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Be Steadwell – Leo

The future of (some) music is direct patronage. The majority of music consumers these days sadly don’t believe music is worth paying for and owning, streaming music platforms have rendered obsolete managing libraries of MP3s, and most people don’t have optical drives, turntables or cassette decks anymore. Despite some bumps in 2017, Patreon is proving the viability of its platform to provide direct and ongoing support to more niche creatives, and we’ve been curious when a DC musician would sign up. The first we’ve seen is queer pop singer Be Steadwell, now in her fourth year of working as a full time musician. Patrons that want to sustain her music beyond buying albums and attending shows can sign up and get previews of upcoming releases and of course undying gratitude. While we patiently wait for Steadwell’s promised next album of love songs, her latest music video takes us back to 2017’s Breakup Songs with the adorable and self-reflective (and kinda-NSFW) “Leo”. Don’t miss Steadwell open for Letitia VanSant’s album release show at Black Cat on Tuesday February 6th.


Be Steadwell – Do Re Mi / New Rules

Be Steadwell just can’t stop singing breakup songs. Sporting an eye-catching moustache from her Halloween costume as Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element, her latest YouTube video is a solo mashup cover of two summer jams, “Do Re Mi” by blackbear and “New Rules” by Dua Lipa.


Be Steadwell – You Oughta Know / Bodak Yellow

Happy Friday DC! You may have observed that we’re big fans of queer pop singer Be Steadwell‘s live looping single take YouTube videos of pre-release songs and covers. Her latest is a creepy mash-up of current hit “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B with Alanis Morrissette’s rage anthem of the 90s, “You Oughta Know”. Learn your classics, kids!


Be Steadwell – New Girl

Singer Be Steadwell‘s queer pop music is, above all else, honest. The songs are so well developed both lyrically and sonically that her unmistakeable identity as a lesbian woman of color is never isolating or limiting. She writes confessional, emotional songs about dating and loving women, and when things don’t go well, then she writes an entire album called Breakup Songs. The newest single from that 2017 album is the rebound tale “New Girl”, with this Steadwell-directed video featuring Katrina Wheeler, drummer Asha Santee and even a cheer squad. We always appreciate the behind-the-scenes extras Be puts at the end of her videos, so stick around after the song’s done. Steadwell’s nationwide tour lands back here on September 9th at the Honey Groove Festival at Dock 5 celebrating QTPOC performing artists, visual artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs.


Carolyn Malachi – Andrew

Grammy-nominated R&B angel Carolyn Malachi trains her soulful wrath on a deceitful ex-lover in her newest single “Andrew”. The song’s accompanying music video is an edited version of Vow of Silence, the short film debut of musician and filmmaker Be Steadwell. The juxtaposition of Malachi’s acerbic lyrics with Steadwell’s visuals telling a sad tale of heartbreak and loss of power and voice give us a lot to ponder.

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Podcast for May 24th, 2017

Tony puzzles over frozen burrito preparation, while Paul yearns for a comic book bro.

Be Steadwell – Sage (Witch Two) [Breakup Songs]
Rare Essence & Backyard Band – You Can’t Run From The Crank [single]
Jack on Fire – Ban White Men [War for the Matriarchy]
Glenn Yoder & The Western States – Optimist [Inherited Darkness]
Flowerbomb – Marbles [single]
Troy Everett – Black [single]

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Be Steadwell – Sage (Witch Two)

Be Steadwell‘s songs are bite size tales of heartbreak, coping and moving on that are delicious in their wit and lyricism. Her new album Breakup Songs gather together many of the tracks Be has released in the last year as single-take live-looped performances on her YouTube channel, and today we got the album’s first proper music video. “Sage (Witch Two)”, directed by Steadwell (she’s a filmmaker too!), indulges her fascination with witchcraft, astrology and other unexplained magics in her cautionary post-relationship rant. Catch her play a solo show next time she’s in town at the Brentwood Arts Exchange‘s Listening Room on Friday June 23rd.


Climbing PoeTree & Be Steadwell – How I Taste

Did you know that DC’s own queer black woman singer and live looper Be Steadwell is playing tonight at Strathmore’s classy North Bethesda offshoot Amp? Good, now you do. And if you have somehow missed the acquaintance with this incredible musician, we’ve got a music video today to show you her power as a performer and producer. Most of Steadwell’s videos are single-take solo live performances of her intense lyric-driven songs, but today’s is a collaboration with Brooklyn duo Climbing PoeTree. Released back on Valentine’s Day, the single “How I Taste”, from Climbing PoeTree’s soon to be released ambitious album INTRINSIC, is about exploring our own desires as a tangible act of self love. The insanely sexy video featuring Shayna Small and directed by Climbing PoeTree was released in a coordinated global uprising to end violence against women and girls, including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation, and sex slavery. Music with ambition to change the world for the better has never been more in fashion.


Be Steadwell – Netflix

Yeah yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day, yadda yadda. Sure you’re giddy happy today, with the flowers and the elusive dinner reservations and the promised late-night bedroom acrobatics. Tonight is special, but relationships go the other 364 days of the year too, and sometimes it ain’t easy. The hook in Be Steadwell‘s catchy as hell single “Netflix”, from last year’s name-your-price EP Jaded, is sure to get stuck in your head, where it can do the most good tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.


Be Steadwell – Precarious Place

Whether backed by full band or just her own looped voice, queer singer Be Steadwell‘s songs always cut deep and yet retain a warm friendliness. Because of her solo setup’s simplicity, and her drive to create, she often drops single-take live singing videos that are captivating with their honesty and authenticity. Her latest is a heartbreak song called “Precarious Place”, well worth clicking through to view her lyrics on YouTube as the song plays. Catch her live Thursday night December 8th at Busboys & Poets in Takoma engaging in a “healing musical dialouge” called Black Soul Mantra with cellist Monica ‘Spirit’ McIntyre.