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Prowess the Testament – Alpha Centauri

Fiercely independent rapper Prowess the Testament of the Delegation Music crew got her moniker from no less than KRS-One, and the array of DC rappers supporting her in the video for “Alpha Centauri”, from Logic to Ardamus to the song’s producer Tim Hicks of The Cornel West Theory, certifies her as a rising power in the DC hip-hop community. She’s managed to put out two EPs so far in 2016, more recently Right Where I Left It, and earlier this year Alpha Centauri’s mothership Air​.​Human | Breath​.​Divine, and both are well worth fitting in between your ears. Catch Prowess next opening for Ra Digga and Lord Finesse at The Tavern at Fire Station 1 in Silver Spring on Friday October 21st, and spring for VIP treatment if you’re feeling flush.


Pearie Sol – Alley

You may recognize him from other DC bands like Teen Liver and Gauche, but Pearie Sol is stepping out solo for his first self-titled album release, out now on Bandcamp and cassette through Sister Polygon Records. Drew Hagelin directed the music video for “Alley”, the tape’s first single, capturing Sol’s amusing off-kilter style with shots of the singer in campy drag make-up and playing synthesizer face-down in the street. After watching this video, head over to Sol’s vintage Geocities homepage paying sardonic tribute to the web’s early days. Sol’s record release show is this Friday at DC’s finest house venue Bathtub Republic along with Hothead and Cool People.

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Reesa Renee – Guess Again

R&B singer Reesa Renee explores dance-rock terrotiry on the infectuous guitar-driven single “Guess Again”, produced by her bother P’Kay, from her 2015 sophomore EP Lovers Rock. Her bright smile and unmistakeable auburn ‘fro light up the single’s music video, directed by Minista Millz. The song delves into Renee’s struggles to maintain personal connections while on tour, so the video incorporates tiny vignettes of her adorably goofy tour life playing shows all over the country.


Super Nike Nando & Che Amour – No Sleep

Rapper Nike Nando, though he may be Super, is apparently having trouble sleeping. His newest single “No Sleep”, produced by K Swisha and featuring fellow Bowie MD rapper Che Amour, laments his tragic inability to get 8 hours of uninterrupted rest. Maybe the bright, noisy arcade games are to blame? Or the blue light from his smart phone? Too much late-night rapping with drunk girls? We hope that Nando and Amour find a cure before permanent damage sets in.


Ras Nebyu – No Love

“Don’t throw a party”. When has that plea from a young man’s departing parent ever worked? Ethiopian-American rapper Ras Nebyu is young and defiant in his recent music video for “No Love”, the silky smooth single from 2015 produced by Casita Del Fresco. The head of the unforgettably named “Washington Slizzards” crew just dropped his third mixtape Slizzatrism, available to stream on Spotify and SoundCloud. The mixtape’s tongue-twisting title refers to the crew’s philosophy, “the art of finessing good energy to work in one’s favor via pure intent, meditation and the acknowledgement of the ancestors”. Just don’t acknowledge the ancestors when they want to kill the party vibes.


Podcast for September 22nd, 2016


Paul reminisces about DJing a Studio 54 party, while Tony can’t get stools at Ikea to save his life.

Eau Claire – All The Wonder [All The Wonder EP]
The Scotch Bonnets – Tropical London [single]
Sam Hesh – Lost Children [Sam Hesh]
Prowess the Testament – Blood in the Water [Right Where I Left It]
Bleary Eyed – Harping [Cherry Blossom]
Insect Factory – Junk Machine [Work]

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RDGLDGRN – Karnival

DC’s RDGLDGRN gained prominence fusing rap and rock with hits like “I Love Lamp” and “Lootin’ In London”, but the colorful trio are far from done stretching their musical boundaries. Latin and Caribbean influences are front and center in “Karnival”, the lead-off single and music video for RDGLDGRN’s new release currently in the crowdfunding stage. The PledgeMusic campaign to produce both an EP slated for a November release and a full album in spring 2017 includes the usual physical copies of the album and shirts, but also goes up to include a music video cameo, Six Flags day trip with the band and more. These talented musicians are charting a path to sustainable success by running their own record label, Deuce Day World, and continuing to grow their fan base across the country and the world by opening for Dirty Heads on their fall tour.


Catscan! – Aminal Planet

Catscan! They love cats! They made this video! For “Aminal Planet”! From their 2015 album Challenger Deep! Using super awkward 70s footage of people dancing with kittens! What could be better!


Miguel Carlo – Brown Sugar

This one stretches the geographical rules of the Hometown Sounds credo, but it’s too good to keep to ourselves. Miguel Lacsamana, known in DC under his producer name Micah Vellian and as one third of Volta Bureau with Will Eastman and Bernard Farley aka Outputmessage, left town last year for New York City to, among other things, produce podcast theme songs for Gimlet Media. Farley recently recruited Lacsamana, Brian Christensen, Luisa Lacsamana and Laughing Man’s Brandon Moses to form a new creative collective called Fugue House. Their first project is this music video for “Brown Sugar”, a D’Angelo reinterpretation under Miguel’s new alias Miguel Carlo, directed by Farley and starring Shy Harrington. He’s shot some of his own music videos in the past, but this beautiful fetishization of America’s favorite drug (caffeine) deserves the label “leveling up”. Shout-out to M.E. Swing’s Roasters, cooking up the hard stuff that every junkie needs.

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Tone – Antares

When I hear the name Brodown Throwdown, instrumental post-rock is not the first musical genre that jumps to mind. But that’s a big chunk of what the Rock & Roll Hotel’s Concert Hall is serving up for their contribution to the annual H Street Festival blowout. The Hotel’s upper floors have the expected lineup of hip DC DJs, while the stage presents FREE live sets from excellent bands like Foozle, Time Is Fire, Drop Electric, The Escape Artist and Tone, who bring us today’s music video. Norm Veenstra and Gregg Hudson’s instrumental ensemble recently released their seventh full length album Antares through both TminusONEmusic and Dischord, and it’s second single, the title track, gets this music video from Monica Stroik based on video projections for performance of Joan Belmar’s artwork from last December.