Humble Fire – Taliesin

Dream pop band Humble Fire really created something special with the video for their new single “Taliesin”. The delicate song’s cryptic title comes from Taliesin West, the home of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright in Arizona until his death and current location of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. Singer Nefra Faltas traveled there and conceived of the song as a response to the death of her father, who was also an architect. The video was directed and choreographed by dancer Sadie Leigh, featuring some cool costume changes as visual effects as the dancers move through their performances. Humble Fire’s sophomore album Builder drops on July 14th, but you can celebrate the single’s release this Thursday night at the Black Cat with support from Sean Barna and CrushnPain.


Reesa Renee – Wanna

Singer Reesa Renee released her first solo single in a minute, and we are digging the slow party jams conjured by producer Aleem Bilaal on “Wanna”. The music video, shot by Yah Yah of Minister Cinema, features gorgeous afro-puffed Instagram model Char drinking and smoking with Renee and her crew. Catch her joyful live performance at Saturday’s 4th annual Funk Parade on the Duke Ellington Black Broadway Stage just prior to the parade’s kickoff.


Near Northeast – Indali

True Mirror, the long-awaited sophomore album by indie folk group Near Northeast, is now available for purchase through the adventurous local label Etxe Records. The album release show is this Friday May 5th at St. Stephen’s, and like all good shows in 2017 part of the proceeds go to support those in need. The band incorporated tabla and sarod, traditional Indian instruments, on the album and especially its beautiful and whimsical debut single “Indali”. Waves are the impossible-to-miss theme and connective tissue of the single’s music video, connecting found footage of frolicking on a beach vacation to immense terror and devastation wrought by tsunamis in the Indian Ocean and Japan. This band knows well how to bridge the delightful and serious into powerful art.


Clones of Clones – That Wasn’t Me

Clones of Clones is well known for rocking hard, but the quartet dials the intensity into a slower emotional ballad on “That Wasn’t Me”, the title track from their recent EP from March. Boston freelance illustrator Emily Hancock, creator of cotton-candy infused paintings (seriously, go look) as well as previous album cover art for Clones of Clones, contriuted to the art-driven music video for the song, and it’s really worth watching without us spoiling the whole thing. If you dig this, check out Hancock’s Patreon page for more deliciously artistic ways to support.


Podcast for April 26th, 2017

Paul protects his personal space at a recent show, while Tony fears rogue flying mic stands. Plus a recap of our last Millennium Stage show with Olivia Mancini & The Mates!

The Obsessives – Surfer Rosa [The Obsessives]
The Duskwhales – Good Times [Sorrowful Mysteries]
Near Northeast – Indali [True Mirror]
Caz Gardiner – It’s Gonna Be Alright [It’s Alright]
Airøspace – Dusk [Nocturne]
Aztec Sun – The Struggle [single]

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Den-Mate – Just So You Know

Jules Hale’s stage persona Den-Mate and her musical sound have evolved significantly since her experimental bedroom pop beginnings in 2013. The song “Just So You Know”, a highlight of Den-Mate’s debut self-titled solo album, is definitely recognizable but greatly expanded in its current form backed by members of Babe City Records label-mates The Sea Life, in this live take from the label’s new Babe City Sessions series directed by Robin Groulx & Eli Sinkus. Pick up Den-Mate’s newest EP Entropii on cassette or digital, but do yourself a favor and experience the Den-Mate live show ASAP.

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Stephen Redhead – Red Carpet feat. Breana Marin

Waikiki, the beautiful beach-festooned tourist destination in Hawaii’s capital Honolulu, is a surprising backdrop for DMV rapper Stephen Redhead‘s bespectacled appearance. He took full advantage of a recent performance there with Foolapalooza to film this video for the luxe single “Red Carpet” with support from LA singer Breana Marin. Grab the Deluxe version of Redhead’s debut album Exxxactly for more of his charming smirk and catchy rhymes.


K.A.A.N. – Last Thing

Two videos in one week! Not at all a surprise from the prolific rapper K.A.A.N., delivering “Knowledge Above All Nonsense” on the reg. “Last Thing” comes from K.A.A.N.’s newest EP, the second volume collaborating with producer SGULL that just went live on his SoundCloud stream yesterday. Someone could start a lucrative Patreon campaign to decode and transcribe all these lyrics, you know.


The Obsessives – You’re My God

While touring the country in support of their sophomore self-titled album out on vinyl through Lame-O Records, super indie emo duo The Obsessives just released the album’s second music video. “You’re My God” gets the chorus deep into your head, as Nick Bairatchnyi sings “Tryin’ to be cool ’bout this, but it gets hard sometimes”, while video director Kyle Thrash puts Nick and drummer Jackson Mansfield into unlikely situations involving fencing, karate and going goth in front of church. Don’t miss their next swing through DC on Tuesday June 13th at the Rock & Roll Hotel opening for Sorority Noise.


K.A.A.N. – Woods

Apparently K.A.A.N. is so powerful, just smoking some of his weed will cause full body spasms. The dextrous rapper’s newest video “Woods”, produced by Zane Alexander, gets goofy with breakfast cereal and the classic Diet Coke and Mentos trick. If you need more, don’t sleep on Abstractions, K.A.A.N.’s latest collaboration with Berlin producer Klaus Layer presented on cassette and clear vinyl by Redefinition Records.