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Don’t Stay Home This Week 9/30

Monday 9/30:
It’s a night of beautiful instrumental music tonight at Clarendon’s Galaxy Hut with experimental viola & cello duo Coven Tree and post-rock band Ice Out.

Tuesday 10/01:
Welcome back Philly indie rock band The Obsessives, once based here in DC, Tuesday night at Comet Ping Pong, along with two bands that still love our town best, Magazine Beach and Makeup Girl.

Wednesday 10/02:
Wednesday evening Singer-songwriter Laura Tsaggaris‘s monthly cover project at Trusty’s Bus Bar in SE DC gets into October’s spirit with her take on MJ’s album Thriller. Halloween decorations are already up, so take your costume out for a test drive.

Thursday 10/03:
Queer cowboy drag singer Drew Beckman and his band The Boundary Boys headline DC9 Thursday night, along with new DC shoegaze band Emperor Plum.


Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 9/27

Friday 9/27:
Tonight Epicure Café in Fairfax has funky tunes from jam bandleader Gordon Sterling and jazzy sounds from Sweet Something. Ease into your weekend in style.

Saturday 9/28:
Every year drummer and educator Ben Tufts presents a benefit show featuring a multitude of his talented friends to benefit the memorial fund for his father Craig Tufts. This year Ben Tufts & Friends presents “As Heard on TV”, an extravaganza of theme songs including Cheers, MASH, Gilligan’s Island, The Simpsons, The Jeffersons, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Ducktales, The Love Boat, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Muppets, The Wire, The Addams Family, The Beverly Hillbillies, Mad Men, Star Trek, Law & Order: SVU, Knight Rider, Golden Girls, Laverne & Shirley, Jeopardy, Scrubs, Welcome Back Kotter, WKRP: Cincinnati and of course, The Andy Griffith Show and more. Head to Vienna’s Jammin’ Java on Saturday night for an incredible dose of musical nostalgia.

Sunday 9/29:
DC jazz site CapitalBop‘s Spotlight Residency takes over Local 16 on U Street Sunday night (& Saturday as well) for two sets with a quintet led by Black Myths’ drummer Warren “Trae” Crudup III.


King Green – Similar

ICYMI, King Green of colorful rap-rock band RDGLDGRN has been quietly releasing solo singles to the streaming services over the last few years. His 2018 single “Similar”, calling out online trolls and our divisive American president, recently got this music video assembled by KG himself. The semi-lyric video mostly features Green’s deft bball dribbling with occasional punctuations from Michael Jordan. RDGLDGRN’s fall “Preseason Tour” lands in DC at Union Stage on Wednesday October 30th with Kash’d Out and headliner HILIE.

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SHAED – Thunder

Electronic pop trio SHAED bounced from their “Trampoline” into the national spotlight, thanks to a lucrative feature from a well-known fruit company. Their newest single release is “Thunder”, an ominous rager written during the 2016 election that appeared on their 2016 EP Just Wanna See. This video from director Ryan Patrick sees singer Chelsea Lee chained by mysterious individuals while her hair grows to improbable and disturbing lengths. The whole thing feels like an abbreviated horror-thriller, cut off right before the cathartic climax. There’s still time to grab tickets to their North American tour’s hometown stop at the 9:30 Club on Tuesday October 10th.


Don’t Stay Home This Week 9/23

Monday 9/23:
You And Me And You are a sweater folk-forward trio wrapped up in the warmth of nostalgia and the tides of friendship. See them tonight at Dwell DC along with solo sets from Bal Boheme‘s Laurel Rose and Rhode Island’s Will Orchard.

Tuesday 9/24:
“An insomniac daydreamer with an addiction to looking at the bright side”, singer-songwriter Jahnel Daliya plays one of the final FREE Live & Local sets Tuesday evening at The Pub & The People from 7DrumCity.

Wednesday 9/25:
Dreamgaze band Nah. are always worth checking out live. This Wednesday night you can see them open for Gold Connections at AdMo’s SongByrd Music House.

Thursday 9/26:
Dwell’s Thursday night show features jazz fusion band Cordoba from Chicago, along with dreamy indie pop band novo and Tuff Lover, the side project of Bottled Up’s Nikhil Venkat.


