Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 3/06

Friday 3/06:
Lots of great #DCmusic options on this night, but our Friday night pick goes to 7DrumCity’s lineup at the Pocket with blues magician Jonny Grave leading a trio, along with alt-folk solo artist Zoë Ravenwood and power-pop band Flowerbomb.

Saturday 3/07:
Saturday night’s your chance to see the legendary Chuck Brown Band, OG of go-go, hit the Wharf’s Pearl Street Warehouse hard. We still tingle that we got to host them at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage back in 2018!

Sunday 3/08:
Funky rap/rock party band Strangers That Clique (sup Ardamus!) release their long-awaited EP Fight Nice Sunday night with a show at the Pie Shop featuring Quad Cities emcee Soultru.


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