Please Stay Home

One of our primary missions at Hometown Sounds is to get more people to see DC bands play live. To that end, for the last two years we’ve run a twice weekly feature called “Don’t Stay Home”, attempting to recommend a show featuring DC bands every day. Today we’re putting that feature on hold, as the coronavirus pandemic begins to impact the day-to-day life of everyone in the area. There are so many shows we want to recommend and go to, starting with tonight’s Black Cat bill featuring Hammered Hulls and Light Beams. But now is not the time. We are very aware of the impact show cancellations will have on musicians in particular, so we strongly encourage all DC music fans to create a Bandcamp account and buy some albums. Here’s a couple of recommendations to get you started.


One thought on “Please Stay Home

  1. Redweather says:

    Thanks HTS! I heard Light Beams cancelled out of tonight’s show; I’ll be buying this tonight! Thanks for supporting the public health response.

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