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Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 3/30

Twice weekly we pick out the best options for you to get out of your house and see some #DCmusic. Here are your weekend recommendations:

Friday 3/30:
Experimental DIY space Rhizome continues its expansion into rock territory tonight with two fantastic acts we love. Heavy Breathing is known for intense psychedelic jams, while Warm Sun features DC music icons Devin Ocampo, Jason Hutto and Renata Burger.

Saturday 3/31:
We told you a few weeks ago about the fire that severely damaged long time Maryland rockabilly roadhouse Hank Dietle’s. Saturday night Bethesda’s Rock Creek Mansion hosts a fundraiser to help the bar rebuild. See The Nighthawks, Rock-A-Sonics and many other bands, or donate online through GoFundMe.

The Sweater Set celebrates 10 years of harmonious music with a live album recording Saturday night at Tonal Park Studios (formerly Airshow) in Takoma Park. This is an amazing chance to be a “Fly on the Wall” for singers Sara Curtin and Maureen Andary and be a part of their creative process.

Sunday 4/01:
Easter is a time of family brunches and potluck meals. Music school and studio 7DrumCity gathers their musical fam together for their monthly potluck jam at 6 PM this evening. Bring a dish, grab a nametag and introduce yourself to some new musicians.


Two Dragons and a Cheetah – Five by Five


Grungey garage rock band Two Dragons and a Cheetah are not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves. We last heard from the animalistic duo late last year with the political and emotional protest song “November 8, 2016”. Singer/guitarist Maryjo Mattea joined us on our podcast to tell the story of meeting drummer Joel Wu at a work function, and how an enthusiastic bar patron accidentally gave them their name at their first show. Really, go listen now if you missed the show. These personal histories bring us closer to the musicians, and they’re a big reason why we love DC music so much.

“Five by Five”, their new single premiering here today, tells the story of what happened when Wu decided to quit his day job and travel the world for a year. We may dream of doing that when traffic is inexplicably standing still and meetings never seem to end, but Joel actually pulled the trigger and peaced out from DC life. That would have ended most musical partnerships, but this one proved stronger than distance. The video, “a glorified slide show assembled by Maryjo Mattea in iMovie” shows some of those good stories Wu experienced in many many locations.

Wu now lives in Minnesota, but every so often he brings the Two Dragons back to town to rock out with the Cheetah. We strongly suggest you not miss their next show Friday April 6th at the Red Panda House with allthebestkids.

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Stranger in the Alps – The Day They Put a Man on the Moon (Tiny Desk Contest)

According to NPR Music’s official Tiny Desk Contest rules, videos must “feature a desk (there must be a desk—any desk—in the Video)”. Stranger in the Alps, veteran of our Millennium Stage #DCmusic series and here a duo of Steve Kolowich and Kristine Pietsch, used the desk to display the 50 year old diary entry by Dinah Hall of England that inspired their 2018 entry. Kolowich often writes thoughful ballads about very specific stories, and “The Day They Put a Man on the Moon” draws you into the period setting with delicate guitar work and lovely harmonies.

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Podcast for March 28th, 2018

Tony contemplates compulsive hand washing, while Paul reveals his stance on the popular sparkling beverage of the day.

Bad Moves – Cool Generator [single]
CrushnPain – Bacchus Step [Tendrils Vol. 1]
Bound – Hold [No Beyond]
Odd Mojo – Sticky Notes [Channel Yo Mojo]
BRNDA – House Show [thanks for playing]
Woodgrove – Broken Glass (Oracular Rhythm : Repetitive Hymn) [squintyoureyesandseegod]

NOTE: We said on the podcast that Blight Records released the CrushnPain track, and that is incorrect. We regret the error and will give ample consideration to seppuku.

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Near Northeast – Mostly Just Sand (Tiny Desk Contest)

In case you’re new to this game, every year Bob Boilen and his NPR Music crew invite submissions of live performances (behind a small desk, of course) for the immensely popular Tiny Desk Contest. Since we love music videos so much at Hometown Sounds, we dig deep and highlight the best submissions created by the DC music community. This is the third entry from indie folk band Near Northeast, and their first submission “What To Say” in the midst of 2016’s epic Snowzilla remains tops in our hearts. “Mostly Just Sand” comes from Near Northeast’s 2015 debut album Curios, and this live rooftop version includes an unexpected and yet very DC contribution at the end. Boss move to use this take.

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Don’t Stay Home This Week 3/26

Seeing live music is good for your health and your soul. We’re here twice a week to clue you in to the good stuff being made right here in DC.

Monday 3/26:
Catch a couple of strong DC indie rock bands, Flowerbomb and Reyna Valencia, support Canadian touring band Bike Thiefs tonight at Slash Run.

