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Podcast for December 6th, 2022

Dear Daria‘s Maryjo Mattea returns to the podcast to pick some new tunes and explore the MJCU.

Dear Daria – Dopamachine [Can I Be Frank?]
Emily Henry – How It Feels [single]
Kinda Evil – Teeth [single]
Junkyard Band – Love Soul Crank [single]
Grady – Sunnies [single]
Socieanic – Digital [Here’s the Album]

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Podcast for June 2nd, 2016


Paul agonizes over smartphone antics at a recent live show, while Tony reviews another show’s cocktail menu.

Edy Blu – I Got You [Heart Opener]
Color Palette – Rain [Vaporwave]
Emily Henry – Bad For Me [Matchsticks]
Jonny Grave – Wade [Broadcaster/Believer/Revelator/Repeater]
Lenclair – Hypochondriac [Pool of Pink]
Zo! – Lifelines feat. Dornik [SkyBreak]

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