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Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 6/28

#DCmusic every single night. That’s our mission. Here’s our picks for live music all weekend long.

Friday 6/28:
Tonight the Pie Shop hosts Babylon-residing roots reggae band Shamans of Sound and psychedelic jammers Gordon Sterling & The People. Shout out to the Pie Shop for supporting DC music!

Saturday 6/29:
Saturday night the Pie Shop hosts looooong time faves & vets of our Millennium Stage series, folk rock band The Beanstalk Library playing two marathon sets. Opening the night is Nitepool, aka BABA YAGA, a new band from Dan Abh. Double shout out to the Pie Shop!

Sunday 6/30:
Get shoegaze-y and post-rocky at Galaxy Hut on Sunday night with two loud bands, Koshari and The Orchid. Come hungry, eat up all their tater tots and try as many niche craft beers as you can.


Honest Haloway – Twisted Eye

The prior Honest Haloway video we got from director Sara Nabizadeh was a mysterious, lonely affair in the desert. Her newest for husband Tim Kratzer’s veteran synthrock band instead invokes community, and seeing the faces of their close friends and musical collaborators reminds us of HH’s horror-twisted house party breakout “Psycho Bitch”. By presenting simple singing faces in black and white, “Twisted Eye” focuses on Kratzer’s haunting lyrics and eminently danceable riffs. In a trend we’re seeing pop up frequently as the streaming era takes over, Honest Haloway is abandoning the standard album release cycle and instead releasing a collection of 10 new songs over the course of two years in 2019 & 2020. Catch them headline AdMo’s SongByrd Saturday night along with genre buds Yesferatu and Low Rose.


Podcast for June 26th, 2019

Tony hacks his summer with swimming, while Paul resists the human wheelbarrow pic.

Tony Porreco – Without Your Taste [single]
Stranger in the Alps – Old Fears [single]
Mark G. Meadows – Be The Change [Be The Change]
Forgetter – Maple Seeds [Parts of Anything]
Cigarette – Mood [Light Blues]
LOOOP – Communal Space [LOOOP]

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Don’t Stay Home This Week 6/24

#DCmusic all week long. Why stay home? Here are our picks!

Monday 6/24:
Catch the young, awkwardly charming DC rock band Dougie play tonight at Clarendon’s Galaxy Hut alongside legendary producer Don Zientara. Check out their single “Big In Japan”, recorded for NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest earlier this year, below.

Tuesday 6/25:
Without 7DrumCity and The Pub & The People, you might end up seeing New Kids On The Block at Capitol One Area Tuesday night. Instead, acquaint yourself with Argentine-raised, Fairfax-residing guitarist/composer Cristian Perez at their FREE, Live & Local series starting at 6 PM.

Wednesday 6/26:
Instead of writing anything for this show, we’re just going to copy text from the Facebook event for this. “Super Fun N Hot Show at Rhizome! Dumb (Vancouver, BC) Cool N Prolific Neurotic Punk, Boston Cream (Boston, MA) Mutant Freakout Party Music, Clear Channel (DC) Gay Space Communism But Dub Punk, Knife Wife (DC) Surreal N Fun.” Yup, that’ll do for a Wednesday night!

Thursday 6/27:
Funky fun party band Zen Warship is kicking off Thursday night‘s jams at Gypsy Sally’s in Georgetown opening for Brooklyn’s Walk Talk, featuring members of Pimps of Joytime.


Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 6/21

We’ve got a theme going in this weekend’s #DCmusic show picks. All the shows are release parties for singles, EPs and albums! Congrats to all the awesome bands for loosing more tunes on the world.

Friday 6/21:
If soulful blues rock is your jam, head to Pearl Street Warehouse tonight to hear Songs of Love, the new EP by Bobby Thompson & Friends. Rebecca Haviland & Whiskey Heart start out the night at 8 PM.

Maybe oddball bedroom pop is more your jam? David Klinger’s band Forgetter previews the new album Parts of Anything on Blight Records with a single release show tonight at the Pie Shop with OG Lullabies and Pearie Sol.

We also have some fine sludgy garage punk on offer this evening. Teen Mortgage plays their brand new EP LIFE / DEATH tonight at Comet Ping Pong, along with Ménage À Garage and Liquid TV, fka The Shandies. Presented by DC’s finest freelance shutterbug Roxplosion.

Saturday 6/22:
All that and there’s still two days left in this weekend! Saturday night at the Pie Shop freak indie folk band Reed Appleseed release their sophomore EP Tangerine into the world. Watch the music video for its lead single “Gun To My Head” below.

