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Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 11/30

As the legendary Black Cat moves closer to consolidating their smaller Backstage space, expect a lot of quality #DCmusic show recommendations there. Here are our picks for an awesome weekend full of live music, and this time every single one has an awesome flyer.

Friday 11/30:
Post-punk trio Flasher, featuring members of Priests, Big Hush and Bless, had a breakout year with the release of their debut full length album Constant Image on Domino Recording Company, but they’ve generally opted for touring far & wide over playing DC stages. Tonight‘s show at the Black Cat Mainstage with openers Public Practice from NYC and China’s Gong Gong Gong is your best chance to show them some hometown love.

Saturday 12/01:
The Rock & Roll Hotel‘s Saturday night show serves as the live debut of alt rock band Endless Winter, helmed by Joshua Thomas Hunter of Color Palette and Dance for the Dying. Also featuring indie rockers The Neuro Farm and a rare reunion of Maryjo Mattea and Joel Wu’s duo Two Dragons and a Cheetah.

If you’re feeling more boogie, less rawk, celebrate DC’s top DJ Will Eastman’s birthday at the Black Cat Backstage. With a lineup including Stereo Faith, Ozker, Nick Garcia and more, and drinks by Chad America, you can dance until your legs give out.

Sunday 12/02:
With a few key members moving away from DC, the sprawling ensemble The NRIs are going on hiatus after Sunday night‘s show at the Black Cat Backstage. Catch the emotional, thoughtful and friendly band one last time at the Black Cat Backstage Sunday night with NOVA lo-fi band Woodgrove.


Podcast for November 29th, 2018

Paul attempts to explain Funko Pops, while Tony has a special gimmick to start the show. We won’t spoil it.

allthebestkids – Mistaken Identity [Have Mental Breakdowns]
Makeup Girl – Plans [In Time]
ROM – Love [single]
Wylder – Ready To Break [single]
Birds For Eyes – Bell Tolls [No Man Is An Island]
Jax Deluca – YSGA [Organs In The Wind]

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Jason Masi – Calm Me Down

As pop-friendly, luxuriously coiffed singer Jason Masi ramps up for the release of his fourth solo album Capture The Heart this Friday, the time is now to check out its first music video for the single “Calm Me Down”. Carter Louthain directs, films and stars in the emotional video with Elizabeth II’s blue-haired frontwoman Beth Cannon as the diffuser. Leesburg’s Tally Ho Theater hosts the album release party Friday night with an opening set by Mindy Miller.


Don’t Stay Home This Week 11/26

Back in town after the Thanksgiving break? Want to reconnect with the sounds of DC? Hometown Sounds has you covered with DC music picks every night of the week.

Monday 11/26:
Clarendon’s Galaxy Hut saves the day with another quality Monday night lineup. Tonight experience the sonic stylings of Venray and The SuperChargers.

Tuesday 11/27:
In case you haven’t noticed, the Black Cat Backstage is blowing out booking fantastic DC bands in its last month of hosting shows. Tuesday night anthemic punk band Des Demonas celebrates the release of their new single “Bay of Pigs” with support from Knife Wife and Penguin, a new band with superlative cred featuring Devin Ocampo (The Effects, Faraquet, Medications), Renata Ocampo (Warm Sun, Pearie Sol & the Raindrops), Burleigh Seaver (Shortstack, Alarms and Controls), and Jerry Busher (Fugazi, All Scars, Fidelity Jones, French Toast).

Wednesday 11/28:
The DIY house show spirit in DC is waning, with the loss of Bathtub Republic, Paperhaus, The Beehive and more. Luckily a new spot called Dwell is rising to fill the void. Wednesday night their all-DC lineup includes Poppy Patica, Max Gowan and Emperor Plum.

Thursady 11/29:
Soulful jazz ensemble Champion Sound Band just got a well-earned profile bump by WaPo‘s Chris Richards. See them celebrate the release of their new 7″ vinyl single at Sotto on Thursday night, with two sets at 8 and 10.


DoubleMotorcycle – Evil

Hey DC, let’s sneak in one more music video before the Thanksgiving holiday. Even though only two guys are in DoubleMotorcycle, they pack the punch of a whole symphony. And in their new music video for “Evil” from the upcoming Double EP, directed by Jordan Miller, it looks like that whole symphony already beat them to a pulp. But the rock goes on! Mark your calendars for their next DC gig at the Dangerous Pies Shop on Saturday January 26th with Ménage À Garage and Curse Words, because only a fool would miss that show.


Presenting Boat Burning at the Millennium Stage

Hometown Sounds wraps up another successful full year of hosting monthly #DCmusic showcases with a performance by Boat Burning on Tuesday December 11th! Boat Burning, a DC-based experimental rock ensemble featuring original works for multiple electric guitars, celebrates the holiday season with an evening of shimmering harmonics. The program will include favorites old and new, selections from the ensemble’s 2018 debut EP, and a few surprises especially for the holidays.

