Be Steadwell – Do Re Mi / New Rules

Be Steadwell just can’t stop singing breakup songs. Sporting an eye-catching moustache from her Halloween costume as Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element, her latest YouTube video is a solo mashup cover of two summer jams, “Do Re Mi” by blackbear and “New Rules” by Dua Lipa.


Lightshow – Shoot for the Stars

Homegrown rapper Lightshow shows the dark side of freelance driving in his new music video “Shoot for the Stars”. Like an Uber driver for criminals, Lightshow provides getaway services for heists and scams, all while singing hooks out the sunroof. The footage of Chinatown in this video is especially gorgeous. Grab Lightshow’s newest album Kalorama Heights, named after the posh neighborhood now hosting the post-presidential Obama.


Backbeat Underground feat. Aaron Abernathy – She Don’t Love Me (Like I Do)

There’s something special about music videos filmed during the song’s recording, a crackle that’s visible in the collaboration between musicians as they focus not on pleasing the crowd but in perfecting the sound for the studio engineer. Instrumental soul ensemble Backbeat Underground brought in the heavyweights for their new single “She Don’t Love Me (Like I Do)”, with a brass section including DC jazz greats Joe Herrera, Matt Rippetoe, Kirsten Warfield and Daniel Wallace, and vocals from Aaron Abernathy, whose 2017 album Dialogue is one of the highlights of the year. Now signed to the venerable DC electronic funk label Fort Knox Recordings, Backbeat Underground continues the legacy of brass-led jazz and funk that’s crucial to DC music’s identity.

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The Galaxy Electric – Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday

The Galaxy Electric channel nostalgia for 60s mod style with the title track to their new EP Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday. Blight Records’ Jen Meller directs the duo of Jacqueline Caruso and Augustus Green in their new music video for the single. The commitment to authenticity is impressive, from the costumes to the Super 8 color film format to the setting, the site of the 1964 New York World’s Fair at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens. Let these two hip weirdos take you on an analog-synthesized journey through time and space.


Podcast for November 15th, 2017 feat. Maryjo Mattea

This week special guest Maryjo Mattea drops by to tell us about her new politically-charge single and spin some of her fave DC tracks.

Two Dragons and a Cheetah – November 8, 2016 [single]
allthebestkids – DreaMastR [Go Out With A Bang]
Loi Loi – You May Be [Viva La Vulva]
Derek Evry – Thank You Enough [Pop Perspective]
FuzzQueen – Ribbons and Flowers [single]
The North Country – The Last Curtain Call [In Defense of Cosmic Altruism]

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Dove Lady – Ferbalicious

The ambitious DC duo Dove Lady chose wisely with their debut music video for “Ferbalicious”. Though simply named One, their first full length album is a complex tour through ideas and influences, showing this group’s inexhaustible supply of creativity and ambition. Despite the tags “alternative”, “punk” and “post-hardcore”, the single “Ferbalicious” features a classic and crisp breakbeat vibe that hearkens back to DJ mixes from the mid 2000s. The video, directed by Julian T. Oliver with co-direction and cinematography by Nigel Lyons, features drummer Andrew Thawley as “The Traveller”, meeting vocalist Jeremy Day as “The Dreamer” and joining him on an astral journey to form their musical partnership. Keep a browser tab open to their upcoming EP E that drops on November 17th (or go ahead and pre-order it for $999.99, we ain’t stopping you) and don’t miss their next show on Friday December 8th at Comet Ping Pong with out-of-towners Zula and Dehd.


K.A.A.N. – The Whole World

Columbia MD rapper K.A.A.N. takes his deft lyrics to the Hollywood hills in his new video “The Whole World”. The production from Grammy nominated Dem Jointz takes K.A.A.N.’s vibes to uncharted territories, proving that the fast rap game isn’t all he can do. Jointz has mainstream attention from his production work on Dr. Dre’s final album Compton, and matching that with K.A.A.N.’s independently driven social media following is a powerhouse collab delivering both this single and the upcoming album Dem-A-God.


The Vintage Babies – Shine Your Light

We’ve proclaimed affection for soulful singer Maimouna Youssef over the years, but her current collab with New York’s DJ Dummy The Genius as The Vintage Babies takes her sound to the next level. Their debut self-titled album is filled with a classic groove and powerful lyrics, and the album’s first music video, the smooth party vibing “Shine Your Light”, casts Youssef and her friends in a warm 70s vintage glow courtesy of director Brian Kyle Atkins. We must give a special shoutout for the wardrobe department, as Youssef looks fabulous in everything from flowing dress and braids to patterned pantsuit and afro.

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Two Dragons and a Cheetah – November 8, 2016


Today is November 8, 2017, and we are honored to premiere the new music video by Two Dragons and a Cheetah, called “November 8, 2016”.

Like most of this town, singer Maryjo Mattea was disturbed and horrified by the outcome of last year’s presidential election. Her creative response was this cathartic call to action song, recorded with drummer Joel Wu in their musical partnership Two Dragons and a Cheetah. The music video, directed by Stephanie Sapienza, features a number of DC musicians you might recognize, including Amber Walson of The Lucky So & Sos, rapper Ardamus and Mattea’s Color Palette bandmate Joshua Hunter.

Though the last year has been frustrating and divisive, yesterday we saw the tides changing as Virginia voters showed up in droves and rejected the conservative narrative of nativism and demagoguery. Today this protest song feels like the rallying cry we need to celebrate a win and remember what’s at stake in this unprecedented time in American history.


The Duskwhales – Slow Down, Jerusalem

Guess which indie pop trio brought a drone with them on tour this past spring? Yup, it’s The Duskwhales. The aerial footage goes along with the wanderlust theme for “Slow Down, Jerusalem”, the groovy, bluesy single from their album Sorrowful Mysteries that’s still a name your own price download on Bandcamp. They’re taking a break from shows for a minute, so mark your calendar to see them play with Kid Brother and Milo In The Doldrums at the Wharf’s upcoming venue Union Stage on Friday December 29th.