Sunday 6/23:
Still got room in your heart for new music? Sunday night Ripping nasal pop band Frass Green offers up their brand new album For You at the Pie Shop, along with NC’s Computer Science and the mysterious Icky Bricketts.


Don’t Stay Home This Week 6/17

Be a part of the vibrant #DCmusic community by seeing these and other live music events all week. Here are our picks!

Monday 6/17:
Most, but not all, of instrumental math-rock band ShowPony live in Pittsburgh now. Tonight‘s your chance to catch them live at Slash Run playing with fellow DC band California Accent and Chicago’s Rust Ring.

Tuesday 6/18:
Founded by three black women who love music, the DC Music Summit “supports musicians in building their creative business and create sustainability through their craft.” Tuesday night the Anacostia Arts Center hosts a fundraiser for the summit featuring Sir EU, Kromanauts, Jenna Camille and lots more.

Wednesday 6/19:
We just checked and there’s still tickets available to see post-punk buzz band Flasher at Comet Ping Pong on Wednesday night with Portland’s Lithics. But you’d better grab then now. Seriously.
Sadly Flasher has pulled out of this show. Lithics are still playing, and refunds are available.

Thursday 6/20:
Cerebral indie rock band Skydiver celebrate the release of their debut EP at the Pie Shop Thursday night along with two always solid recommendations, Collider and the Duskwhales. Preview the new Skydiver single “Lend Me A Hand” below!


Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 6/14

How could you stay home when there’s so much going on? Here are our #DCmusic picks for the lovely weekend ahead.

Friday 6/14:
In case you didn’t notice, indie soul groovers Oh He Dead is blowing up with the viral success of their Tiny Desk Contest entry. Catch them open for Charleston SC’s Little Bird tonight at Songbyrd in AdMo.

Saturday 6/15:
The quirky quality music curated by The Caribbean returns to Rhizome all day Saturday for the third annual Seventh Stanine Festival. See Tristan Welch, Jon Camp, Tone, Kamyar Arsani of Time is Fire, Chad Clark & Erin Nelson of Beauty Pill and lots more.

Sunday 6/16:
Finish off the weekend with a swank date night at The Speakeasy at the Alex inside Georgetown’s The Graham Hotel. Fresh off featured spots at the epic DC Jazz Festival, Sunday night catch the sweet sounds of the Nicole Saphos Trio.


Maryjo Mattea – Candlelight and Roses


DC’s Maryjo Mattea has one more single to release from her upcoming EP The Other Side, and Hometown Sounds jumped at the chance to premiere it for you. Just like you’d expect from the detailed cover art, “Candlelight and Roses” is dark, cynical and yet still sweetly adorable. “The last thing the world needs is another tortured love song” Mattea croons, before cueing in pounding drums, jangly guitar and crisp hand claps. From her early days in the duo Two Dragons and a Cheetah, Mattea’s songs have always been driven by vocals, lyrics and songwriting. Stretching her horizons as an in-demand member of dance-rock band Color Palette, synthpop diva Loi Loi, and grungy Endless Winter has sharpened her chops and improved the songs she delivers under her own name. “Candlelight and Roses” is a polished throwback pop song with Mattea’s harsh take on the reality of modern romance. We think the full EP is going to be an essential feature in music lovers’ Bandcamp collections and Spotify playlists.

Maryjo and her backing band kick off a packed night at the Black Cat on Saturday night, opening for Pleasure Train and celebrating Jonny Grave’s masterful new full band instrumental EP Impala.


Podcast for June 13th, 2019 feat. Beauty Pill

Chad Clark and new bandmate Erin Mitchell Nelson talk about what’s new with Beauty Pill before their special duo set at the Seventh Stanine Festival this weekend!

The Caribbean – Imitation Air [Moon Sickness]
Beauty Pill – ann the word 2 jean vox full version (outtake)

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Priests – Jesus’ Son

Priests started musical life in the hardcore punk tradition of many of DC’s most well-known cultural exports. But over the years the band, and their captivating sound, have matured and moved away somewhat from those well-known tropes, such that their newest album The Seduction of Kansas is a surprising genre shift. They self-describe simply as a “rock band”, and for the album’s third single “Jesus’ Son”, Priests present a live performance video evoking well-known bands like the Smiths, the Stone Roses, and Nine Inch Nails. The latter might resonate most, as co-directors David Ashton (manning the camera) and singer Katie Alice Greer lovingly homage NIN’s single “March of the Pigs” from 1994’s The Downward Spiral. There are still some tix left for Saturday night‘s late show at the 9:30 Club with openers Mock Identity, so get right on that.

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