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Tom Goss – Fancy (Iggy Azalea cover)

While we await another viral sensation from singer Tom Goss to rival last year’s feel-good mega-hit “Bears”, he occasionally drops live acoustic cover songs that really show off his performing chops. Today Goss released his newest video, a cover of recent #1 smash “Fancy” by young sinner/rapper/model Iggy Azalea that everyone but me probably knows by heart. I had to look it up on Wikipedia because I haven’t listened to pop music on FM radio in years. But I’m totally down with Goss’s acoustic rendition, performed using a Boss RC 30 loop pedal and the iPad app iMaschine, with helpful video inlays to show how the magic is done.

And with that, like a big chunk of DC, Hometown Sounds is taking off the month of August. Enjoy the reduced traffic, plentiful parking spots, and hot restaurant tables with little wait. New DC music podcasts, videos, DJ gigs and more are coming this fall! Peace!


Tom Goss – Illuminate The Dark video

After his viral dance-pop ode to burly men, last year’s hit song “Bears”, singer-songwriter Tom Goss is back with a new album Wait out today and a music video for the first single “Illuminate The Dark”. Returning to his minimal acoustic style, “Illuminate The Dark” is a sweet and heartfelt song that continues Goss’s themes of acceptance and healing. Saturday May 31st Goss’s album release tour comes home with a headlining show at 6th & I Synagogue with support from The North Country. Trust me and get your tickets in advance for this one, because Goss has quite a DC fanbase!


Top 5 Videos of 2013 #2: Tom Goss – Bears

All this week Hometown Sounds counts down the top 5 music videos of 2013. DC bands made a ton of amazing videos this year and my long list of nominees was quite long indeed, but now it’s time for the best of the best!

Tom Goss usually rocks out with an acoustic guitar and loop pedal, but for “Bears” he tapped Deathfix keys player Rich Morel to produce the clubby tribute to burly & hairy beefcake. The video is partially shot at Town Danceboutique, home of the DC Bear Crue Happy Hour every Friday evening, where I’d bet you can find Mr. Goss regularly when he’s not touring the country. This video is hilarious for parodying “hot bikini girls with squirt guns” music video tropes but also sincerely paying tribute to the type of men popular on Growlr.


Tom Goss – Bears video

Hunky heartthrob singer Tom Goss‘s latest music video extravaganza pays tribute to those cuddly, hairy, big gay guys known as bears. The beefcake-filled video was shot partially at Town Danceboutique, DC’s biggest gay dance club and host of the DC Bear Crue Happy Hour every Friday evening. You’re probably a regular at Bear Happy Hour if you like bears as much as Mr. Goss, but maybe you aren’t yet in the know about “DC’s manliest Happy Hour featuring hundreds of men, a relaxed atmosphere, specials on draft beer, great conversation, and fun music”. And speaking of fun music, buy Tom’s new Bears single at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bears-single/id668780876.


Tom Goss – It’s All Over video

It’s been a quiet couple of days for new DC music videos, so here’s another one from the archives. A feelgood summer video from 2011 by gay singer-songwriter Tom Goss, It’s All Over features plenty of guitar strumming, partying and synchronized dancing in a few recognizable DC locales. This video looks like it was a blast to film. Can’t wait for summer!

Bonus feature: Howard Stump, an extra in the video, shot some behind the scenes footage.


Tom Goss – Can’t Hold Us video

It’s not often that you see a well-produced music video of a live performance. When bands do appear in their videos, almost always they lip sync to the pre-recorded track. For his latest video, just released today, singer Tom Goss performed an acoustic cover of Macklemore’s song Can’t Hold Us, and the video shows how he uses loop pedals to layer the music together, freeing him up for an impressive rapping performance. Catch Tom live at the Dunes this Thursday with Eric Himan as he sets out on tour.


Tom Goss – Lover video

Singer songwriter Tom Goss brings the gay and music communities together in DC like no one else. Today we feature the video for Lover, from Goss’s 2009 album Back To Love, about a gay soldier killed in Afghanistan and the partner he leaves behind.


Tom Goss – Make Believe video

Another brand new music video for you to enjoy before Sandy plunges us into silent darkness. Singer-songwriter Tom Goss came to DC for Catholic seminary, but now he’s spreading his hopeful messages through pop music. He’s gained quite a following in DC’s enthusiastic gay community and his past music videos were very popular on the LOGO network. His latest video, Make Believe from the album Turn It Around obviously required a LOT of work and patience on the part of him and artists Scott G. Brooks and Dave Peterson, so enjoy the beautiful result.