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The Cowards Choir – I Took A Drive

Andy Zipf’s folk band The Cowards Choir should be high on your bucket list of DC bands to see live. This weekend you can check that box when they return to Iota in Clarendon on Saturday night to headline an excellent night of music with DC bluegrass band Run Come See and out of towners The Pinkerton Raid. They’ve taken an approach to recording new material that mirrors the songs themselves: deliberate, unhurried, authentic and beautiful. Longtime videographers Clubhill Media film the band performing a new song all together in one take, and the video and song go up online together as part of The Singing Tree series. The latest is “I Took A Drive” and the allusions to a “toupeed tycoon” and “neon signs on the boardwalk” should leave no doubt as to the subject of the song.


Podcast for June 13th, 2017

Tony’s car gets stolen! But he got it back! And Paul recounts how he fell in love with ska.

The Greatest Hoax – As The Light Dims [Expiration Compositions]
Kill Lincoln – Second Cities [Sheila]
Reesa Renee – Tunnel Vision [single]
Queue – Frontier [single]
Dawkins – Bad Faith [EP1]
The Cowards Choir – The Singing Tree [single]

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Presenting The Cowards Choir @ Millennium Stage


Hometown Sounds is honored to present The Cowards Choir for our November showcase of DC music at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage.

Fronted by singer-songwriter Andy Zipf, The Cowards Choir crafts exquisite chamber-folk music with Ryan Walker on bass & keys, Dayana Yochim on cello, Alissa more on violin and Logan Lamons on percussion. After a successful PledgeMusic campaign earlier this year, The Cowards Choir released their debut full length album Name The Fear with an ambitious accompanying ‘visual score’ by NC filmmaker Will Davis of Small Creatures.

Our show caps off Thanksgiving weekend on Sunday November 27th at 6 PM. Like all Millennium Stage shows, there’s no cover charge and plenty of seating starting at 5:30. RSVP here! & bring your whole family!


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Podcast for May 4th, 2016


Paul and Tony preview this weekend’s Funk Parade and Mother’s Day, while wondering if a house plant is real or fake.

Cerulean City – My Love [single]
Basement Freaks – Little Red Afro (Tribute to Jon H) feat. Mustafa Akbar [single]
The Cowards Choir – You Give Too Much [Name the Fear]
Flasher – Tense [S/T Cassette]
Telyscopes – Who Is Brian Wilson? [Telescope Glasses: the Greatest Shits]
Max D – Bubblegum [Boost]

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Holiday Podcast for Dec. 23, 2015


Andy Zipf of The Cowards Choir stops by to sing a Christmas song about Snoopy & The Red Baron, while Paul & Tony dish about their love of the holidays. And of course a special lineup of holiday music exclusively from DC musicians!


Andy Zipf – Christmas Bells (Snoopy’s Christmas)
The Harry Bells – Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer [Holidays with the Harry Bells]
Wylder – Silver Bells [Wyld About Christmas]
Derek Evry – Hey! Ho! Let It Snow! (Live) [Hey! Ho! Let It Snow! single]
Soft Punch – Get Your Shit Together For The Holidays [Survive Vol. 1: The Holidays]
Pilate – Drummer Boy [Drummer Boy single]
Ryan Walker & Sara Curtin – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas single]

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The Cowards Choir – Name The Fear campaign

Andy Zipf, one of DC’s best singer-songwriters, just launched a PledgeMusic campaign to record the debut full length album by the ensemble he fronts, The Cowards Choir, called Name The Fear. The ambitious project involves recording and releasing the album by the band, and enlisting filmmaker Will Davis of Small Creatures to create a “visual score” to accompany the entire album. The Cowards Choir has proven to be one of the few bands in DC with the talent and drive to break out to a mainstream national audience, and the efforts behind Name The Fear, with the help of new fans and those already in the know, can make that happen. Pre-order the album, sign up for the mailing list, and pledge your support today! (And grab the first two EPs!)


#TBT The Cowards Choir – Is This A Wrecking Ball

Here’s the thing about being a fan of local bands: the only thing constant is change. Local bands can come and go, change their names, lineups and style, sometimes before you even realize what happened. Casual music fans don’t have to worry about this so much with Walk The Moon or The Weeknd or whoever, but at the local level, all bets are off.

Andy Zipf’s talented quartet The Cowards Choir, with Ben Tufts, Adam Neubauer and Ryan Walker, came together by accident but quickly developed some powerful chemistry and one of last year’s best releases, the four song EP Cool Currency, which you can still download for whatever price you like at NoiseTrade. When people would ask me who was worth checking out in the DC music scene, I’d generally first steer them towards The Cowards Choir, and made them as many new fans as I could.

