SHAED – Thunder

Electronic pop trio SHAED bounced from their “Trampoline” into the national spotlight, thanks to a lucrative feature from a well-known fruit company. Their newest single release is “Thunder”, an ominous rager written during the 2016 election that appeared on their 2016 EP Just Wanna See. This video from director Ryan Patrick sees singer Chelsea Lee chained by mysterious individuals while her hair grows to improbable and disturbing lengths. The whole thing feels like an abbreviated horror-thriller, cut off right before the cathartic climax. There’s still time to grab tickets to their North American tour’s hometown stop at the 9:30 Club on Tuesday October 10th.


One thought on “SHAED – Thunder

  1. […] This track originally came out as part of SHAED’S “Just Wanna See” EP on 12 August 2016. However, they did not release a music video for the tune until September of 2019. Likewise the song itself was not officially issued as a single until 2019. […]

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