Don’t Stay Home This Week 3/02

Monday 3/02:
See our fave snackcore band BRNDA at Songbyrd’s Vinyl Lounge tonight, sandwiched between Ohio fuzzy rock band Vacation and Posmic, a new Baltimore band featuring members of Post Pink, Wildhoney and Saturday Night.

Tuesday 3/03:
The Pie Shop on Tuesday night is the place to catch dreamy solo project Space Phase and indie pop band swerves from Fredrick MD support Ohio’s Mark Twang.

Wednesday 3/04:
We honestly don’t know this NYC band called A Dear A Horse, but we do know top-notch DC rock bands Caustic Casanova and Venray. Go see this Wednesday night show at Songbyrd’s Vinyl Lounge & tell ’em Hometown Sounds sent ya.

Thursday 3/05:
Get your fill of acoustic folk vibes (and of course delicious BBQ) at Hill Country on Thursday evening with Griefcat, Gramophonic and Bellweather Bayou. Yum.


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