Boat Burning is a multi-guitar, experimental music collective that combines classically-influenced, minimalist compositions with the maximal ferocity and power of punk.

Featuring a core of five composer/guitarists, the DC based ensemble explores “maximum minimalism,” an intricate hybrid of composition and improvisation where elemental passages played by a multitude of instruments — sometimes 100 or more guitars — produce shimmering towers of densely-stacked harmonics. The result is majestic, evocative music that fuses the widescreen sweep of classical with the sheer physical thrall of punk rock.

Boat Burning’s obsession is with how music of astonishing complexity and beauty can arise by radically embracing simplicity and diverisity. Musical passages and instrumentation are stripped way down, and special tunings are used, to bring out and emphasize the differences in each player’s unique technique, ability and gear. This creates striking sonic effects: phantom instruments, created by the massive additive and subtractive harmonics — piccolos, French horns, bassoons, even entire string sections — flicker into life, and then disappear…

Formed 2008 in Chapel Hill NC’s roiling experimental music scene, founder Andras Fekete relocated Boat Burning to the U.S. capital in 2011 to take part in the District’s exploding musical renaissance. Since then, Boat Burning has attracted an astonishing array of collaborators from multiple cities.

RSVP here and come to the free performance at 6 PM on Tuesday December 11th!

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Don’t Stay Home This Week 11/19

We’ve got a short week of #DCmusic show picks before everyone heads home for Thanksgiving. Let’s get to it!

Monday 11/19:
Clarendon’s Galaxy Hut is well known both as a music venue and a vegan grill. Enjoy Tofurkey Monday tonight with an all-DC indie rock lineup including Cherry Ames, Flowerbomb, and Abby Rasheed & The Sundry Collective.

Tuesday 11/20:
We’ve got two good reasons to head to Takoma Park house Rhizome on Tuesday night. First is to see two experimental locals, Knife Wife and Clear Channel. The second is to lend a little support to Sabrina Is Not In This Chat, the LA trio with a memorable name that had a rough car crash in last week’s snow and needs help with repairs. It’s always the season to help out music family near and far.

Wednesday 11/21:
For all the lucky souls who don’t have to hit the roads and airports on the day before Thanksgiving, we’ve got a free treat for you. Head to the Kennedy Center‘s Millennium Stage before 6 PM to see a mesmerizing set by dark trip-hop group Luna Honey, one of the best new DC bands of 2018.


Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 11/16

DC, let’s go see some shows this weekend. Trust me, it’ll be grand. Here are our picks for #DCmusic every single day.

Friday 11/16:
We love ’em so much we hosted allthebestkids at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage this past summer. Tonight the genre-spanning ensemble celebrates the release of Allthebestkids Have Mental Breakdowns at Dupont Underground with balloons, confetti, an adult ballpit, healing and their trademark style of “Hip Pop Psychedelic Love Music”. Loi Loi of Blight Records opens the show in divine style!

Saturday 11/17:
How about a cozy night of tears for beers? The Pinch hosts a great night of darkwave/emo/shoegaze music Saturday night, featuring DC bands Replicant Eyes, Bound and Case Graham of Birds For Eyes, supporting touring act Juna from Atlanta. Also, peep this beautiful flyer.

Sunday 11/18:
Two extra-fine ska bands take the stage Sunday night at Dangerous Pies. Eastern Standard Time are veterans from the 90s ska boom with a classy, soulful style, while The Scotch Bonnets, split between Baltimore and DC, channel classic Jamaican vibes with modern punk style.


Black Masala – Trains and Moonlight Destinies

Frankly, we’re a bit surprised that gypsy-influenced brass band Black Masala hadn’t made a proper music video until now. The title track of their brand new full length release Trains and Moonlight Destinies is a perfect place to start. We’ve been fans of this high-energy group for many years now, easily recommending them for fans of Gogol Bordello and Rebirth Brass Band. This vid by Eyelum does a fantastic job of capturing both the mystery and surreality of their lyrics and the punk power of their live show. Co-signers Mike Ounallah and Kristen Long each take parallel Lynch-ian journeys, with camera jump cuts mirroring the song’s brass cadence. Bravo! You’ve got two more chances to catch Black Masala live in 2018: Friday November 30th at Villain & Saint in Bethesda, and another Friday December 21st at The Wharf’s Union Stage.


Podcast for November 14th, 2018

Paul reviews the new Queen biopic, and Tony investigates the weird street names of Columbia MD.

Sneaks – The Way It Goes [Highway Hypnosis]
Lightmare – Fool @ The Farmer’s Market [Dream Glitch]
Space Phase – Trompe L’oeil [Cola Champagne]
Sandtiger – Those Days [single]
Honest Lee – Pajarito [Solera]
Wytold – Dawn Violet [We Are Not Done Yet (Soundtrack from the HBO Documentary Film)]

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