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Podcast for July 25th, 2019

Tony hits the beach, while Paul gets meta with follow-up.

Hammered Hulls – Written Words [S​/​T]
Peter Mayburduk – Apart! Together [single]
Cecily – Clumsy [Awakening Pt. 1]
The 5:55 – The Edge [The Five Fifty Five]
Bumper Jacksons – I Sing the Body (Live) [Live at Wolf Trap]
The Andalusian – Dance to Flame [Kairos]

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Cecily – Pisces

Congrats to soul singer Cecily on winning Best Soul Album at the reborn Wammies this past weekend! Last year’s Songs of Love and Freedom is a gorgeous journey from start to finish, and we’re pleased today to show you the music video for its lead off track. “Pisces” is a classic ballad of healing through flowing water, and this video features plenty of it. Director Muse Dodd shot Cecily on the beach and submerged in a flower-filled tub on a recent trip to Cuba. Makes us want to book a flight there and play in the waves all day.


Podcast for March 14th, 2018

Paul finds DC music through a British writer’s email list, and Tony muses about FM radio DJs in the modern age. Also a special intro from The Caribbean’s Michael Kentoff!

Des Demonas – The South Will Never Rise Again [Des Demonas]
Time Is Fire – Ey Ajaba [Stories Untold]
The Internal Frontier – Ghost Town Underground [single]
Elizabeth II – Lonely [single]
Cecily – Pisces [single]
KidGusto – Woza Beat feat. HBDC [Woza Beat]

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Cecily – Real Love

Sweet chanteuse Cecily recently released her first music video for “Real Love”, a single from her 2015 self-titled EP. Describing the concept of the video, Cecily writes “I believe that real love, with no ego, is a revolutionary act. In today’s world, wealth and possessions are glorified and almost made holy by mainstream media. In this video, I wanted to show two people realizing that grandeur and material desires are inconsequential compared to their love of each other.” See Cecily open for touring pop soul act Lawrence at SongByrd tonight in Adams Morgan.


Cecily – Your Idea of Beautiful (NPR Tiny Desk Contest submission)

NPR Music’s judges are watching all the submissions to 2016’s Tiny Desk Contest, and soon they’ll pick a winner. We continue to show you the best submissions from DC, our shared hometown with the Tiny Desk. Cecily Bumbray, a talented and soulful singer-songwriter, gathered her jazz quartet to lay down a romantic new song called “Your Idea of Beautiful”. If this hits your spot, grab her debut self-titled EP featuring a collaboration with DC expat Tabi Bonney.

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