Sadly in 2015 things stalled for the band as they prepared material for an anticipated full length album. First percussionist Ben Tufts announced his imminent departure, and recently drummer Adam Neubauer followed suit. The last two shows featuring the original lineup are tonight at the Black Cat and Saturday at the annual Ben Tufts & Friends charity fundraiser at Jammin’ Java. While Andy Zipf will continue on both solo and with other supporting musicians, these are your last chances to see his finely crafted songs backed by two of the finest drummers in this town.

It’s #TBT so watch the excellent music video they made last year for “Is This A Wrecking Ball”. See you at the show.


Top 5 Videos of 2014 #2: The Cowards Choir – Is This A Wrecking Ball

Many DC bands have put their stamp on 2014 with great releases and performances, but to me the best of them all is The Cowards Choir. Seasoned singer-songwriter Andy Zipf converted the name of his 2009 EP into a full band with drummer Adam Neubauer, The Beanstalk Library’s Ryan Walker and percussionist (and new columnist!) Ben Tufts, and they have gelled into a breathtaking ensemble. At October’s Magnificent Intentions Music Festival at Iota, the crowd noticeably swelled when The Cowards Choir took the stage. Word’s getting out that this band is the real deal, and their new full length album, recording now and coming in 2015, is sure to put them in the big leagues.

After 3 years, Hometown Sounds remains lovingly devoted to DC music videos, and we’re rather excited when we get to premiere one. The Cowards Choir let us present “Is This A Wrecking Ball”, the lead off video from this year’s Cool Currency EP, and at the tail end of 2014 it’s clearly one of the best of the year. Clubhill Media shot the video as the band recorded the song at Studio V, and its musical authenticity is key. This gives you the slightest taste of the chemistry these four musicians have together, but you must see them live to fully appreciate it.

And your next opportunity is coming up soon. The Cowards Choir and The Fire Tonight join The Beanstalk Library’s 5th Annual New Years Eve Throwdown at Iota, promising a packed night of great music for only $16 in advance. You know New Years Eve events all over town sell out in advance, so make your plans and get your tickets early.


The Cowards Choir – Is This A Wrecking Ball video


Hometown Sounds is honored & thrilled to premiere the new music video from The Cowards Choir, “Is This A Wrecking Ball”. We’ve long been fans of Andy Zipf‘s delicately powerful voice and consistent songwriting, but assembling fellow DC musicians Ryan Walker, Ben Tufts and Adam Neubauer into The Cowards Choir has taken the music to a higher level. This Zipf guy is so smart, he got a fantastic drum kit player in Neubauber AND THEN brought in Tufts, seemingly DC’s most in-demand drummer, to play timpani, vibraphone and other percussion. Genius.

Clubhill Media shot the video for “Is This A Wrecking Ball” during recording sessions at Studio V out in Herndon. Music craftsmanship is paramount here, as special care is placed on the authenticity of the video to the musical performance. This video does an excellent job of a difficult task, bringing visual appeal to the all-important song recording process.

For the beginning of the media push for their new EP, the Cowards Choir aren’t presenting anything flashy or slick. This video is as true and honest to this band as possible, demonstrating the ethos shared by a lot of the NOVA and DC bands coming together for next month’s Magnificent Intentions music festival at Iota.

Come celebrate the release of Cool Currency with Andy, Adam, Ryan and Ben this Saturday night at Iota with support from troubador Justin Jones. Buy advance tickets for $14 here and don’t risk shutout to the normally door-charge-only Clarendon venue.


The Cowards Choir – 2-Track Series Performance

Singer-songwriter Andy Zipf’s decision last year to recruit The Beanstalk Library’s Ryan Walker and drumming pair Adam Neubauer and Ben Tufts to form The Cowards Choir has drawn much deserved attention on Zipf’s excellent songwriting and clear, distinct voice. On tour last summer in Charlotte NC, the group teamed up with music video producers Small Creatures and the music blog Carolina Music Connection to record live takes of two songs from their debut pay-what-you-like EP Reunion, “Maybe I” and “Where The Hand Don’t Hold Me Down”. The outdoor nighttime setting on the second song is quite magical, don’t miss it! Check them out live next Tuesday February 11th opening for troubador Justin Jones to celebrate the 10th anniversary of DC9.

The video owner has chosen to restrict the embedding on this video, so please visit http://vimeo.com/85601723 to view it.