The Cowards Choir – I Took A Drive

Andy Zipf’s folk band The Cowards Choir should be high on your bucket list of DC bands to see live. This weekend you can check that box when they return to Iota in Clarendon on Saturday night to headline an excellent night of music with DC bluegrass band Run Come See and out of towners The Pinkerton Raid. They’ve taken an approach to recording new material that mirrors the songs themselves: deliberate, unhurried, authentic and beautiful. Longtime videographers Clubhill Media film the band performing a new song all together in one take, and the video and song go up online together as part of The Singing Tree series. The latest is “I Took A Drive” and the allusions to a “toupeed tycoon” and “neon signs on the boardwalk” should leave no doubt as to the subject of the song.


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