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Podcast for July 12th, 2022

Paul laments moving his comic book collection, while Tony says no to letting Geico watch him move.

Dupont Brass – Summer Vibes [single]
The Southern Ocean – Finish Line [single]
Pretty Bitter – Final Girl [Hinges]
Landon-Philip – Caribou [Junebug]
Carolyn Malachi – Brunch [single]
Bad Moves – My Favorite Game (The Cardigans) [AS IF!: A Songs From Teen Comedies Covers Comp]

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Podcast for October 31st, 2019

Paul & Tony recap spooky Halloween fun! And play the best new #DCmusic, of course.

hiphopmcdougal – Trick or Treat [single]
Incredible Change – Stealing by Finding [single]
Kev Brown & J Scienide – Buck Rogers [Drum Machine Cassette Tape]
allthebestkids – Falling Out the Mind [Have Mental Breakdowns]
Landon-Philip – Inside [single]
Jason Mullinax – Glockestra [Glockestra]

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