The Cowards Choir – Is This A Wrecking Ball video


Hometown Sounds is honored & thrilled to premiere the new music video from The Cowards Choir, “Is This A Wrecking Ball”. We’ve long been fans of Andy Zipf‘s delicately powerful voice and consistent songwriting, but assembling fellow DC musicians Ryan Walker, Ben Tufts and Adam Neubauer into The Cowards Choir has taken the music to a higher level. This Zipf guy is so smart, he got a fantastic drum kit player in Neubauber AND THEN brought in Tufts, seemingly DC’s most in-demand drummer, to play timpani, vibraphone and other percussion. Genius.

Clubhill Media shot the video for “Is This A Wrecking Ball” during recording sessions at Studio V out in Herndon. Music craftsmanship is paramount here, as special care is placed on the authenticity of the video to the musical performance. This video does an excellent job of a difficult task, bringing visual appeal to the all-important song recording process.

For the beginning of the media push for their new EP, the Cowards Choir aren’t presenting anything flashy or slick. This video is as true and honest to this band as possible, demonstrating the ethos shared by a lot of the NOVA and DC bands coming together for next month’s Magnificent Intentions music festival at Iota.

Come celebrate the release of Cool Currency with Andy, Adam, Ryan and Ben this Saturday night at Iota with support from troubador Justin Jones. Buy advance tickets for $14 here and don’t risk shutout to the normally door-charge-only Clarendon venue.


4 thoughts on “The Cowards Choir – Is This A Wrecking Ball video

  1. Evan Pollack says:

    I see you guys on The Tonight Show or Letterman….really soon! This is incredible! And no, I’m not just saying it. Thanks for showing me that music is alive and well for those both the heroes and the cowards!

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  3. […] and we’re rather excited when we get to premiere one. The Cowards Choir let us present “Is This A Wrecking Ball”, the lead off video from this year’s Cool Currency EP, and at the tail end of 2014 it’s […]

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