Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 6/28

#DCmusic every single night. That’s our mission. Here’s our picks for live music all weekend long.

Friday 6/28:
Tonight the Pie Shop hosts Babylon-residing roots reggae band Shamans of Sound and psychedelic jammers Gordon Sterling & The People. Shout out to the Pie Shop for supporting DC music!

Saturday 6/29:
Saturday night the Pie Shop hosts looooong time faves & vets of our Millennium Stage series, folk rock band The Beanstalk Library playing two marathon sets. Opening the night is Nitepool, aka BABA YAGA, a new band from Dan Abh. Double shout out to the Pie Shop!

Sunday 6/30:
Get shoegaze-y and post-rocky at Galaxy Hut on Sunday night with two loud bands, Koshari and The Orchid. Come hungry, eat up all their tater tots and try as many niche craft beers as you can.


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