Top 5 Videos of 2013 #1: Honest Haloway – Psycho Bitch

Once upon a time, just a couple of years ago really, high school friends Tim Kratzer and Greg Balleza wrote indie rock songs together as The Vita Ruins. After playing together for years and recording an excellent album A Day Without A Name (go download this FOR FREE right now!), they parted amicably and Tim dove into a dance music solo project called Honest Haloway. He produced a 5 song EP The Towns (Another FREE download! It’s your lucky day!) and then put music on hold for a year to focus on his career. When he resurrected the project he added hard-hitting drummer Charlie Karim and bassist Fico Lazzaro-Colon to make a full-fledged live band. Honest Haloway also asked former bandmate Greg’s older brother Nick Balleza to create this video for “Psycho Bitch”, which Hometown Sounds featured back in January. I was completely blown away and have literally spent the last 11 months trying to get as many people as I can to see it. This video embodies DC in subtle and spot-on fashion. I’m sure we’ve all been to dozens of apartment parties just like the one in this video. Oh, there’s that guy who’s in a bunch of bands. Who’s the eyepatch guy dancing like a robot? And the song fits this party vibe perfectly. If you haven’t yet seen this music video, I won’t spoil the end for you, so watch the whole damn thing today. But it’s rather NSFW, so wait until your boss is deep into this afternoon’s lame office white elephant gift exchange.

Oh and guess what else? Today just happens to be Tim Kratzer’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY & congratulations from Hometown Sounds!


5 thoughts on “Top 5 Videos of 2013 #1: Honest Haloway – Psycho Bitch

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