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Podcast for November 16th, 2022

Paul unplugs for a week at a cabin in the woods, while Tony has troubles with his AirPods.

The Casual Dots – The Frequency of Fear [Sanguine Truth]
Mikiah – Do Better [Dahlia]
Esko Tiko – weakening [Arthur at the Bottom of the Sea]
The Airport 77s – One Good Thing About Summer [We Realize You Have a Choice]
Jeff Draco – Fall For Another Day [Freezing in Hollywood]
Shamans of Sound – Pressure Dub [single]

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Podcast for February 12th, 2021

Tony eyes a battery replacement, while Paul fights off a plague of flies.

Yasmin Williams – Jarabi [Urban Driftwood]
The Airport 77s – (When You’re Kissing On Me Do You Think Of) James McAvoy [Rotation]
The Sebastions – The Snake [Here For Now]
Mister Jackpots – Patio Encounter [Patio Encounter EP]
Apollo 66 – Fly Trap [Apollo 66]
Thomas Blondet & Steven Rubin – Seascapes [single]

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