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Podcast for November 15th, 2017 feat. Maryjo Mattea

This week special guest Maryjo Mattea drops by to tell us about her new politically-charge single and spin some of her fave DC tracks.

Two Dragons and a Cheetah – November 8, 2016 [single]
allthebestkids – DreaMastR [Go Out With A Bang]
Loi Loi – You May Be [Viva La Vulva]
Derek Evry – Thank You Enough [Pop Perspective]
FuzzQueen – Ribbons and Flowers [single]
The North Country – The Last Curtain Call [In Defense of Cosmic Altruism]

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Derek Evry & Ryan Walker – Rainbow Connection

Clarendon’s only full-time music venue Iota hosts its last live performers this weekend, as redevelopment pushes out the long time home of NOVA songwriters and acoustic performers. We’ve seen the end coming from a long ways off, but that doesn’t ease the mournfulness for many performers and music fans who loved the size, feel and community that Iota fostered over its more than two decades. Saturday the live music starts at noon and goes deep into the night, with many surprises and emotional moments in store from Justin Jones, No Second Troy, Gist, The Cowards Choir, Jumpin’ Jupiter and much more. We don’t usually run unedited phone camera videos on this blog, but sometimes the power of rules is knowing when to bend them. Last weekend Derek Evry played a release show for his delightful new album Pop Perspective, and ended the show as he often does with his version of Kermit The Frog’s “Rainbow Connection” with help from The Beanstalk Library’s Ryan Walker.

Live Music Forever.

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Podcast for February 1st, 2017


Paul shares listener feedback from the front lines of the inauguration. Also Tony finally lands a joke.

Derek Evry – Armageddon [Exclusive Premiere!]
Natalie York – Girlfriend [Ghosts EP]
Street Stains – Street Stains [Street Stains]
Mountain Jew – We Only Know What We’ve Been Told [The Art Takes Action Mixtape]
Young Rapids – Nice Nice Very Nice [Everything’s Perfect]
Max Ransay – Ti Kanno (Meistro Sol Power Edit) [single]

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Holiday Podcast for Dec. 23, 2015


Andy Zipf of The Cowards Choir stops by to sing a Christmas song about Snoopy & The Red Baron, while Paul & Tony dish about their love of the holidays. And of course a special lineup of holiday music exclusively from DC musicians!


Andy Zipf – Christmas Bells (Snoopy’s Christmas)
The Harry Bells – Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer [Holidays with the Harry Bells]
Wylder – Silver Bells [Wyld About Christmas]
Derek Evry – Hey! Ho! Let It Snow! (Live) [Hey! Ho! Let It Snow! single]
Soft Punch – Get Your Shit Together For The Holidays [Survive Vol. 1: The Holidays]
Pilate – Drummer Boy [Drummer Boy single]
Ryan Walker & Sara Curtin – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas single]

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By Tony Porreco

derek b and w

This past Tuesday, Northern Virginia songwriter Derek Evry released his new EP Down to the Wire. By all indications, there’s a lot going through his head from the his chameleonic nature of the new release. The record features an impressive stylistic palate with tracks ranging from classic, straight ahead pop punk, Buddy Holly era protorock, pop metal and even a languid ballad approaching hotel lobby jazz. Combine this with a social media personality that can be characterized as “absolutely bananas”, and you’ve got a character study that would pique the interest of a veteran psychotherapist who’s heard it all before.

We sat down with Evry to discuss a number of different topics, including the making of Down to the Wire, his long lasting bromance with drummer Ben Tufts, and his vision for the DC music scene. Read the full interview after the jump.

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Music Still Happens Here Vol. 2 tonight @ Iota

DC, we’re about to be crushed by tons of wet snow overnight, so getting out of your house tonight is practically mandatory. The release party for Music Still Happens Here Vol. 2 at Iota wins the best show of the night tonight. Music Still Happens Here is a project helmed by local musician Derek Evry, promoting the deep well of songwriting talent we’re fortunate to have in DC. Tonight’s show at Iota has literally the most insanely ambitious lineup I’ve ever seen:
7:00PM – Tom McBride
7:10PM – Derek Anderson
7:20PM – Gideon Grove
7:30PM – Matt Tarka
7:45PM – Chester Copperpott
8:00PM – Ted Hovis & The Stolen Camaros
8:15PM – Sweet Interference
8:30PM – Brittany Jean
8:45PM – The Stick Mob
9:00PM – Brian Franke
9:15PM – Sara Davenport
9:30PM – Wes Tucker & The Skillets
9:45PM – Pigs From a Gun
10:00PM – Carolyn Crysdale
10:15PM – Mud Rey
10:30PM – A Papier Mache Monster
10:45PM – Norman Rockwell
11:00PM – Derek Evry & His Band of Misanthropes

Come out to Clarendon tonight to grab your free copy of the new compilation CD, meet a new songwriter or two, drink up and sleep off your hangover during tomorrow’s snow day. Plus wish the main man Derek Evry a happy birthday!


Derek Evry – When We Get Home video

Arlington’s Iota Club is the undisputed home of songwriters in DC, and tonight they host their own Derek Evry‘s Songwriter Showcase featuring his friends Molly Hagen, Carolyn Crysdale, Lauren Calve and David Stewart of The Incorrigables. When it comes to Derek Evry, forget about any preconceptions you may have about singer/songwriters. Backed by his Band of Misanthropes, Derek is a rocker to the core. When We Get Home is his debut music video, from his third album Here’s To Better Misery. Check out his full band Thursday January 10th at Velvet Lounge.