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Podcast for July 30th, 2020

Tony analyzes a wayward postcard, while Paul gets a trim.

Mister Goblin – Punk Band [I Used To Play In A Punk Band]
Den-Mate – Think Like You Should [Hypnagogia]
Bottled Up – Kilo [Kilo / Full Yum]
Teething Veils – A House After a Hurricane [Canopy of Crimson]
Glue Factory – Solitude [Sever EP]
Outputmessage – Wake The Fuck Up! [single]

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Teething Veils – Webbed

“Webbed”, from chamber folk outfit Teething Veils‘s third and newest album Sea and Sun on Etxe Records, first surfaced as an entry in NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest early in 2016 and highlighted by us. Violist Hannah Burris’s soaring melody lifts up just as Greg Svitil’s dense lyrics need a moment for internal processing. The video from Zach Zimmerman and Michelle Morandotti of Ceramic Films partially obscures the musicians with nature’s overgrowth, but the song benefits from their musical presence on screen. Click Interested on the Facebook event for their next show at Comet Ping Pong on Friday December 22nd with Odetta Hartman and Owen Ross.

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Teething Veils – Allover Fainting (Tiny Desk Contest)

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour through the DC area submissions to NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest. Our final feature of the 2017 season is Teething Veils, the moody chamber-folk duo of violist Hannah Burris and guitarist Greg Svitil. We got some great feedback from podcast listeners about their most recent song, the Phil Ochs update “Here’s to the State of Donald Trump”. The intense performance of today’s unreleased song “Allover Fainting” should have you digging deep into Svitil’s complex lyrics. Don’t miss them play next at Clarendon’s Galaxy Hut on Sunday March 12th with Philly’s Shadow Band.

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Podcast for January 19th, 2017


Paul invents new magazines, while Tony invents a new restaurant.

The El Mansouris – The Grays [The El Mansouris]
Sarah Stardust – Supernova [Sarah Stardust]
Railsplitter – Tiger Papers [Tiger Papers]
PHZ-Sicks – Hurt [single]
Flash Frequency – Omni (live) [single]
Teething Veils – Here’s to to the State of Donald Trump [single]

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Teething Veils – Webbed (NPR Tiny Desk Contest submission)

Greg Svitil’s experimental project Teething Veils is in the studio now, finishing up their third record after 2013’s Velorio and 2014’s Constellations with excellent (and difficult to pronounce) local label Etxe Records. Svitil and violinist Hannah Burris set up at Saint Patrick’s Episcopal Church in Falls Church to deliver this live version of a new song called “Webbed” for NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest. The shift from the droning post-rock and experimental sounds allows Svitil’s songwriting to come into focus here nicely.

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