Top 5 Videos of 2014 #2: The Cowards Choir – Is This A Wrecking Ball

Many DC bands have put their stamp on 2014 with great releases and performances, but to me the best of them all is The Cowards Choir. Seasoned singer-songwriter Andy Zipf converted the name of his 2009 EP into a full band with drummer Adam Neubauer, The Beanstalk Library’s Ryan Walker and percussionist (and new columnist!) Ben Tufts, and they have gelled into a breathtaking ensemble. At October’s Magnificent Intentions Music Festival at Iota, the crowd noticeably swelled when The Cowards Choir took the stage. Word’s getting out that this band is the real deal, and their new full length album, recording now and coming in 2015, is sure to put them in the big leagues.

After 3 years, Hometown Sounds remains lovingly devoted to DC music videos, and we’re rather excited when we get to premiere one. The Cowards Choir let us present “Is This A Wrecking Ball”, the lead off video from this year’s Cool Currency EP, and at the tail end of 2014 it’s clearly one of the best of the year. Clubhill Media shot the video as the band recorded the song at Studio V, and its musical authenticity is key. This gives you the slightest taste of the chemistry these four musicians have together, but you must see them live to fully appreciate it.

And your next opportunity is coming up soon. The Cowards Choir and The Fire Tonight join The Beanstalk Library’s 5th Annual New Years Eve Throwdown at Iota, promising a packed night of great music for only $16 in advance. You know New Years Eve events all over town sell out in advance, so make your plans and get your tickets early.


One thought on “Top 5 Videos of 2014 #2: The Cowards Choir – Is This A Wrecking Ball

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