Don’t Stay Home This Week 9/23

Monday 9/23:
You And Me And You are a sweater folk-forward trio wrapped up in the warmth of nostalgia and the tides of friendship. See them tonight at Dwell DC along with solo sets from Bal Boheme‘s Laurel Rose and Rhode Island’s Will Orchard.

Tuesday 9/24:
“An insomniac daydreamer with an addiction to looking at the bright side”, singer-songwriter Jahnel Daliya plays one of the final FREE Live & Local sets Tuesday evening at The Pub & The People from 7DrumCity.

Wednesday 9/25:
Dreamgaze band Nah. are always worth checking out live. This Wednesday night you can see them open for Gold Connections at AdMo’s SongByrd Music House.

Thursday 9/26:
Dwell’s Thursday night show features jazz fusion band Cordoba from Chicago, along with dreamy indie pop band novo and Tuff Lover, the side project of Bottled Up’s Nikhil Venkat.


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