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Jax Deluca – YSGA

In addition to her prestigious role as Director of Media Arts for the National Endowment for the Arts, Jax Deluca is an accomplished visual and auditory artist herself. Her new EP Organs in the Wind is out on cassette and digital via UK label ACR, and it’s a beautiful and ambient journey through quiet stillness. The accompanying text instructs “These recordings are supposed to be listened at a low volume in a dark space. Headphones are also suitable, but still at a low volume in a dark space. A quiet cavern.” If you’re like us and prefer some visuals with your music, watch this organic, massaging music video for the song “YSGA”, created by Deluca, Hillary Hess and Colleen Marie Foley & Erin Ethridge of The Thorn Collaborative.


Podcast for November 29th, 2018

Paul attempts to explain Funko Pops, while Tony has a special gimmick to start the show. We won’t spoil it.

allthebestkids – Mistaken Identity [Have Mental Breakdowns]
Makeup Girl – Plans [In Time]
ROM – Love [single]
Wylder – Ready To Break [single]
Birds For Eyes – Bell Tolls [No Man Is An Island]
Jax Deluca – YSGA [Organs In The Wind]

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