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Miguel Carlo – Brown Sugar

This one stretches the geographical rules of the Hometown Sounds credo, but it’s too good to keep to ourselves. Miguel Lacsamana, known in DC under his producer name Micah Vellian and as one third of Volta Bureau with Will Eastman and Bernard Farley aka Outputmessage, left town last year for New York City to, among other things, produce podcast theme songs for Gimlet Media. Farley recently recruited Lacsamana, Brian Christensen, Luisa Lacsamana and Laughing Man’s Brandon Moses to form a new creative collective called Fugue House. Their first project is this music video for “Brown Sugar”, a D’Angelo reinterpretation under Miguel’s new alias Miguel Carlo, directed by Farley and starring Shy Harrington. He’s shot some of his own music videos in the past, but this beautiful fetishization of America’s favorite drug (caffeine) deserves the label “leveling up”. Shout-out to M.E. Swing’s Roasters, cooking up the hard stuff that every junkie needs.

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