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Tone – Antares

When I hear the name Brodown Throwdown, instrumental post-rock is not the first musical genre that jumps to mind. But that’s a big chunk of what the Rock & Roll Hotel’s Concert Hall is serving up for their contribution to the annual H Street Festival blowout. The Hotel’s upper floors have the expected lineup of hip DC DJs, while the stage presents FREE live sets from excellent bands like Foozle, Time Is Fire, Drop Electric, The Escape Artist and Tone, who bring us today’s music video. Norm Veenstra and Gregg Hudson’s instrumental ensemble recently released their seventh full length album Antares through both TminusONEmusic and Dischord, and it’s second single, the title track, gets this music video from Monica Stroik based on video projections for performance of Joan Belmar’s artwork from last December.


The Remembrables – The Stranger

Oh Emma. Why you gotta do my Remembrables boy wrong? He seems like a good dude. He has a jacket and the requisite amount of stubble. He probably has a job with an important sounding title. Works long hours. You two swiped right, chatted, had drinks, probably made out in the back of an uber. Could you tell that our boy likes to hit the sauce a bit hard? Probably a smart move, Emma. Block and avoid a messy situation. The rest of you though, head to the Black Cat Backstage this Sunday night to see this fuzzed-out indie punk band play their first show since recording new material, opening for Tenement and Dusk.


Be Steadwell – Leo

One take, no edits, no lip syncing. Be Steadwell quite literally keeps it real on her newest track “Leo”, released last Friday. It’s a self-diagnosis and rallying cry for her own creativity, and Steadwell’s talent and charisma keep me hooked as the song flows deftly over her own produduction, including adorable kitten meows. Stay tuned after the song for Be’s commentary on the song, and mark your calendars for November 15th when her fall tour hits the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage.


Black Alley – Bad Girl

Black Alley is the cultural mixing bowl that DC desperately needs. Combining R&B, go-go and a whole lot of rock, they musically compliment just about any crowd and scene in the city. Tomorrow they play a coveted slot from 4-5 PM at the FREE 202 Arts & Music Festival at Canal Park alongside Sugar Bear & EU, Chopteeth and no less than George Clinton & P-Funk. If you miss this, you’ll be sad about it all winter. Get hyped with Black Alley’s fashionable music video for “Bad Girl” from their 2012 album Soul.Swagger.Rock.Sneakers.


Wylder – Bitter

Indie folk band Wylder are on a mission to charm their way through your ears right into your heart. Known for catchy melodies and singalong choruses, Will McCarry and his band also seem to have mastered the art of the romcom-esque music video. Their debut outing “Swells” [haven’t you seen it already?] told a dating story ruined by overzealous band mates, and now they’re back with a new music video for “Bitter”, the second single from their debut album Rain and Laura. Director Samuel Rogers delivers a tight and satisfying narrative of searching for closure, or a stylish sweater, after a bad breakup. Wylder plays next at Gypsy Sally’s next Thursday September 8th as part of the Trio of Indies with Valley Queen and Courtesy Tier.


Deuce Ducartier – Super Cool

The mashup of hip-hop and rock has occasionally floated to mainstream success, most notably in this area from the colorful RDGLDGRN, but has yet to establish itself as a respected genre. Deuce Ducartier is the newest MC to merge these influences, and the result is pretty damn catchy. Only a handful of singles have emerged so far, but we’ve got the music video his song “Super Cool” for your enjoyment below. On yet another hot summer day in the District, what you need is an MC who’s utterly perfected the hood flip on his thick winter coat. Catch Ducartier live at DC’s Greenlight Festival on Labor Day at the DC Gateway Pavilion in SE.


