Top 5 Videos of 2013 #2: Tom Goss – Bears

All this week Hometown Sounds counts down the top 5 music videos of 2013. DC bands made a ton of amazing videos this year and my long list of nominees was quite long indeed, but now it’s time for the best of the best!

Tom Goss usually rocks out with an acoustic guitar and loop pedal, but for “Bears” he tapped Deathfix keys player Rich Morel to produce the clubby tribute to burly & hairy beefcake. The video is partially shot at Town Danceboutique, home of the DC Bear Crue Happy Hour every Friday evening, where I’d bet you can find Mr. Goss regularly when he’s not touring the country. This video is hilarious for parodying “hot bikini girls with squirt guns” music video tropes but also sincerely paying tribute to the type of men popular on Growlr.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Videos of 2013 #2: Tom Goss – Bears

  1. […] his viral dance-pop ode to burly men, last year’s hit song “Bears”, singer-songwriter Tom Goss is back with a new album Wait out today and a music video for the first […]

  2. […] we await another viral sensation from singer Tom Goss to rival last year’s feel-good mega-hit “Bears”, he occasionally drops live acoustic cover songs that really show off his performing chops. Today […]

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