Honest Haloway – Psycho Bitch video

DC, I’ve got a killer music video for you today. But it’s crazy (psycho even!), very NSFW and you’re probably at work now, so be cool about it. Keep a spreadsheet open and your fingers above Alt+Tab and check out this new video from Honest Haloway. Singer Tim Kratzer was once in local indie rock band The Vita Ruins, but now he makes spaced out dance music with the help of drummer Charlie Karim. Psycho Bitch comes from their FREE 2011 EP The Towns. This video debuted yesterday on YouTube, but didn’t last long there due to lame content restrictions. LAME! Let’s hope Vimeo is cooler. After a bit of a hiatus, the bands is back recording new material, and your next chance to see them live is Saturday March 9th at Velvet Lounge.


2 thoughts on “Honest Haloway – Psycho Bitch video

  1. […] including Arthur Loves Plastic, Flo Anito and Honest Haloway. Here’s a beautiful music video (SFW this time) from the electronic music duo for What I Leave Behind, from their FREE debut EP The […]

  2. […] brother Nick Balleza to create this video for “Psycho Bitch”, which Hometown Sounds featured back in January. I was completely blown away and have literally spent the last 11 months trying to […]

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