Drop Lockers x Parabellum Raps – Like That

There are not enough hip-hop shows in DC. Every night of the week you can see rock bands, punk bands, folk bands. DC hip-hop gets significant national attention, from Wale to Shy Glizzy to Goldlink, but opportunities to see up & coming rappers cover audiences in beats and rhymes are too rare. Drop Lockers is a new collaboration between Edword Asis (Questionmark Embargo/D-League) Ardamus (FAR EXP/The Lucky So And So’s/Sitcalm/S4YM/Ingelside Collective) and RNL (FAR EXP/S4YM/PRMC/Ingelside Collective), and their debut album Beatbreakin Vol. 1 releases this weekend. They’ve teamed up with Prowess The Testament and Blacmav and the Fear Itself Crew for an album release show this Sunday night at DC9. “Like That”, their song featuring Parabellum Raps of the new duo MILK$, got the music video spin today courtesy of S.O.N. Media, showing how much fun it is to be part of their crew.

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Video Premiere! FuzzQueen – Sailing Empty Tonight

After touring extensively for many years, Erin Frisby and Chris Stelloh, better known by their performer names Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray, felt the winds of change. Drawn to settle down from life on the road, they joined their drummer and musical collaborator Ben Tufts at the 16th Street House, home to more than a few DC musicians and frequent host of many live music shows. And acknowledging the stylistic shift in their songwriting, they decided to rebrand their collaboration as FuzzQueen.

In advance of FuzzQueen’s debut EP Xenia I out later this year, they dropped the lead-off single “Sailing Empty Tonight” a few weeks ago, and today Hometown Sounds is honored & thrilled to premiere the music video! Shot in their native California Coast, videographer Nick Goldring presents visuals reminiscent of vintage gelatin silver photography. The lush desert scenery reflect MS&YW’s extensive time touring, and the mystical storyline fits with FuzzQueen’s lush arrangements.

DC bands almost universally overlook the power of dressing up on stage. Wake up & take note! Let FuzzQueen show you how it’s done, with exotic costumes and makeup to compliment their distinctively rustic look. Their sound incorporates the strong songwriting of their Americana roots with fuzzed-out 90s guitar riffs. Erin, Chris and Ben are nomadic explorers of American rock music, with 70s psychedelia and 90s modern rock fueling the neverending road trip.

FuzzQueen headlines the Saturday night segment of the Ben Tufts & Friends Showcase at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, alongside Black Dog Prowl, Accidents and Ben’s newest band Virginia Creep featuring JR from Pig Destroyer. Ben will guest star on this week’s episode of the Hometown Sounds podcast, playing select songs from this weekend’s big show. Stay tuned!


American Television – Explosions In This Guy

Congrats to the fine pop-punks of American Television for the inclusion of their song “Better Living Through Chemistry” on Attention: A Wiretap Records “Instant” Compilation Summer 2016. The LA based record label has assembled no less than 40 tunes for whatever price you want, and this band is definitely due some national attention. Their recent music video for the cheekily-named “Explosions In This Guy” tells quite a sordid tale in only a minute and a half, thanks to documentary filmmaker Brad Howard. Songbyrd hosts the AM guys in late September at the Upstart Festival 2016 along with The Queers, The Split Seconds and a bunch more fun bands. Show your support by grabbing their recent EP Reaction and saving a few bucks on advance tix to the festival!


K.A.A.N. – Still

Hey DC. Hey. You remember the other day, when we showed you that video by K.A.A.N.? The one with the staccato machine-gun fire of dope lyrics to drown out any doubts about Brandon Perry’s ability to deliver Knowledge Above All Nonsense? Well well, guess what. Just one week after posting the song and video for “Water”, K.A.A.N. delivers again with the Cashflow-produced song “Still”, once again with The_Faiz_Phase crafting the accompanying visuals. Go to your calendar and draw a big red X on Friday September 9th cuz that’s the day you’ll be heading to H St. NE’s Rock & Roll Hotel to catch K.A.A.N. live alongside locals 8hundred, Chomp Chomp Beats and Detroit’s Skywlkr. And don’t miss Perry’s comedic impression skills at the end of the video.