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Lisa Frank & Rez Ekbatan – Whisper (Outputmessage Remix)

Electronic dance music performer Bernard Farley, aka Outputmessage, has carefully crafted and curated visuals for his music that range from artsy to clubby. His newest is a radical departure showing Farley singing and performing to his recent remix of Lisa Frank & Rez Ekbatan‘s DJ single Whisper. He writes, “The song itself is already crazy, but to perform to it in a church meant a lot to me. The last time I performed in a church, I was closeted and afraid to be my true self. Now 22 years later, I’m in a completely different place as an artist where the main goal is to be the MOST myself. And so I couldn’t help but have some fun and be crazy and free on my own terms. My good friend and collaborator, Nigel Lyons, filmed the whole thing in one take! This one is not to be missed (look out for the reveal toward the end!)” We love it and can’t wait for more.

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Podcast for May 9th, 2018

Paul criticizes a venue’s wait service, while Tony’s home cooked dinner does him wrong.

Be Steadwell – Gay Sex [Queer Love Songs]
Clones of Clones – This Means War [The Means War EP]
Wes Tucker & The Skillets – Serve and Protect [Get It Right]
Sugar John – Dali the Sheep [Dream Machine vs. the People Duster]
Blue Streak – No Guns on TV Hill [No Guns on TV Hill ​/ Dog]
Outputmessage feat. Julius Jetson – Achilles [single]

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Miguel Carlo – Brown Sugar

This one stretches the geographical rules of the Hometown Sounds credo, but it’s too good to keep to ourselves. Miguel Lacsamana, known in DC under his producer name Micah Vellian and as one third of Volta Bureau with Will Eastman and Bernard Farley aka Outputmessage, left town last year for New York City to, among other things, produce podcast theme songs for Gimlet Media. Farley recently recruited Lacsamana, Brian Christensen, Luisa Lacsamana and Laughing Man’s Brandon Moses to form a new creative collective called Fugue House. Their first project is this music video for “Brown Sugar”, a D’Angelo reinterpretation under Miguel’s new alias Miguel Carlo, directed by Farley and starring Shy Harrington. He’s shot some of his own music videos in the past, but this beautiful fetishization of America’s favorite drug (caffeine) deserves the label “leveling up”. Shout-out to M.E. Swing’s Roasters, cooking up the hard stuff that every junkie needs.

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Outputmessage – Pillars video

Veteran electronic dance music producer Bernard Farley has been teasing his upcoming remix album A Billion Different Spaces, out October 14th, with free downloads of tracks remixed by Julius Jetson, fellow Volta Bureau member Will Eastman and of course his own Outputmessage moniker. But before that, to put a bookend on the hype for his spacey 2014 full length album The Infinite Void that started back in March with “Goldilocks Zone”, today Outputmessage released the second music video from it, “Pillars”. And look who’s directing! It’s DC’s favorite music video overseer Nigel Lyons. This time Lyons mirrors the abstract, hypnotic quality of the song with close-up shots of nature textures sliding in and out of focus. Clips of a calm, focused Farley anchor the producer’s presence on this vocal-less track. The languid tempo and ambient techno vibe feel rooted more in the continuity of Outputmessage’s 4 full length albums and many more EPs than in any trendy EDM micro-genre du jour.

Outputmessage opens for Hercules & Love Affair at an early show at U Street Music Hall Tuesday October 7th.


Outputmessage – Goldilocks Zone video

Hey, remember when we played the hot new track “Asteroids” by producer Bernard Farley’s Outputmessage moniker on the newest episode of the Hometown Sounds podcast? Well forget all about that, so old news. The new news is the FREE debut single “Goldilocks Zone” from Farley’s full length album The Infinite Void, scheduled for release March 25th. The new single has a more delicate house vibe than the deep space excursions on Farley’s recent Asteroids EP, despite the title’s reference to the placement of planets capable of supporting human life. The music video, directed by Farley himself, takes the song right into the dark club with multicolored lights illuminating Farley as the lone dancer to the groove. Now I’m looking forward to the new album even more.


Outputmessage – Heisenberg (Magic Power Mix) video

Bernard Farley, stop making us all look like lazy talentless hacks. As 1/3 of Volta Bureau and on his own as Outputmessage, Farley creates techno-influenced dance floor gems with his own distinctive voice and style. His new EP release is Look At All The Possibilities, an Outputmessage-remixed revisitation of last year’s excellent EP Quantum Love with a fuller, meatier composition for peak-time hands-in-the-air goodness. Farley decided to film the video for his Magic Power Mix of Heisenberg himself, taking the dance floor out to the Southwest Waterfront at what I’m guessing is not dusk but dawn. Catch him this Saturday night manning the decks at U Street Music Hall before a live performance by Radio Slave.


New DJ Mixes from Outputmessage & Congo Sanchez

I think this nasty rainy Friday before a washed-out weekend calls for something more substantial than a music video. Instead, here’s a couple of DJ mixes to fill up your headspace.

First up is the third Origins mix by Outputmessage. In case you’re just joining us, Outputmessage is a solo electronic music project from Bernard Farley, 1/3 of the dance music team Volta Bureau with Will Eastman and Micah Vellian. These Origins DJ mixes compile musical inspirations for Farley’s newest album, dropping very soon. Cop a free download at http://bit.ly/13JRt4u.

Congo Sanchez is best known as the drummer for Thievery Corporation, but own his band is working hard to build a solid local following. You can catch them live next at the Rock & Roll Hotel on Friday June 28th, in a stellar lineup with gypsy brass band Black Masala and The Good Thing. Now chill out with Congo’s latest DJ mix Summer Breeze.

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Outputmessage – Undone (Autorock Remix) video

Bernard Farley is a busy dude. In addition to fronting next-big-thing electronic dance act Volta Bureau, he also continues to perform and produce music solo as Outputmessage. Tonight he’s got a high profile gig supporting New Zeland’s Ladyhawke at the Rock & Roll Hotel, not to be missed for sure.

Another busy dude is DJ Autorock, leading the electronic group Big/Bright while also remixing lots of local bands. Today we’ve got the video for the Autorock Remix of Undone, from Outputmessage’s 2010 album Autonomous.

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Outputmessage – Sommeil video

DC music video of the day! Bernard Farley is enjoying big success as the front man of Volta Bureau, but he also produces dance music solo under the name Outputmessage. He’s most recognizable for his voice, but a lot of his early productions are instrumental, including today’s video for Sommeil, from the 2006 album Nebulae.

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Volta Bureau – Hope video

DC music video of the day! Volta Bureau is THE electronic dance band to watch in DC right now. Outputmessage, already with a number of great albums and singles to his credit, added Micah Vellian (with whom he previously collaborated as Dmerit) and DJ Will Eastman to transcend all their previous music output. They’ve only released a few singles and remixes to date, but an album must be coming soon, and with it wider recognition and accolades. For now, here’s their debut single Hope.

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