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The Very Small – The Worst Form Of Violence

This massive hurricane looks like it’s going to miss DC this weekend, which is great news for fans of live music shows and bad news for those who like wet excuses to stay in and “Netflix & chill” or whatever. Cap off this first October weekend with a trip to DC9 to celebrate the newest music video from rock band The Very Small. Robin Smith, Aaron Mann and Zack Be roped in esteemed music video director Nigel Lyons to create visuals for “The Worst Form Of Violence”, a brand new single release from their 2014 album Zoomed Way Out. The video combines vibrant colors that accompany the melodic powerpop riffs with haunting images of poverty and strife to eludicate the lyrics. Catch them anchor an all-DC music lineup this Sunday night with The Escape Artist and Boon.

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Clones of Clones – Somebody Else

A vibrant music scene needs more than just great bands. Bloggers, show promoters, labels, photogs and podcasters (ahem) all play a vital part in getting crowds interested and involved. DC is rather lucky to have a videographer like Nigel Lyons to craft such polished visuals for acts as diverse as Paperhaus, The North Country, Outputmessage, ACME and the Jonathan Parker’s Panel Counsel jazz ensemble. Indie rockers Clones of Clones are the latest to get the video treatment from Lyons for their new single “Somebody Else” off their upcoming full length Monster Heart. The lovesick plot might seem straightforward at first, but the finish is worth a second glance.

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Polyon – Crest video

You guys know Polyon, right? Frontman Ryan McLaughlin’s other other band with Brandon Korch and Adam Lake? Looks like next week is Polyon Week in DC as you’ve got TWO chances to see this powerfully loud band: Monday they join Makeshift Shelters and Taking Meds at Comet Ping Pong and Thursday it’s a show with Stronger Sex and Solids at DC9. Their first release, a cassette and Bandcamp EP simply called Three Songs, comes out next week as well. So now’s the perfect time to watch this music video for their debut single “Crest”. Acclaimed director Nigel Lyons always does a great job of creating visuals that complement the right qualities of the music. I also appreciate all the subliminal reminders to relive the industrial 90s with KMFDM.

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