Top 5 Videos of 2019 #1: Honest Haloway – Atonement

We meet again, Honest Haloway. The synthrock band fronted by Tim Kratzer, formerly of The Vita Ruins, landed in the top spot of our favorite #DCmusic videos of 2013 with the unforgettable thriller “Psycho Bitch”. After some time off to regroup and retool the lineup, Kratzer returned in 2019 with two new studio-recorded singles, “Atonement” and “Twisted Eye”, both with music videos directed by Kratzer’s partner, photographer Sara Nabizadeh. While “Psycho Bitch” had a quintessential mid-teens DC feel, “Atonement” takes us to the far-flung desert of Namibia with a mysterious narrative and breathtaking camerawork. Bravo to Honest Haloway for creating art like this that keeps us excited to share the music videos of DC for 8 years running.


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