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Podcast for July 12th, 2022

Paul laments moving his comic book collection, while Tony says no to letting Geico watch him move.

Dupont Brass – Summer Vibes [single]
The Southern Ocean – Finish Line [single]
Pretty Bitter – Final Girl [Hinges]
Landon-Philip – Caribou [Junebug]
Carolyn Malachi – Brunch [single]
Bad Moves – My Favorite Game (The Cardigans) [AS IF!: A Songs From Teen Comedies Covers Comp]

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Podcast for April 10th, 2020

Hear our recap of the 2020 DC Web Fest, where Hometown Sounds was honored with a Local Heroes Award!

Bad Moves – Party With the Kids Who Wanna Party With You [Untenable]
Blue Streak – Damaged [Damaged b/w Raleigh (demo)]
Lotion Princess – Think of Me [single]
Martin Royle – Pop Bottles: A pop adventure in three Acts [Pop Bottles]
Mustafa Akbar – Attracted [Attracted EP]
Philco & Sam Burns – House Music Can No Longer Be Commercial Free [single]

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Bad Moves – Party With The Kids Who Want To Party With You

“Party with the kids who want to party with you.” Seems like simple advice, right? As daily life becomes more and more untenable, we must seek solace and joy from the people who get us, members of our tribes. But all this social distancing makes that way more difficult. For now, let’s come together to dance to the methodically catchy new single from one of DC’s finest indie pop band Bad Moves, and the delightful music video from Ben Epstein and singer David Combs’s production team Baby Pony Food Productions. I bet they could really use a preorder right now for Untenable, the new album dropping on May 29th.

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Bad Moves – Crushed Out

Indie pop supergroup Bad Moves has earned the distinguished moniker. Their upcoming debut full length album Tell No One on Don Giovanni Records is the most anticipated release in months, and last week the album’s fourth, that’s right FOURTH, music video premiered on Stereogum. “Crushed Out” is a delightfully catchy song about those queer high school crushes that overwhelm at the time but seem so obvious in retrospect. Clyde Peterson and Max Otero get the band into adolescent cosplay for the video, and Katie Park’s forlorn singing will grab your heart and not let go. Insanely, the album release show Friday September 21st at Black Cat isn’t sold out yet, so consider yourself warned.


Bad Moves – Spirit FM

Yowza, these Bad Moves songs just get catchier and catchier. Yesterday the uberpop supergroup dropped the third single from their upcoming full length on Don Giovanni and finally revealed the pre-order and fall tour for Tell No One. “Spirit FM” is another in the many witty and slick vids produced by Baby Pony Food and directed by David Combs, Ben Epstein and Katie Park, showing the agony of non-confirmity in a colorless fashion world. We always love a rousing game of “Spot the Recognizable DC Music Scene Faces”, and this video is loaded with them. Buy your tix now for their hometown album release show at Black Cat on Friday September 21st with The Obsessives & Ultra Beauty, cuz it’s a Backstage show and you know it’s gonna sell out.

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Bad Moves – One Thing

We waited so very patiently for new jams from indie pop supergroup Bad Moves, and just last month we got it with the catchy “Cool Generator”. Now Don Giovanni Records and Baby Pony Food Productions reward us again with the new single “One Thing”. The song deals with keeping secrets, so the David Combs and Ben Epstein directed video references top secret keepers from the band’s youth. We get a strong Carmen Sandiego vibe from dancer and bassist Emma Cleveland’s performance around the Chinatown neighborhood. Bad Moves sold out their tour kickoff show last week at Union Stage, so maybe you should grab tix now for their next hometown show with Bat Fangs opening for Hop Along at the 9:30 Club on Tuesday June 5th.


Podcast for March 28th, 2018

Tony contemplates compulsive hand washing, while Paul reveals his stance on the popular sparkling beverage of the day.

Bad Moves – Cool Generator [single]
CrushnPain – Bacchus Step [Tendrils Vol. 1]
Bound – Hold [No Beyond]
Odd Mojo – Sticky Notes [Channel Yo Mojo]
BRNDA – House Show [thanks for playing]
Woodgrove – Broken Glass (Oracular Rhythm : Repetitive Hymn) [squintyoureyesandseegod]

NOTE: We said on the podcast that Blight Records released the CrushnPain track, and that is incorrect. We regret the error and will give ample consideration to seppuku.

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Bad Moves – Cool Generator

If the world worked the way it should, Bad Moves would be crushing FM radio with their approachable pop-punk songs. The supergroup featuring the Max Levine Ensemble’s David “Spoonboy” Combs, Katie Park of Hemlines, Daoud Tyler-Ameen of Art Sorority for Girls and Emma Cleveland of Bad Moves are back with “Cool Generator”, the lead single from their upcoming full length album on Don Giovanni Records. The band has a lot to say about the lyrical content of this song:

We’ve often introduced this song as being about how the art and fashion produced by marginalized people, people of color and queer people specifically, are the source material most often appropriated by the mainstream entertainment industry. And yet, those communities themselves are the most likely to be at risk — of poverty, police violence, mental illness, et cetera.

The New York Times Popcast did a great interview recently on the subject of rap stars being targeted by the criminal justice system, which gets at some of the same ideas that originally inspired us. Kenneth J. Montgomery, a criminal laywer, talks about the entertainment narrative of the “young black dangerous guy,” and he says, “Everybody benefits off of that, except the people that generate it.” Basically, there are cultural producers who are happy to profit off of a criminalized version of black identity for its entertainment value, while doing nothing to protect those cultural generators from a system that disproportionately targets them.

As far as synthesizing that complicated social dynamic into the lyrics of a power-pop party jam, we did our best. It’s a song about how certain people take the markers of culture and benefit from them without being put at risk, and how, when we consume a commoditized version of culture uncritically, we ignore the social precarity of the people who generate it in the first place.

Watch the VHS-grade music video courtesy of the multi-talented Combs and make plans to catch their post-SXSW tour kickoff show at Union Stage on April 18th.


Top 5 Videos of 2017 #3: Bad Moves – The Verge

Baby Pony Food Productions are masters at crafting great music videos. The directing team of Ben Epstein and David “Spoonboy” Combs showed up in the #3 slot in our Top 5 Videos of 2015 with “Sun’s Early Rays”, the first in the action-twisted trilogy by The Max Levine Ensemble. For 2017 the duo used a simple and mesmerizing motif of pouring water for the debut single “The Verge” by Combs’s pop supergroup Bad Moves. The waitstaff at Torrie’s diner in Shaw handle the refilling chores in gorgeous slo-mo, giving the viewer ample opportunity to contemplate what the hell is going on in this establishment. The quartet of Combs, Daoud Tyler-Ameen, Katie Park and Emma Cleveland head to the studio early next year to lay down a full length album for Don Giovanni Records, and we simply cannot wait.

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Bad Moves – The Verge

In the future, maybe not too far off, experts say that wars won’t be fought over oil, politics or religion, but instead over the most basic resource to humanity, water. In that regard, the wait staff at Shaw’s southern diner Torrie’s is remarkably generous with their dispensation of nature’s healthiest beverage, and we say bravOH. What’s worse than going thirsty during a delicious salty meal? Power-pop supergroup Bad Moves provides the soundtrack here with “The Verge”, the melody-powered anthem of good times right around the corner and the standout song from 2016’s self-titled debut EP on Don Giovanni Records. Catch David Combs, Daoud Tyler-Ameen, Katie Park and Emma Cleveland on tour now, stopping in DC late Sunday night at Comet Ping-Pong.