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Model Home – REV

Experimental rapper NappyNappa’s collaboration with producer Pat Cain as Model Home has generated 17 self-released EPs and one full length album One Year, so you’ve got some catching up to do on their Bandcamp page. In advance of an album release on Max D’s Future Times label this fall, the advance single “REV” gets a digital single release with an exclusive b-side and this intense music video directed by Cain.

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Podcast for July 30th, 2020

Tony analyzes a wayward postcard, while Paul gets a trim.

Mister Goblin – Punk Band [I Used To Play In A Punk Band]
Den-Mate – Think Like You Should [Hypnagogia]
Bottled Up – Kilo [Kilo / Full Yum]
Teething Veils – A House After a Hurricane [Canopy of Crimson]
Glue Factory – Solitude [Sever EP]
Outputmessage – Wake The Fuck Up! [single]

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Outputmessage – Wake The Fuck Up

“excuse me
is this thing on?
i have a public service announcement for you

it seems we have a situation here
everybody’s walking around
looking down
at their phones
there’s some strange shit going on

look up
come on
look up!
open your eyes
open your eyes


tear gas
don’t you see?
we’re under attack


don’t you see?
this isn’t reality tv
ha ha ha ha ha ha
this is reality


open your eyes

our people are dying in the streets
our people are dying in the streets”

Black Techno Matters


Cecily – Clumsy

Back in June we were honored to hand off our #DCmusic podcast to two fantastic hometown musicians of color, rapper Ardamus and soulful R&B singer Cecily for cool dialogue and song picks. Since then Cecily debuted the music video for “Clumsy” on no less than BET. The video is sensual and emotional, with director Torell Shavone beautifully showcasing Cecily and her video co-stars. “Clumsy” is the first single from Awakening Pt. 1, Cecily’s 2019 EP she describes as “the story of my awakening to Love – of learning to work on myself so I don’t unintentionally hurt my loved ones, of learning to forgive myself so I can love myself without condition, of surrendering to the beautiful flow of love in my life. These are stories of learning how to choose trust, patience, compassion, honesty, and kindness. These are stories of choosing love over fear, and I hope these songs serve as a reminder to you to do the same.”


Clones of Clones – Mine

Indie rock band Clones of Clones was already a studio-only band well before the 2020 lockdown, so no release shows were canceled in the run up to their new EP Super Available that dropped July 10th. Instead, CoC often delivers insanely pretty visuals for their music videos, as is the case for the EP’s first single “Mine”. Animator Tezo Don Lee, originally from South Korea and now residing in London, applies the soft tenor of singer Ben Payes to a lipsticked, neon-haired lounge singer in surprising, seductive style.


Podcast for July 15th, 2020

Paul tries some new Instagram-worthy sodas, while Tony picks up the ukelele.

Kill Lincoln – Confession Obsession [Can’t Complain]
Clones of Clones – If I Was a Number [Super Available]
Stray Fossa – For What Was [single]
The Infinite Daisy Chains – Wake Up [Wake Up / Melting into You]
Too Much – I Wanna Be a DJ [Club Emotion]
Drew Dave – KeepOn(Escape) [Solitude]

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