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Podcast for September 6th, 2022

Paul takes on a giant multinational bank, while Tony recaps his history with Super Mario.

Sub-Radio – 1990something [single]
Dreamcastmoe – RU Ready [Sound Is Like Water Part 1]
The Owners – Red Room Nights [Pandemic Demo]
Cinema Hearts – Your Ideal [Your Ideal]
Tunnel – Lemonhead [Vanilla]
Stripmall Ballads – I’ll See the Elephant Now [Laundromat]

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Podcast for June 25th, 2020

Paul livestreams more mashup DJing, while Tony has the floor pulled out from under him.

The Frontier – It’s You [single]
Golden Browne – Get Down [single]
Babbling April – Narcissism [Days of Retreat]
The Southern Ocean – Friday Night [single]
Continuals – Privacy [Three Songs from Exile]
Stripmall Ballads – What Will We Do When We Have No Money? [single]

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Stripmall Ballads – She Lies In The Ground video

Phillips Saylor, performing under the name Stripmall Ballads, brings distinctly rural roots Americana music to our fair city. He’s a dynamic performer with a unique voice and a killer banjo, so try to catch him perform around town when he’s not touring the country. Today’s video for She Lies In The Ground comes his 2009 album Since Jimmy Died, available for free download on his website.