest)

Jazzy & soulful, singer Micah Robinson delivers the feelings on a new single “Waiting For You”, featuring a trio of talented musicians backing up Robinson’s powerful vox. We’d definitely love to see this classy gentlemen play a full set for the Tiny Desk!

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Justin Trawick – Starting Over (Tiny Desk Contest)

During the pandemic, musicians have had to get by without the large, attentive crowds they might have drawn previously. Some stream on social media platforms, while others perform on balconies or backyards. For the 2021 Tiny Desk Contest hosted by NPR Music, folk singer Justin Trawick decided to perform “Starting Over”, the title track from his 2009 solo EP, for a flock of sheep residing at Midnight Forest Farm in Lovettsville VA. How do the woolly farm animals take to his heartfelt songwriting? Watch the video to find out. 

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Griefcat – Revolution! (Tiny Desk Contest)

The always amusing folk duo Griefcat illustrate a facet of DC’s work from home culture during the pandemic that perhaps few had considered. We’ll leave the surprising topic for you to discover in “Revolution!”, the 2021 Tiny Desk Contest entry from Louisa Hall and Annie Nardolilli. You’re already curious about those pink fuzzy outfits, how can you not watch this video right this second?

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Near Northeast – Window (Tiny Desk Contest)

Honestly, seeing Tiny Desk Contest entries from DC bands popping up in my YouTube feed is giving me post-pandemic life. Indie folk band Near Northeast‘s annual submissions are always top notch videos thanks to long time video collaborator Kip Radt. This year he captures the zeitgeist with a guest appearance from Brood X on the song “Window” from Near Northeast’s forthcoming album. Great to see you again NNE, we hope the fine judges at NPR Music take note!

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The Hunted Hare – Lovely Secret


Since March of 2020, audio engineer and composer Dennis Kane’s solo moniker The Hunted Hare has uploaded no less than 5 albums of peaceful, dark and brooding music to his Bandcamp, with a sixth entitled Between Two Rivers dropping Friday June 4th. We spoke with Kane and his musical collaborator Amy Domingues earlier this year for the Luce Listening Party podcast, digging into his recording process and motivations for staying creative during lockdown.

Today we’re thrilled to get back into the music video game with a world premiere of the new single “Lovely Secret”. Kane’s layered instrumental guitar work lends itself well to soundtracks, and his music videos have demonstrated this well. The visuals of “Lovely Secret” fit the mood perfectly, with trippy red leaves floating behind a woman’s mysterious face. We love the commitment The Hunted Hare shows to the music video form, and are happy to cap off this string of excellent releases with this premiere.


Kill Lincoln – Ignorance Is Bliss

Congrats and happy album release day to Can’t Complain, the first full length from ska legends Kill Lincoln in 7 years. “Ignorance Is Bliss” is the album’s first music video, and it accurately reflects the social distance we all must practice. The original idea for the video involved a “giant dance party with all our friends”, but KL still made a fantastic, energetic vid thanks to the high jumps of dedicated hypeman Drew Skibitsky. Tune in at 8 PM tonight for the live listening party!

BONUS! Kill Lincoln also recently posted two live videos from Tokyo and Fest 18, and now we miss live music more than ever.


Model Home – REV

Experimental rapper NappyNappa’s collaboration with producer Pat Cain as Model Home has generated 17 self-released EPs and one full length album One Year, so you’ve got some catching up to do on their Bandcamp page. In advance of an album release on Max D’s Future Times label this fall, the advance single “REV” gets a digital single release with an exclusive b-side and this intense music video directed by Cain.

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Outputmessage – Wake The Fuck Up

“excuse me
is this thing on?
i have a public service announcement for you

it seems we have a situation here
everybody’s walking around
looking down
at their phones
there’s some strange shit going on

look up
come on
look up!
open your eyes
open your eyes


tear gas
don’t you see?
we’re under attack


don’t you see?
this isn’t reality tv
ha ha ha ha ha ha
this is reality


open your eyes

our people are dying in the streets
our people are dying in the streets”

Black Techno Matters


Cecily – Clumsy

Back in June we were honored to hand off our #DCmusic podcast to two fantastic hometown musicians of color, rapper Ardamus and soulful R&B singer Cecily for cool dialogue and song picks. Since then Cecily debuted the music video for “Clumsy” on no less than BET. The video is sensual and emotional, with director Torell Shavone beautifully showcasing Cecily and her video co-stars. “Clumsy” is the first single from Awakening Pt. 1, Cecily’s 2019 EP she describes as “the story of my awakening to Love – of learning to work on myself so I don’t unintentionally hurt my loved ones, of learning to forgive myself so I can love myself without condition, of surrendering to the beautiful flow of love in my life. These are stories of learning how to choose trust, patience, compassion, honesty, and kindness. These are stories of choosing love over fear, and I hope these songs serve as a reminder to you to do the same.”