Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 2/28

Friday 2/28:
We saw rapper Ardamus post up at the Time Is Fire show last night, and he let us know about his album release show tonight at 7DrumCity’s The Pocket space. Astro Blocks features Height Keech crafting beats for the versatile rapper, and the show includes Austin’s Ratarue, Coolzey from Iowa, and Cabal Corps, Ardamus’s new group featuring Prowess the Testament, RNL and Edword Asis. Now you know all that too, so don’t miss out.

Saturday 2/29:
BYT editor and talk show host Brandon Wetherbee hosts a marathon 12 hour installment of his always entertaining live show/podcast You, Me, Them Everybody at Wonderland Ballroom in celebration of its 12th (!!) anniversary. In addition to all the funny folk in DC, the epic lineup includes music from Mister Goblin, Saffron, Chill Parents and more.

Sunday 3/01:
We are strongly in favor of weekend matinee shows! Sunday afternoon the Pie Shop hosts a delightful lineup of DC indie rock with Rök, Modern Trap, We Capillaries, and Pompeii Graffiti.


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