Cecily – Clumsy

Back in June we were honored to hand off our #DCmusic podcast to two fantastic hometown musicians of color, rapper Ardamus and soulful R&B singer Cecily for cool dialogue and song picks. Since then Cecily debuted the music video for “Clumsy” on no less than BET. The video is sensual and emotional, with director Torell Shavone beautifully showcasing Cecily and her video co-stars. “Clumsy” is the first single from Awakening Pt. 1, Cecily’s 2019 EP she describes as “the story of my awakening to Love – of learning to work on myself so I don’t unintentionally hurt my loved ones, of learning to forgive myself so I can love myself without condition, of surrendering to the beautiful flow of love in my life. These are stories of learning how to choose trust, patience, compassion, honesty, and kindness. These are stories of choosing love over fear, and I hope these songs serve as a reminder to you to do the same.”


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