Outputmessage – Pillars video

Veteran electronic dance music producer Bernard Farley has been teasing his upcoming remix album A Billion Different Spaces, out October 14th, with free downloads of tracks remixed by Julius Jetson, fellow Volta Bureau member Will Eastman and of course his own Outputmessage moniker. But before that, to put a bookend on the hype for his spacey 2014 full length album The Infinite Void that started back in March with “Goldilocks Zone”, today Outputmessage released the second music video from it, “Pillars”. And look who’s directing! It’s DC’s favorite music video overseer Nigel Lyons. This time Lyons mirrors the abstract, hypnotic quality of the song with close-up shots of nature textures sliding in and out of focus. Clips of a calm, focused Farley anchor the producer’s presence on this vocal-less track. The languid tempo and ambient techno vibe feel rooted more in the continuity of Outputmessage’s 4 full length albums and many more EPs than in any trendy EDM micro-genre du jour.

Outputmessage opens for Hercules & Love Affair at an early show at U Street Music Hall Tuesday October 7th.


One thought on “Outputmessage – Pillars video

  1. […] Nigel Lyons to craft such polished visuals for acts as diverse as Paperhaus, The North Country, Outputmessage, ACME and the Jonathan Parker’s Panel Counsel jazz ensemble. Indie rockers Clones of Clones […]

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