Monthly Archives: August 2014

Tom Goss – Fancy (Iggy Azalea cover)

While we await another viral sensation from singer Tom Goss to rival last year’s feel-good mega-hit “Bears”, he occasionally drops live acoustic cover songs that really show off his performing chops. Today Goss released his newest video, a cover of recent #1 smash “Fancy” by young sinner/rapper/model Iggy Azalea that everyone but me probably knows by heart. I had to look it up on Wikipedia because I haven’t listened to pop music on FM radio in years. But I’m totally down with Goss’s acoustic rendition, performed using a Boss RC 30 loop pedal and the iPad app iMaschine, with helpful video inlays to show how the magic is done.

And with that, like a big chunk of DC, Hometown Sounds is taking off the month of August. Enjoy the reduced traffic, plentiful parking spots, and hot restaurant tables with little wait. New DC music podcasts, videos, DJ gigs and more are coming this fall! Peace!