Derek Evry & Ryan Walker – Rainbow Connection

Clarendon’s only full-time music venue Iota hosts its last live performers this weekend, as redevelopment pushes out the long time home of NOVA songwriters and acoustic performers. We’ve seen the end coming from a long ways off, but that doesn’t ease the mournfulness for many performers and music fans who loved the size, feel and community that Iota fostered over its more than two decades. Saturday the live music starts at noon and goes deep into the night, with many surprises and emotional moments in store from Justin Jones, No Second Troy, Gist, The Cowards Choir, Jumpin’ Jupiter and much more. We don’t usually run unedited phone camera videos on this blog, but sometimes the power of rules is knowing when to bend them. Last weekend Derek Evry played a release show for his delightful new album Pop Perspective, and ended the show as he often does with his version of Kermit The Frog’s “Rainbow Connection” with help from The Beanstalk Library’s Ryan Walker.

Live Music Forever.

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