Red Spells Red – Secret Sounds


We love premiering music videos, and we really love the sublime experimental ambient sounds under the banner of Verses Records. Red Spells Red is the duo of Dennis Kane, well known around these parts as The Hunted Hare, and Colorado’s Dave Svrjcek aka Acef Stripe. The accomplished instrumental musicians ditched their rock bands back in 2010 to push the boundaries of sound with improvised ambient soundscapes.

Coinciding with the digital release of their new album Secret Sounds on Verses, we’re honored to present the title track’s music video here. The creepy sonic textures pair with these dark, psychedelic visuals inspiring a search for meaning among unsettling feelings. “Secret Sounds” is an appropriate soundtrack to our turbulent times.

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Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 9/20

Friday 9/20:
Find your way to Dupont Underground tonight to see three diverse DC acts, Bottled Up, October ’71 feat. Rob Stokes, and Daniel Sohn, sponsored by Asteria Entertainment.

Saturday 9/21:
Saturday night is an unmissable night of indie pop at the Black Cat. Feminist supergroup The OSYX starts things out, then queer-ish animated superheroes Bad Moves rip through their polished hits. Capping off the evening is the celebration of They’re Talking to Me Strange, the first new music from Washington Social Club in over a decade.

Sunday 9/22:
We heartily endorse Sunday night‘s indie rock lineup at Galaxy Hut. You all know Spirit Plots, they’ve been rocking DC stages since 2014. Yes Vacancy is probably new to you, anchored by veteran DC drummer Ryan Nelson of Soccer Team and The Most Secret Method.


Podcast for September 19th, 2019

Paul reveals another early influence on his obsession of DC music, while Tony does some friendly internet investigations.

Washington Social Club – Dance This Out [single]
The OSYX – Six Feet Under [The OSYX]
The Duskwhales – Hold Back Love [Take It Back]
Purple Hurt – Black Star [single]
Child Ivory – Until It’s Over [Underwater]
Beau Finley – xlv [Processing 08]

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Don’t Stay Home This Week 9/16

Monday 9/16:
“Gentle but fierce pop to tear at your heartstrings”, Ava Mirzadegan’s solo project Pen Palindrome opens for Baltimore’s Friday Junior and Strangepride from New York tonight at Slash Run.

Tuesday 9/17:
Tuesday night the Black Cat‘s intimate Red Room hosts experimental sounds from rapper Sir EU and Priests’ charismatic frontwoman Katie Alice Greer.

Wednesday 9/18:
The summer ain’t quite over yet, so the DC Public Library‘s Punk Archive initiative is hosting one last rooftop show before the season ends. Head to the Woodridge Library in NE at 6:30 PM Wednesday evening to see Clear Channel and Taciturn.

Thursday 9/19:
Hardcore festival Damaged City keeps the spirit alive with a showcase at Slash Run Thursday night. 2016 Fest alums La URSS from Spain join DC punk band Asesinato, featuring members of Rashomon & Guilt Parade, and darkwave act Aertex featuring members of Merchandise, Coke Bust & Blacksage


Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 9/13

Friday 9/13:
DC’s most dedicated concert photographer Roxplosion curates tonight‘s lineup at the Pie Shop on H St NE. Grab your savory pie for dinner and sweet pie for dessert in time to see Piramid Scheme, Capital Offender and Baltimore’s Out of Water Experience.

Saturday 9/14:
Don’t forget about JasonFestII! Here’s what organizer Jason Mendelson says to expect Saturday night at Epicure Café.

Schedule (sort of)
shortly after 7pm: Daniel Ouellette
let’s say, hmm, 7:48, cause why not, Jason Mendelson
around 8:30ish, yeah, it’s Koshari
closer to 9:30pm The Lucky So & So’s
all times and underwear are subject to change

Sunday 9/15:
Three DC musicians making 2019’s most memorable albums are playing Sunday night at the Black Cat. Matt Dowling’s Swoll moniker makes swirling 80s-style electronic ballads, Anna Connolly is a powerfully confessional singer-songwriter, and David Klinger celebrates the release of the long-awaited Forgetter album Parts of Anything.