Tuesday 3/27:
Rhizome has firmly established itself as the home of experimental music in DC, but it’s great to see the Takoma Park DIY space branch out into other areas, like poetry readings, making yogurt, and punk music. Tuesday night you should catch Mock Identity and Park Snakes support Minneapolis queer punks Royal Brat.

Wednesday 3/28:
There aren’t enough quality hip hop shows in DC these days. Wednesday night College Park’s MilkBoy ArtHouse hosts the 10th Anniversary Tour of Fake Four, the DIY label run by Ceschi Ramos. See him spit fire alongside Onry Ozzborn, Moodie Black, ESH and a couple of our DC faves, Ardamus and Prowess The Testament.

Thursday 3/29:
This Thursday night one of those nights with a lot of strong DC music options. We have to give the edge to quirky snackcore rockers BRNDA (vets of our Kennedy Center Millennium Stage series) for their tape release show at Dew Drop Inn, with DC’s Puff Pieces and Heatmap from NY/Philly. Plus, all of BRNDA’s tape sales, and a portion of the door donations will go to benefit Homeless Children’s Playtime Project.


Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 3/23

There’s a whole lot going on in DC this weekend. Why not add some #DCmusic into your weekend plans? Here’s our picks for the best of the weekend!

Friday 3/23:
College Park’s MilkBoy ArtHouse hosts a packed & stacked night of pop-punk and psych rock gems, including Ménage À Garage, Pagan Reagan and Honey Kill, supporting SXSW NPR darlings Particle Devotion.

Saturday 3/24:
In case you haven’t heard, millions and millions of people are coming to DC Saturday for the March For Our Lives. You can support the event financially as well as with your feet with a benefit show at the Pinch Saturday night featuring FuzzQueen, Cosmonaut Radio, The U.S. Americans, the Well, Free Soil and BabeRage.

Sunday 3/25:
Finish off your weekend strong with some classy folk and bluegrass at Solly’s Tavern on U Street with Two Ton Twig and Ed Snow.


Blacklodge + em.g – Unknown

Did you ever play around with the iTunes Visualizer? Back in the day, before we all gave up managing messy libraries of MP3s in favor of all-you-can-eat streaming, Apple’s flagship desktop music app contained a cool feature to generate trippy video controlled by the audio. I much preferred watching that to angry pundits or reality shows. Modular synth devotee Blacklodge (not so secretly DCDIT’s Alex Tebeleff) and vocal collaborator em.g (Margaret Gilmore) expand on that tradition with the new music video for “Unknown”, the long finish of their recent EP Will You Be Reduced from Blight Records. Baltimore based electro-acoustic composer Rob Neubauer delivers some remarkable abstract visuals that deserve viewing on a large screen TV. Blacklodge + em.g open for Kelly Lee Owens at Union Stage this Sunday night.

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The Sea Life – NY Models

Jon Weiss’s jangly indie rock band The Sea Life has been the anchor of his label Babe City Records for many years. We last heard from them as a trio with the cathartic music video for “Red Eyes” from last year’s self-titled album. Now, just as you were asking yourself “Hey, I wonder what’s up with The Sea Life?”, they’re back with a new lineup and new songs this Friday night at American University, providing the hometown support for Video Age from New Orleans and Montreal’s Anemone. Recently Babe City quietly released this music video for “NY Models”, a catchy tune about life’s transitions from their 2013 EP Transitions. The VHS-quality retro style gives us the feeling of looking back on good old times from years past.

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Don’t Stay Home This Week 3/19

Congratulations DC, you survived St. Paddy’s Day. Now let’s celebrate with some choice #DCmusic shows this week.

Monday 3/19:
Get your psychedelic shoegaze itch scratched tonight at Galaxy Hut with Fredricksburg’s Ceremony east coast and chill out to the lo-fi garage rock of The Regulars. Also, of course, tater tots.

Tuesday 3/20:
We heart open mike nights for giving the rising generation of DC musicians a stage and audience. Tuesday nights singer Ginny Hill hosts the open mike at Dupont Circle’s Sauf Haus, this week featuring New Zeland transplant Emma G.

Wednesday 3/21:
You don’t have many more chances to see live music at Glover Park’s Mason Inn before it reportedly closes on April 1st. Wednesday night‘s super-indie lineup includes Birds For Eyes, The Mercy Alliance, Lucys Letdown and Geppetto’s Wüd. Aren’t band names fun?

Thursday 3/22:
Emma G‘s Tuesday night feature at Sauf Haus’s open mike night was just an appetizer. The main course is served at Capitol Hill jazz joint Mr. Henry‘s Thursday night. Come hungry!